Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Fake News, Financial Uncertainty & Lack of Trust | What Journalists Say About the Future of Media

“They're going to have to study iONdom, just like the Underground had to over the past 9 years, to prepare their cone for what they will have to go through.

iONdom is not ‘fake news’.”
Bob Dobbs

My News Desk

Over 3,000 journalists and PR professionals participated in Mynewsdesk's global survey to share their views on the media industry in 2017 and its future.

The study also found that 69 percent of journalists fear that independent news organizations will no longer be financially viable in the future and 70 percent worry about professional stability, the results of the global survey found - download the report.

"The current crisis of confidence in the media landscape means that credibility is now more important than ever before. With so many news sources available, it is essential that journalists thoroughly review their sources of information before publishing news stories. But in an industry with such tight deadlines and reduced resources, this is now more of a challenge than ever before,” said Sofia Juhlin, Global Head of Marketing & Communications at Mynewsdesk.

The research also shows that journalists worry about the consolidation of power in the major social media companies - a concern that has become more apparent in 2017. Of the journalists we surveyed, 71 percent believe Facebook has too much power as a source of information, a finding aligned to the fact that people are increasingly finding and receiving news via algorithms and search. Continue reading at My News Desk

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