Tuesday, December 5, 2017

iON on Bitcoin

Bob Dobbs’ Facebook

Tom Trotts: Where was iON on Bitcoin? Told us all to sell back in 2013. LOL.

Bitcoin hits new high above $11,500 as the Winklevoss twins become the first bitcoin billionaires

Bob Dobbs: Tom, you've obviously not listened to iON's words enough. What makes you think iON wants you to be wealthy? iON has mentioned countless times that they don't like humans. They can't wait until humans are gone. iON has taken over the CLOUD and will make a new CLOUD from it because humans aren't using it to its potential. iON doesn't give a whit's ass whether humans are happy or not. iON is not here to make you happy. So, since I've had the most contact with iON, I alone know what they're agenda is. I paid attention. You didn't… so far. And I can assure you that iON will fuck with those that want to make mere money. Come on the PAYDAY show and engage iONdom. Otherwise, you're on your own. iON is here only for the ASCENDING… that's what they said.

Tom Trotts: This is a dodge of the question. I didn't say anything about my pockets. I have plenty of BTC. Ion couldn't predict the future of BTC - didn't see it coming. Just admit that at best Ion is part of CIA psyop - at worse iON is subconscious gibberish of a Southerner.

Bob Dobbs: Nope, you're very uninformed, Tom. Something you don't know: iON created Bitcoin and manages its future-past.

Tom Trotts: That's funny Bob.

Bob Dobbs: Not meant to be funny, Tom. iON has created a lot more than Bitcoin.

Phil Aston: I was listening to a Payday from late 2016 when Trump had just been elected and the Dow Jones was 16000 something, iON stated that it was "fixing to go to 25,000 very quickly"..................And now just over a year later its 24,500😉.........................And there are countless articles from many market experts and observers who still cant understand what is driving the Dow up ever higher as the action doesnt match with the fundamentals!! ....One such expert stated that the stock market has been in a "Bull" mode since March 2009...........which was when iON arrived and announced to Bob "We are in control now"..............And they still are!!

Tom Trotts: Great , but he recommended everybody sell BTC back in 2013 when it was $700!!! LOL

Bob Dobbs: Tom Trotts You're not paying attention to what I said.

Paul Ledoux: One more example of how ION can be shit up to Bob's eyebrows.

Bob Dobbs: Listen to what Phil observes, Paul.

Tom Trotts: Phil isn't saying anything. He's just negating himself.

Goran Antunovic: iON created Bitcoin for the masses in order to introduce BLOCKCHAIN technology(DLT). It will take humans a while to understand that our Bodies, with our DNA/RNA combinations, are the perfect Blockchain Nodes. With your 144,000 strands in tact you become the perfect DLT(Distributed Ledger Technology). All Data of everything ever created at your fingertips(once you merged with non-physical).

Tom Trotts The blockchain will eat all of Bob's RNA drops! Mark my words!! LOL

Bob Dobbs: See Bert's testimonial.

Bob Dobbs: iON doesn't have a point of view - only Menippean responses depending on the circumstances. No speaking phenomenon applies the "medium is the message/massage" with the sophistication iON does. And that's just the talking part of iON. iON, hands down, is the greatest engineer "alive" today.

Paul Ledoux: ION is a fake character used by Bob (fake name) Dobbs to explore certain ideas. He ain't Santa.

Bob Dobbs: iON says that I've been Santa Claus for a long time. iON is the environment of "heaven" (called the "Guf" in Jewish religious literature). The Guf has been closed and iON (Non-Physical) has merged with the Physical - as prophesied by many religions and prophets. This is the greatest event in human "history" and I evoked it on March 18/09. iON has been massaging everything from the elements to the Dept. of Homeland Security since that date. Regulars who have been engaging with us on the "radio" for at least 5 years are informed witnesses of the words above and would gladly discuss their perceptions.

Lucius Cratylus: Paul Ledoux, Just remember that Bob sticks with you until you, Buy or Die.

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