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The Rapture

Bart’s Excerpts from the Upper Room Dialogues
4 April 2010, Tailgate (First Hour)

Califia interprets the emptying of the Guf as being like the biblical rapture event.

Califia: "To me, I interpret this as like the Rapture."

iON: "Oh, the ‘Rupture’. Oh, lord, yeah, let's talk about the Rupture. Oh, hang on to ‘em, we’re going to the Rupture now. Oh, we’ve been waiting ever so patiently to get to this Rupture. Yes it is, honey. It’s going to be a Rupture more than you know. It is going to be one sight to behold.

Now, let’s go into that. You’ve asked enough. We’re good. Now, here we go. The Rapture, that coming into place…Now, if you’re going to use – now, you do know the Bible doesn’t speak of the Rapture?”

Califia: “Yes, I do know that.”

iON: “Good. Good. But that doesn’t expunge human creators from embracing all kinds of things that can be. So, that’s alright too. Now, what’s being described here…now, you have to go all the way back to Shakespeare’s fatalism to correctly apply this dynamic of the 144,000 that’s going to catch out on the last train to Heaven? OK? So, that’s what that’s all about.”

Califia: “I never believed that anyway, OK? Go ahead.”

iON: “I know, but that’s what we’re talking about, so that’s alright. We love it, we love it. But we’ll give you the dynamic of what it really is. The Armageddon… means, ‘the thinning of the veil’. Well, the thinning of the veil is releasing of the power back to what you had before there was a veil.

So, when you come into that power, then it will be rapturous. Now, we used the word a different way, now. Rapturous means becoming a very delicious rhapsody…this rapturous event…that’s getting referenced…they use it as a ‘turn or burn’ tactic of tactility, ‘Get right, or you’re going to burn’.

That’s the trick. But it’s not a trick, because, you know, we jokingly have great fun with that, that people go to Heaven for the weather and they go to Hell for the company…

Now, Bob would call this the ushering of the ‘post-informational society systems of knowing’…So, when you come to that place…you have a new experience; a delicious experience, which goes something like this - you get the power back that you had. And that becomes the rapturous event horizon.

All of these things that you've already really…known, becomes into your field of vision or sight. And once it becomes in your field of vision or sight, then what happens is it's something that you can embrace.

It's kind of like when they put in the paper that satellite TV is coming to your area. And that doesn’t mean anything to you until they put the dish up and start beaming in the signal, then you too can experience the rapture of DirecTV, or Dish Network.

So, you allow it to flow. That signal is available. The satellites they put up are available to everybody, but until you get the receiver, it will elude you.

Well, this rapture that you're talking about, with the final thinning of this separation between you and your power, once that becomes full on - it's happening to people already…but once it becomes to a place where it can be in your field of sight, then you can have high definition just like everybody else.

Many are going to find this power - this goes back to James with the amperage and the volts; you're going to find out that if you don’t increase that amperage, sometimes those volts will get out of hand. They become more as a free radical.

The free radicals don’t affect anything, but they do. OK? Because if you electrically charge an event, or an environment, if you do it just right, you'll get what you call a thunderstorm.

See that's the balance of connection of joules of electricity. And there's Ambient hydrogen that's all around all of this.

We're kind of giving you the real technical side of this explanation, so that some of your…other folks listening to this, the knowledge junkies, they got something to chew on just a little bit. It won’t be mechanical soft, it will be something they've got to chew on a little bit and tear it off the bone. That’s OK.

Now, this rupture, and the rapture that comes into play opens up, for the individual human creator - they come into their power, and the Ascension begins. We've said months and months - as Bob's called it - ago, it's the "End of the beginning," not “The beginning of the end”. It’s the end of the beginning.

Because now what’s happening is, folks are finding out that spooks can flow, and mediums can be smalls and larges, and all of these crazy things everybody says is, ain’t; and everything everybody says ain’t, is. And then the Is’s and the Ain’t’s don’t make no sense, and people are floating in and out; and then there’s spirit residue, and, ‘I see dead people’. Well, that’s alright, because they’re there.

