Thursday, June 28, 2018

Solar Conductor Frank Zappa’s Quadrophrenia Completes My Tiny Note Chart

Tiny Note Chart

“the whole melody is a complex wave form”
(Holeopathic Radio/Satellite, LaRouche Quadrant, 1960);

“the entire composition is a big word”
(Holeopathic Television/Satellite, McLuhan Quadrant, 1965);

“harmonic climate”
(Holeopathic Computer/Satellite, Thompson Quadrant, 1970);

“the ideal would be a combination of all types of resources”
(Holeopathic Satellite (squared), Kroker Quadrant, 1980);

“all those things affect people physiologically”
(Anthropomorphic Physical, Dobbs Quadrant, 1990).

“there’s the depth of the mix… you get to compose in a way that goes beyond the notes, it goes beyond the overtone series, and goes beyond the other normal compositional things - you’re building a world, your composition can now be its own personalized musical universe”
(The SIXTH QUADRANT:- Hexadic Levels: iONdom’s NEW SONG)

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