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iON | Energy

Transcribed by Bert.


Below are the highlights from Payday on 24 January 2015 that start at the 1:15:35 mark—Roxana/energy space:

Caller: iON, everything is energy. What is energy contained in? Like what is space, is also a form of energy?

iON: A vortex.

(1:16:38) Roxana & Bob/Vortex:

Caller: Explain the vortex, the vortex of space.

iON: No! No! No! Space is not in a vortex. The vortex can consume space, but a vortex is not in space.

Caller: What is this black matter that is supposed to be the most that there is?

Bob: Dark matter is the phrase. Yeah, what is dark matter, iON?

iON: A really bright white matter.

Bob: Very bright white matter. So white matter flips into dark. It’s so bright.

Caller: It’s actually, also, energy.

Bob: Is dark matter energy?

iON: It consumes energy.

(1:17:26) Brian & Eliza/Energy is a Space holder:

Caller 1 : Is there energy?

iON: No!

Caller 1: See that’s interesting because I’ve heard you say that before, that there is no energy.

iON: Right.

Caller 1: And everybody wants to know what it is, what it’s about, and that’s like well if there is no energy it seems like a rabbit hole to question it, isn’t it? Or is it, iON, that there is no energy as we know it?

iON: Energy is a space holder for frequency load.

Caller 2: Space holder for frequency load?

iON: Yep, just like calories don’t make you fat. Calories are a heat then you eat calories, and they make you fat. We haven’t figured that one out yet.

Caller 2: So whenever we talk about energy, is that what we really mean, a space holder for frequency load?

iON: You should be.

(1:18:40) Bob & Dr. Dean/ATP-Magnesium:

Bob: Come on, let’s get into the non-energy question. He said, “There is no energy” then he said, “It was a container” and then it becomes something else. Come on, stay on topic!

Dr. Dean: Magnesium that produces ATP, Adenosine Triphosphate!

Bob: What’s ATP?

Dr. Dean: Adenosine Triphosphate which is the energy of the body that requires magnesium in six of eight of the chemical steps.

iON: Contained within the lipids there is no purer form of energy.

Bob: Well, what is in there?

Dr. Dean: ATP!

Bob: An impure form of energy?

Dr. Dean: There is no more purer form.

Bob: Than what?

Dr. Dean: ATP.

Bob: Is that what he just said?

Dr. Dean: Yes.

iON: In the lipids! In the lipids! In the lipids!

Bob: Is it energy, iON? You said there’s no more.

Dr. Dean: I just told you, ATP is energy.

Bob: And he says there is no energy.

Dr. Dean: There is no more purer form of energy than ATP in the lipids.

Bob: Right that was said after he said ten minutes ago there is no energy.

iON: Well, it’s a form of energy. It’s not energy. It’s a form of energy.

(1:21:55) Dr. Dean & Brian/Lipids & ATP:

Dr. Dean: Yeah, it’s all wrapped up together. I don’t know if we could dissect all the aspects of it, but I’ll just look up lipids and see them talking about the lipid breakdown.

iON: Apply that energy to say lysine that’s a good amino acid.

Caller: So can you rephrase that iON and say, "apply the ATP to lysine"? Would that apply or not?

iON: It would. It would prove the point she’s trying to convey regarding the conversion of kinetic energy into power at a cellular level.

(1:23:52) Susana, Dr. Dean & Brian/Living Carbon:

Caller 1: It was never defined in what living meant in the carbon and how that applied to our chemical body or what that does in the environment that living carbon is also replacing the carbon in the environment.

iON: Iridium is alive, and carbon is fixing to be all alive.

Caller 2: What about the rest of the elements in the periodic chart, are they alive?

iON: Dead and dumb as a sack of hammers.

Dr. Dean: iON, you must be referring to the super sugar with the C122 as the living carbon.

iON: “D”! “D”, we’re too lazy to say “Do”, so we just say “D”.

Dr. Dean: He’s referring to super sugar because we’re creating all this carbon-ness.

(1:24:56) Brian & Dr. Dean/hydrogen:

Caller: Is the hydrogen, the H197, is it dead?

iON: Yes, it’s inanimate.

Caller: So you’re referring to dead as inanimate?

iON: Animate, inanimate.

Caller: Is it inanimate, dead is inanimate meaning it doesn’t move, or it has no movement. What’s inanimate exactly? No movement, no life?

iON: No signs of life.

Dr. Dean: Not alive especially in the manner of animals and humans.

