Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Slow Burn Season 2 | Clinton/Lewinsky

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The Cut
by Stella Bugbee

“Oh, Fuck You Bill,” I remember telling the TV when I watched President William J. Clinton wag his long, bent finger at the camera and declare, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”

It was January, 1998. I was 21, a senior in art school, alone in my studio talking out loud to the TV in disbelief — not at the fact that the president was being called to answer for something gross, but that his certitude was a dead giveaway for his impropriety. Something in my gut told me he was lying. The way he distanced himself from her by saying THAT WOMAN, as only a man could do to a woman he’s slept with, was a tell. There was anger in his voice, at being called out — like a boy in high school caught messing around with an unpopular girl might say, “Ew, her? No she’s gross.” I was used to men lying. I’d watched the Anita Hill case, the O.J. case, Trump’s violent assault on Ivana, his first wife. When had a man ever actually admitted to any wrongdoing? Clinton himself had already been accused of so many things that it could hardly come as a surprise to anybody that it was happening again. Continue reading at The Cut

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