Tuesday, October 8, 2019

What ‘Youth’? The Electron iONization of Slack

What ‘Youth’?

[iON—Part 1, 2—iON]
8 October 2019


  1. Thanks for opening mention. I say, Chad was a bit harsh on that Pope. Thanks for sharing & editing New Achieve Radio. Good stuff.

  2. I always love it when Bob has Dave Newfeld on the show :)

  3. what is the name of the song in the beginning of this? thanks, nice show.

  4. It has no name. It's just an intro for Ginney's show and for WHAT YOUTH? It was made by Dave Newfeld, producer of Broken Social Scene.

  5. Bob, regarding your analysis with Katie of Theal's book on Mcluhan : 1. Isn't the concept of the individual soul much older than Augustine, with the Hindu atman, often translated as such ? 2. You label the New Age Movement as a product of book culture, but for me, my New Age-phase was very much facilitated by the Chipbody. Articles, clips on youtube and that kind of stuff. Kind Regards, your Dutch Lurker.

  6. Read Arthur Kroker's essay in THE POSTMODERN SCENE (1986) on the discovery of the third aspect of perception that evokes the "individual self/soul" (a spectacular and bizarre effect of the phonetic alphabet, not evoked by earlier writing systems that the Hindus used). Gnosticism is an effect of the phonetic alphabet. The "New Agers" (literate Boomers and Generation Xers) are nostalgic for this alphabetic effect CONCEPTUALLY as they flounder around in the tactile squared, post-self, post-"love" (recently said by iON) extensions of postmodern media.

    PULP FICTION briefcase mystery revealed ???
    Collative Learning

    An exploration of the clues offered in Pulp Fiction and by its creators as to what content of Marsellus Wallace's briefcase represents ... if anything.

  8. The 5% nation is a breakaway group form the Nation of Islam. They broke away after coming to the conclusion that the hidden teaching is that man is god. They said only 10% of the people on the planet knew this and 5% used it to gain power, and money, and the other 5% became the poor righteous teachers.

    The term "white devil" slowly gained momentum in this era as the views took on a racial-centric perspective claiming the original man was the black man and that the loss of melanin represented a fall from grace.

    The orignal 'G's were not gangsters, but gods, this terminology later being hijacked by the mainstream of popular rap and altered to fit the 'record-selling narrative'.

  9. In the conspiracy surrounding Joe Rogan and Alex Jones they are called the Neo-shamans :

    And actually isolating the individual from an (extended) family is an agenda according to these conspiracy theories.