(1:26:12) Bob, Brian & Dr. Dean/Matter-Frequency:

Bob: Is matter dying? You said all these other elements on the periodic table are gone.

Caller: He didn’t say they were gone. He said they were dead or inanimate.

iON: They’re dead, inanimate.

Bob: Most of the periodic table is dead, iON?

Dr. Dean: Everything except carbon. And was it radium or iridium?

iON: Iridium.

Bob: And they’re dead because the frequency has changed and the frequency they operate on doesn’t exist anymore.

iON: That is alive, yes.

Bob: Why did he say that is alive? Let’s do it again! Everything on the periodic table is a different frequency from the new frequency?

iON: That they’ve all vibrated at a dead level now. You can vibrate your body at a place where you can separate from this world. You’d still be alive, but you won’t be in this world.

Bob: Because your body chemistry is vibrating at a dead level, you can’t make it to the Guf that’s on another frequency.

iON: Do!

Bob: Do! Got that people? New fact, Fact one! It took us six and a half years, we've got fact one!

(1:27:51) Susana/Living carbon:

Caller: iON, is the living carbon the key to unlocking chromosome 14?

iON: No but it’s the keyhole that it’s opened by.

Eben Rey engaging iON on PAYDAY 30 August 2014 Part 2 (30:41 mark)

Last currency:

Caller: You guys are bringing on, you know, Cold Fusion et cetera that’s an investment in part of the future. What kind of….

iON: Our future! Our future!

Caller: That’s right so then what kind of other businesses will be effective in our future? If not that kind of thing, what will humans be doing? Will we be trading? Will we still have trade?

iON: Bob will control the last currency.

Caller: We’re going to have Bob on a coin.

iON: No, we won’t coin. No! No! No! No! No! No! It won’t be a Bob coin or Bitcoin.

iON on PAYDAY 3 May 2014 Part 1 (23:14 mark):

iON: We have given you everything, we have taken over your whole body. Your autonomics are ours now, darling.

iON on PAYDAY 30 August 2014 Part 1 (1:14:01 mark)]

Caller: Is the iCell responsible for changing the gluten in the barley to something else or is the gluten transmuted?

iON: No! No! No! No! No! It’s a different type of pentose class. You’re trying to make it be a ribose. It’s not that type of pentose class.

Dr. Dean: iON, he went from the ribose pentose business into gluten. His question was about gluten.

iON: We’re not past pentose. You’re hung there because here’s the thing. Ribose is soluble in water. Your sugar is not.

Dr. Dean: Is it soluble in alcohol?

iON: No.

Dr. Dean: Oil?

iON: No.

Dr. Dean: Well, what’s left?

iON: Negative pH.

iON on PAYDAY 15 March 2014 (13:24):

Alan Steinfeld/Caller: Your main purpose here on the planet at this time is, what would you say?

iON: We are not on this planet at this time.

Alan Steinfeld/Caller: Does iON have a soul themselves, itself?

iON: No, we do not.

Caller: You’re pure God?

iON: We are complete nonphysical.

Caller: But you manifested with your energy into the physical body so.

iON: No! No! No, only because you creators would not. When we began, we did not create, now we create.

Alan Steinfeld/Caller: So this world is mutating, the humans here are mutating.

iON: You are coming back to your place as God. The way you are now is the mutant “less-than” version of the perfect you. We are un-digesting the nastiness that is your experience. You’re welcome!

Alan Steinfeld/Caller: When iON is not here, what’s he up to in those other worlds?

iON: We’re never not here.

Alan Steinfeld/Caller: Your let’s call it message is "Evolving", and we’re opening up to more of the frequencies or the delivery that you’re bringing here. And as we start to acclimate to that you give us more and more so you keep uncovering more of the treasures that are already here, but we have yet to see. So it’s a process outcome that’s in the Revelation.

iON: Good! Your words are so beautiful. So let’s go back. We’re just reminding you of where you’ve did this before to say, this is where you set off to go “less- than”. And these are the markers where you use to go back to more than to the point, where you come back to the marriage supper of the lamb. And you engage the blood of the lamb which reminds you that there’s a 144,000 double helix strands in your cells of your body. And if that RNA, the new information that changes the DNA through the lysine position or structure that allows your body to change and make the perfect cells to come back to your place as God. Get rid of your fucking mind because it is just fucking you up. It’s cranial intercoursing 101, then you come to a place where you can be happy and know all, be all, and do all and be back to your place as God. And the crowd erupts in elation as you come very quickly back to your throne and you rule your realm. And that’s why they call it the later day reign.

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