Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Electricity & the Octad

Bart’s Excerpts from the Upper Room Dialogues
29 November 2012, Payday

Bob: “When iON is playing with the Chip Body, is iON shaping electricity? If everything is electricity, what is non-physical? Is it part of electricity? And what is it if it’s shaping electricity? So, iON, are you part of electricity?

iON: “We would say we are electricity, but that might be a stretch for little fellers."

Bob: "Right... but, so, because they can’t take that, they can look at you as a shaper of electricity, allowing you to play in any form in the electric technology. Right? It’s the shaping factor they might accept... you like that, iON? You accept that? Any objections to you shaping electricity?"

iON remains silent.

Bob: "And when we were doing the brain a couple of years ago, iON… talking about the grey matter, and the pipes, and the thought going through and all of that… the thing that was left out – what I couldn't get, was the fact of electricity. Electricity was actually the container for the container, the pipes and the thought. Would you agree with that, iON?"

iON: "We could. We could embrace it, yes."

Bob: "So, when we say humans create things... the human is electricity, but there’s a part of the human that shapes things. So, humans came before electricity. Or, electricity is the closest image of the first thing… human being. And a human being is not his bodies, it's a being, an essence, a willful essence. Right, iON?"

iON agrees.

Bob: "Because if iON is electricity, and iON is non-physical, then electricity is the beginning of a fallen state. The thing that falls is prior to electricity; and it has no characteristics. That's what we call a human."

iON: "Right. Fine."

Bob: "That's Angela's *void*… humans are void... she has in her emails, 'void originator'. So, when one falls, iON, the first fall, the beginning of the fall is a vacuum has been created."

iON: "Very good."

Bob: "Now, is that a black hole? A vacuum is a black hole? I think iON told us before, the vacuum is at the end of a black hole."

iON agrees.

iON: "When you achieve a singularity, the *unclear* is complete."

Bob: "Yeah, a human is complete... so a singularity is arriving back at ascension?"

iON: "OK. Perfect. Yeah."

Bob: "And that would be pre-electricity? Yeah, if we say electricity is the first phase of falling from the ascension..."

iON: "Good."

Bob: "So, iON... someone listening to this would say we are the void; we came from the void... is there another, new way?... what words?... are there new words we can say to bypass all of the baggage that comes with the word *void*, to talk about the condition before electricity of being an ascended human?"

iON: "*Eternalness*."

Bob: "Eternalness. Right... the void is what eternalness refers to... so, Carolyn, when you talk about these terms - carbon and hydrogen, you're playing a game; you're making up a story, because there's a consolidated story around you."

Carolyn: "The same with building blocks."

Bob: "Yes, that the scientists require understanding, or knowing what you do with those building blocks. So, the thing we learn from the change of our time... the diminishing of oxygen... is oxygen displaced, or disappears, iON, as hydrogen - H197 - expands?"

iON: "It becomes a qualifier."

Bob: "That means it’s still around?"

iON agrees.

Bob: "Could these be: carbon, hydrogen and oxygen?... you've got hydrogen forms when the electron and proton connect through the ion... which is the next one that's created - carbon, oxygen, or nitrogen?

I bet you oxygen is the fourth. You've got your triangle: hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen - that's real. Then you get the screw up: oxygen. What do you think, iON?"

iON: "Very good."

Bob: "So, there's a pecking order in the metaphor of the elements."

iON: "Right."

Bob: "In the sense that oxygen is the next fallen state. The triangle of hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen is the first, higher fallen state. Right? It's at the electron/Egyptian/Israeli order of electrons, protons, right? So, oxygen would be the Canaanites; the giants who already were there.

Do you remember when they encountered the Canaanites and there was some sort of problem? Oxygen is some sort of lower state from the first triangle, because we're always going into complicated nonsense."

iON: "Good."

Bob: "iON, I was thinking earlier that Ginney, me, Carolyn... not so much Carolyn, and Sacha - us ones who never got scientific training, if we know these basics, we can pretty quickly learn the language, as I've been doing the last few weeks... so that we can talk their language. Right?

We can engage. We're not confused, because we have a larger framework, so that we can be more playful with the words of science. Do you agree with that, iON? We can all sound pretty intelligent to a scientist after a while, because iON has given us a framework past that."

iON: "Good.”


Bob: "So, becoming aware of H197 is part of... the ‘thinning of the veil’. The thinning of the veil changes matter, correct, iON?"

iON agrees.

Bob: "See? So, the actual psychological or perceptual issue of humans coming into their power changes the wordings. But not just the wordings, it changes the food we eat. And so, when you have made, because of the thinning of the veil, RnA Drops - that opens up the possibility of changing the diagram [the periodic table of elements] - only because you have the substance to eat."

iON agrees.

Bob: "Because the substance comes with the larger change... of the thinning of the veil... so, the thinning of the veil... is what's going on. And then we have learned to relate to different societies’ disciplines, and came up with substances like Cold Play and RnA Drops and the iCell to give subject- derivative jargon to notice the thinning of the veil.

So, what is the iCell on this hierarchy? The iCell is the God particle; it is the ascended state. It's prior to the tachyon and neutrino, iON?... Are you thinking?… Or do you want me to restate it?"

iON: "Restate it."

Bob: "The iCell... is the completion. You re-member--"

iON: "--Well, as long as it bonds. If it doesn't bond, it's not complete."

Bob: "Ah, that's the bonding of Heaven and Earth, Carolyn."

iON: "Good."

Bob: "Right! And so the iCell is the bonding of Heaven and Earth; the re-bonding; or the bonding that always was there. And of course, that's no *time*, and all of that stuff. And yet they’re going to come up with particles... that go faster than time, or already existed before us, like the tachyons. Those are attempts to conceptualize the bonding. But the iCell does the bonding. So, the iCell is the bonding of Heaven and Earth. Is that iONic bonding? Or is it a third bonding ...isomorphic?"

iON: "Nope."

Bob: "You wouldn’t put the covalent or the ionic in the bonding of the iCell, right? It's a bigger bonding."

iON: "Good."

Bob: "It’s a bigger bonding, Carolyn. Now, the iCell has arrived. So, did the veil complete its thinning in the Jubilee Year?"

iON: "Bob."

Bob: "What?... you're going to go into the fact there's no time, iON? I'm thinking that this is the transformative year, Carolyn. The iCell showed up this year... the iBlock - all of these things showed up in the Jubilee Year, or the Year of the Jubilee. So, the bonding of Heaven and Earth happens in the Jubilee Year, iON? Or is that the Hexadic?--"

iON: "--No--"

Bob: "--which is the transformer; not the Octad. So, now you can bring in the word *Octad*, Carolyn. The iCell is obviously the Octad level; the way that we're talking about the neutrino and the tachyon would be the Septad, or the Hexad level, iON?"

iON: "Yes, that's right."

Bob: "They’re not the Octad. iCell reality is the Octad. And that is: you’ve got your iBlocks making the endless energy. And eating the living bread and water – that’s Octad living. The Year of Jubilee is Hexadic; it’s the transformative year.”


  1. Boy when you see it in writing its amazing how small ions mouth is compared to bobs.

  2. We're just getting started. You'll retract that statement once you read more iON.

  3. Big mistake! You will soon wish you had!!