Monday, March 5, 2018

Trump Says Maybe US Will Have a President for Life Someday

“Remember what iON predicted about Trump!

That Obama was the last President; that Trump would be "President" (I call Trump a Para-President) as long as he wanted; that Trump would become like a "king"; that Trump was the Seventh Trumpet in the Book of Revelation; that Trump was on our RnA Drops starting during the 2016 Campaign; that Trump's company shipped the Twin Towers' debris back to China and that Trump knew the Towers were built by China in a parallel world (when the Towers fell, it was very tidy and strange because they were pulled back to the parallel world) (remember, Trump's uncle was in charge of the US government's Tesla Archive); and that those that get in Trump's face in the extreme will eventually have an uncomfortable existence.”
Bob Dobbs

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