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The Spiritual Gifts in the Three Kingdoms

Bart’s Excerpts from the Upper Room Dialogues
18 January 2014, Payday

iON: “You have dimensions of layers in this world... Your dimensions here in this world are divided into three kingdoms. The “Middle Kingdom” is now; that’s where you would notice another dimension. The “Inner Kingdom” is in your heart; that's something you would hold in your heart - an emotion you won’t let out. Or an emotion that is wrought and tugs on your heart strings and you don’t know why.

And the “Outer Kingdom”, which is in the periphery, which you may or may not engage... it doesn’t have to be in your Inner or Middle Kingdom, because the sky can fall but it doesn’t have to fall on you. And yet it can still be within your dimensional understanding as ‘is’."

iON: "Here it is… long story short... The gifts of the spirit: clairaudience, clairvoyance, astral projection, telekinesis, telekinetics; being psychic; being able to move matter with your mind - all of these different gifts. Some people are more tuned, or more easily suggested into the activation process of these gifts.

Well, here’s why some are easy to get it, and why some don’t seem to know they have the access to these gifts. It’s because, these particular gifts are actually bound within the kingdoms.

So, in your Inner Kingdom, you can have a great stream or line of these gifts. And in your Outer Kingdom can be also accentuated gifts like astral projection, like clairaudience, like many, many, many... there’s a vast array… some you haven’t even figured out, yet, to know to name them.

It’s only the ones that you can represent in your Middle Kingdom - your ‘now’; those are the ones that you can activate, and/or exercise now.

So, we say everybody can do ESP. Well, the human creators get a hold of it and they go, 'Nah, I can’t do that ESP thing. I can’t have people in my head… that's the CIA plot' and blah blah blah.

Well, they then have moved access to that particular gift to their Outer Kingdom. Or, they have an inside kingdom, where they kind of know they can, but it’s a little bit spooky, and they can’t really get to it.

They know it’s there, they know they have power, but they can’t quite get to it. They know they have money in the bank, but they can’t find their money check. So, they’re limited, or they’re less-than, and they have to go through a whole lot of things to figure it out, to have a manifestation show up in their experience.

Well, that’s tucking it in the Inner Kingdom, and will elude the human creators' capacity to access the very gift that they have already summonsed. And you’ve had many people asking about 'activate the non-physical; activate the ESP; activate the psychic capacity and things' - that’s nothing other than bridging it, or bringing it into the Middle Kingdom.

And everything that comes up that’s super-sensitive, or extrasensory, that’s only because you’ve allowed it into your Middle Kingdom…"

Bob: "It's interesting - astral projection is Outer Kingdom…."

iON: "No, no. We didn't necessarily - we said that many times the human creators use that, when they have it, or have access to it - if they can’t get our words to say, 'Everybody can do it'. Well, if they can’t, the only reason they can’t is it’s in the Inner or Outer Kingdom, not in their Middle Kingdom, for which they have access to.

It can be either, because you’ve heard people - we've had readings where you’ve had human creators say, 'I had this experience… I had this out-of- body experience and never had it again.' Or, 'I thought I was in this very strange place where I could hear dead people,'... where they had these little anomalies and they want to get back to that place.

Well, the reason that they can’t get to it, instantaneously, at their easiest, whenever they want to, is because they filed it or moved it to their Outer or Inner Kingdom."

Bob: "Oh, I see. You know it through your Middle Kingdom. You experience it through your Middle Kingdom."

iON: "You can experience it any time when it’s in your Middle Kingdom... because what happens is there is no resistance regarding it. That’s the good part."

Bob: "So, when you aren’t activating it... can’t experience it any time, it’s either in your Outer Kingdom or your Inner Kingdom?"

iON: "Yes. But see, it’s in your kingdoms, otherwise you wouldn’t be asking how to activate it."

Bob: "Are there things that are not in our kingdoms, so it wouldn’t occur to us to…?"

iON: "Yes."

Bob: "What would be examples of what’s not in our kingdoms?"

iON: "If you never heard of parallel-world travel, that could be in none of your kingdoms."

Bob: "And you wouldn’t think of it."

iON: "And you wouldn’t know to activate it… OK, that's woo woo. They don’t like woo woo. Let’s get it back to real. Somebody offers you LSD. You never had LSD before. You don’t know what LSD is... if you don’t accept it in any of your kingdoms, then you may decline that experience. See, that’s just a choice.

Or, you might want to engage it - meaning, not take it, but you might want to listen and say, 'Well, no I never have, and I don’t know anything about it. And I'm not going to let you dope me out of my mind, because I could die, or whatever happens'.

But you might listen and let them describe the experience of the euphoria, or whatever they feel, as they're getting sold on the idea. And you might then file that in the Outer Kingdom, and then in time, or tick tock realities of now, you might decide that that could be the fastest path to your joy.

So, that takes the woo woo out of it, to bring... just the idea of trying a new thing. But if you didn’t know what it was, and nobody ever told you what it was, and you didn’t know anything about it, you wouldn't have anything to it."

