Monday, October 8, 2018

The Secrets Known Only to the Inner Elites

In this secret human history, published in The Campaigner in 1978, Lyndon LaRouche documents the ongoing battle between Platonic and Aristotelian elites for control.

Along the way, discover the origins of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Marxism and much more.

As Wyndam Lewis was to Marshall McLuhan, Lyndon LaRouche was “powerfully influenced” by the writings of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, “the last universal mind of old Europe.”

Below, from the book:

Global conspiracies which function succeed by establishing "controlled environments" around the minds of the credulous masses of the world. Such a controlled environment is summed up efficiently by stating that the credulous masses are ruled by mythologies, and that the elites rule such masses by creating, shaping, and manipulating the mythologies. The methods employed by Joseph Goebbels and carried further by British intelligence networks for creating and manipulating the mythologies of credulous masses through control of all or at least key portions of the press and radio and television, are the center of modern techniques to this effect.

Outside and above the foolish folk who rely upon the Washington Post, New York Times, London Times, or the popular women's magazines, and so on and so forth, there is indeed a governing elite. This elite does possess "secret knowledge." The first aspect of this special knowledge, which makes it efficiently secret, is that the elite not only know that the mythologies are mythologies, but also know that they themselves create and use those mythologies to manipulate the credulous masses.

The elites are divided into two irreconcilable factions.

One elite, the humanists, the Platonic or Neoplatonic faction, is dedicated to steering the course of history away from rule through mythologies. The other, the Aristotelians and their heirs, is committed to strengthening the rule by mythology, for the purpose of establishing a permanent, "feudal-like" Utopia of obedient, simple-minded folk ruled by a tenured neo-Aristotelian oligarchy.

Once the mythologies are known to be mythologies, the primitive aspect of truth lies factually in plain sight. Once mythology is cast aside, the development of real knowledge out of such primitive truth, the development properly termed scientific progress, begins.

Only a relative handful of persons in any nation have knowledge of the true reasons behind the policies currently at issue. The masses, together with most of the persons ordinarily considered national leaders, know only the myths, the mythologies through which their minds and wills are manipulated by others.

A popularized mythology is like a goldfish bowl. No matter how cleverly the fish chooses his direction within the bowl, he can never escape it in such a fashion. No matter how cleverly he adapts to the environment of the bowl's medium (e.g., popular mythologies), whoever moves the bowl moves him in a corresponding direction.

Available from Amazon or read at LaRouche Planet or download PDF.

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