Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The RFK Tapes

Attorney Vincent Bugliosi, pictured here during the trial of Charles Manson, became an outspoken advocate
of the effort to reexamine evidence in the Robert Kennedy assassination. Photo: AP

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The RFK Tapes

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Since history is already written, the ensuing trial and conviction of Sirhan are covered very briefly. The initial overview of the case is as straightforward as the historical record of the assassination. However, the facts are thrown for a loop when we are introduced to Bill Klaber author of Shadow Play.

Klaber, who first raised his concerns of a conspiracy in a radio documentary in the 1990s, rattles off a litany of facts and discrepancies that raise a bevy of questions about the case. “What happened to the girl in the polka dot dress?” “How many bullets were found at the scene?” “Why can’t Sirhan Sirhan remember anything about the murder?”

It’s the answer to that last question that will truly pull you in. Conspiracy theories are almost always overwhelming. You may find a deluge of questions and unclear answers aren’t as compelling as the facts themselves. But when Stuart-Pontier and Klaber introduce a recording of Sirhan under hypnosis, the chilling audio will surely be enough to send you down the rabbit hole.

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