Bob: "So, if you hadn’t heard about it, it doesn’t exist for you. It’s not that it’s latent inside you."

iON: "Correct. And we used that particular example, because that’s a practical, physical anomaly that you could have engaged... but if you start putting it into spiritual woo woo, then all of a sudden, that’s just gobbledygook, jabberwocky foolishness, when that’s not necessarily the case, because the same thing is true with asparagus.

You see? You can engage asparagus, and if you never had, you wouldn’t desire it; you wouldn’t miss it; you wouldn't long for it. But if it’s offered to you, and you go, 'Hey, Carolyn, what’s this green stick tree looking thing? Do we eat that?' 'Yes, Bob, we eat that.'

So, that immediately moves it from one of your kingdoms to your Middle Kingdom, so you can try it. And then, you get to decide if you'd like to leave it in your Middle Kingdom and enjoy asparagus often, or regularly. Or, 'Well, that was about as much fun as a stick in the eye. I think I'll move that to the Outer Kingdom, never to have this conversation again.'"

Bob: "What’s it mean to move it to the Outer Kingdom?"

iON: "Move it to the Outer Kingdom means, you know asparagus; you’ve had asparagus; you don’t care for asparagus. It’s in your kingdoms, but it’s not something you’d like to engage.

Maybe there was a food you liked that you don’t care for any longer. People who change their habits... have a habit, and then they change the habit. That new habit... the old one they replace and remove to, mostly, the Outer Kingdom."

Bob: "Right. Did you say a habit they had, and knew, and got rid of?"

iON: "Well, you never get rid of it, you move it to your Outer Kingdom. You replace it with another habit in your Middle Kingdom."

Bob: "So, what’s the emotion, or reasoning where you know something, but you don’t want to use it, and you put it in your Inner Kingdom? Would that be a dream? A wanting?"

iON: "Inner Kingdom – ‘I really, really want this... in physical’, you might have an experience to where you enjoy something... and let’s say your mate maybe has an issue, or problem, with that.

So, then you might take that type of activity, and move it to your Inner Kingdom, because the fastest path to your joy is to have a fun, ongoing relationship with your mate. But if your mate has a problem, and doesn't like it; doesn't understand it; doesn't want to understand it; says, 'no, no, no... if you're engaging this, I can’t engage with you,' then you still have the desire, but you can move it to your Inner Kingdom to file it away.

And it’s still there, but you don’t have to activate it, which would then, in your mind - in your Middle Kingdom - could offend, potentially, your mate. That is just an example.

The same thing would be true... as be smoking in church. See, you could move that to the Inner Kingdom. You could still want to smoke, have tobacco, dip a snuff, whatever you want to do, but it’s just not really nice, or pleasant, in church.

So, therefore, you wouldn't move that to the Outer Kingdom. You would move that to the Inner Kingdom, because, as soon as church is over, you're going to have you a dip... a chaw.”

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  1. PAYDAY, 2/25/2017, 1900hr

    iON: “The gifts of the spirit are the part of you that’s not God. The gifts of the spirit are the part of you that’s not God. Because you don’t need a gift from an outer being that brings you into the superfluous knowing that you're God, if you're God.

    So, that’s the little man adaptation, to get you the forty days - April, May and Jewvember, because now it's lent, now. So, now they've got to get ready for the Ascension. No, crucifixion. No, wait. It's April, May and Jewvember. Wait, let's see. Passover is in April. Forty days from Wednesday is next Tuesday. After it Thursday. Purim is between there. And then we're going to blow the shofar after Passover. And count the omer. Don’t forget counting the omer. We’re going to do that again, too, every day. Forty-nine crazy days.

    So, basically, this sets up the upper room experience of how to get the Holy Spirit and not be God. See, the reason that the Holy Spirit was given is because you were a little man. So, they gave you the Holy Spirit. That’s what the New Testament said. They gave you the Holy Spirit, so you could make it as a little man until you could be with God. That’s what the book said.”

    Deb: "Well, that makes sense. Because I was reading through some notes I had on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. And one was a gift of wisdom, which a God would already have. And the other was the gift of... and this was in some theology. And the other was the gift of understanding... and corresponding to faith as a virtue. So, you would need faith, right? Because faith is self-image."

    iON: "Mhmm."

    Deb: "But it’s not the Christian concept of faith of something out there that will make it happen for me... They also talked about having the gift of the fear of the Lord, which would correspond to having hope as a virtue--"

    iON: "-- Well, that’s more like wonder. You’re talking about wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord, or wonder."

    Deb: "So, that would make sense that a little man would need the gifts, but a God would just know."

    iON: "Right. So, now you've got the fruits of the Holy Spirit. That would end up being charity, chastity, generosity, gentleness, goodness and faithfulness. And the last six - so, you would have hendiadys - would be joy, kindness, modesty, peace, patience and self-control. And God needs none of those."


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