Saturday, September 15, 2018

Note from Ed | Some Posts Moving to Twitter

Maybe you’ve seen the social media icons at the far right of the menu bar above or noticed that many of the posts of the past few weeks are from twitter.

Since iON has not been available publicly, I’ve been posting articles on this site—relative to what iON and/or Bob have discussed—and then removing those articles after a week or so.

I’ve decided to no longer post these related articles at iON&Bob but on the iON and Bob Twitter feed instead. Beginning 11 September, you can view those articles here or by clicking the Twitter icon at the far right of the menu bar above.

Part of the reason for moving the posts to Twitter instead of embedding them at iON&Bob is that Twitter offers more features than we can at this site. At Twitter, you will be able to Follow, retweet, comment, favorite and more.

All the articles involving the President [his tweets and what spurred him to tweet], LaRouche PAC, China, the Woodward book, articles mentioned on Bob’s Facebook page, etc will now be on Twitter.

You are welcome to leave your thoughts about this on this post or leave comments on the iON and Bob Twitter. [BTW, Twitter now has a dark mode called Night Mode which gives the site the look of a stealthy info drop.]

In addition to Twitter, I’ve added icons in the far right of the menu bar above for Bob’s Facebook page, Bob’s videos from Fivebodied which are on YouTube and Bob’s videos with Roxana on Vimeo.

This site, iON&Bob, will continue to be an archive for all iON and Bob posts and audios and will update with each new What ‘Youth’?, New Coach House and any other audios and videos from Bob. Only the articles not directly by iON or Bob will be posted on Twitter.

iON&Bob is becoming a phenomenon that is too large to be contained in a single site.

Thanks for your interest and understanding.

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