Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Bob Dobbs | “iON is a Pun”

Transcription by Bart

Bob: “In the end, iON is a pun. What he’s saying is so filtered through public language, that he knows you’re not getting what he’s saying, and also what he shows you when you look at charts and that.

The angel diagram, as you look at that… as you go deeper and deeper, you're looking at an anamorphosis. But iON doesn’t present it that way at first. He presents it in a, say, triangulation, or some trinity... some three part structure. But eventually, you're going to have to drop that, because you’re still looking.

So, iON is communicating beyond the eye and the ear. And that’s what people feel. But he engages with the power of creation; they engage it. So, iON's come forth to muck around in mortar, eye and ear mortar, while still trying to be true to the non-mortar actualities."

Janet: “So, does he muck around in mortar to, kind of, set up some understanding, and then take away that mortar, and then go on from there? Is that what he's doing?"

Bob: “Yes, it's always going back and forth between the mortar and the word power."

Janet: “And it’s somewhere in-between all of that is where the purity is."

Bob: “Well, it's in both areas. You know, you don't want to... it's a mixture, and that would be the tactility. But, it also... they're separate worlds. And once you become pretty clean - pure on your word power, then you can re-enter the false premise of social language, and the false premise of time, and engage and play with that.

And that's the revolution, theologically, of what iON has done. It has come forth to engage in delusory social mortar. That’s the new thing. Non-physical never did that. It couldn’t create.

It’s come forth to create within our social language. All the time, reminding people of the stronger, more eternal power of your word; in what I call your, 'Private Citadel of Consciousness'.

So, we, in the middle of it, are pushed back and forth, trying to figure out why iON did this, and changed it from that, and then insist on this. iON is the only thing that insists on some basic aphorisms, or basic rules, but then engages on every topic possible.

There’s no source that's ever done that in the world... and operating with no rules.

So, here's the quote that I end in my essay on McLuhan... Arthur Kroker says, in a book called, 'Spasms', subtitled, 'Virtual Reality, Android Music and Electric Flesh', he says, describing the world that was starting to come into people with the Internet: 'It is a culture of quantum fluctuations, where you can only know that you have never seen what you thought you were looking at, because you have never really heard what you were listening to'...

You’re not looking at the screen. The way to look at the Android Meme is, it's looking at you, and creates the anamorphic hallucination that you're looking at it. But it's looking at you. And more and more surveillance puts the chip inside you. There's a point where that might become obvious, but you might as well notice that they already are surveilling you now.

So, the screen is looking at you. And iON has said that often... TV looks at you, you don't look at TV. So, for the certainty that comes out of visual space, you undermine it with the anamorphic, because you know that what you are looking at was never there, and that even what you were listening to at the same time, you never really heard.

So, let me repeat that, it's ‘quantum fluctuations', and quantum fluctuations would be the tactile interplay, the pulsations, in and out and around; we live in, 'a culture of quantum fluctuations', where all you can know is that you have never seen what you thought you were looking at, and 'you have never really heard what you were listening to'.

That’s what you can know. So, in a way, it's living without your head. Your head looks and listens. And you have to develop a perception; and most people would call it intuition, or feeling. You could call it proprioception that is not based on what you see and hear.

That’s the new invisible world that iON is training people in."

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