And the anomaly is that now…because you've survived the rupture, you too will be able to see them.”

Califia: “OK, that was going to be my next question - those that survive the Rupture.”

iON: “Yeah, we know. We know. Now, let’s get on to the Apocalypse now; the Armageddon, the valley, where the blood is going to run to the second bridle of them horses, for this end all, end all wars and rumors of wars.

That’s what it’s not actually giving the descriptive adjective to, you see. Because John, the Revelator, stuck in Patmos, he was sort of crossways with this. And this is not the end, this is actually the beginning.

Because what they’ve done with your scriptures is they’ve got them backwards.

It starts at Revelation, when you get ‘revelatized’ – the Revelation is what’s trying to get you back to the Garden. That’s what you’re talking about – Heaven on Earth as it is in Heaven…”

Bob: “iON, the Revelation is the beginning of appropriate remembrance."

iON: “OK, yes. A revelation – revealed, all is revealed. But the revelation doesn’t come at the end…it’s where you’re starting.”

Bob: “Yeah, it’s when you get the thought. You get the remembrance, which is the thought, which is a remembrance. That’s the beginning of on the way to the Garden.”

iON: "Yes. And then you get to utopia, and you aren’t asking the question, ‘Did I survive the Rupture?’ You want to know where that apple is that you can know the difference between – have the ‘Fruit of Knowledge’. Then you’re all ready for it - that sweet delicious fruit that lets you know all.

That’s where you’re heading, and it’s good. Now, this dynamic, that's pretty significant, has many folds. Because if you start going back to the churches; especially, the Corinthians, and Ephesus – well, that’s Ephesians, and Colossians, and Philemon, and James.

Don’t forget those, because that lays out the groundwork for what they’re writing to the churches, trying to get them ready for this information amperage increase, because they know the volts are fixing to ramp up.

Then, if you do that just right, then you get to ‘Sherman on the Mount’. OK? That's Matthew 5:6 and 7 to get that in the full. So, you can get that dynamic. And then at the end of the day, what you’re going to find out, indeed and true, that Jesus shaves.

And so, now, does that help the understanding of this primitive version of the exegesis of the scriptures that makes it much more palatable to digest?"

Califia: "It’s palatable. It was palatable the other way, after you get to the emptying of the Guf. The emptying of the Guf – why…OK, you said that some will be left, and then others are going to choose to go; the majority is going to choose to go.”

iON: “Yes, that’s correct.”

Califia: “I guess that’s going to be the first portion of it.”

iON: “That’s correct.”

Califia: “Because they can’t accept the reality…that they’re not going to be able to accept something?”

iON: “Yes. They’ve got rules and regulations...rules and regulations. Some people will not release time. So, that’s why Revelation says, ‘There will come a time on Earth when time shall be no more.’ Now, that’s what the book says. It ain’t all of this other gobbledegook stuff. It’s that there’s going to be a time on Earth when time on Earth shall be no more.

That’s where we are; in the timeless. Well, if you can’t take that, and you’ve got rules and regulations, it’s like, well, you know what, like last call at the bar, “You don’t have to go home, honey, but you can’t stay here.’ That’s what it equates to.

And the rules and regulations make that the fastest path to their individual joy. They can't imagine living a timeless existence.”

Bob: “iON, that means that they can't handle the amperage and voltage thing you were talking about?"

iON: “Yes, that's a part of it. And then, once they come to that place, then guess what? They get rid of their body. And then they start saying, 'And we'll soon be done with troubles and trials', right? Well, once they do that, then they come into this state of bliss, no contrast.

And they go, 'Crap. Now I'm in non-physical and I can't create. I’m happy as a pig in slop about it, but I want to create. I want contrast. I want to choose.' See, if you have nothing to choose…if you have no choices, there’s nothing to choose.”

Califia: “Correct.”

iON: “So, you want to…then immediately, guess what happens - you want to get there and get back, fast. Well, that's when that ushered into that new place, because on your piggyback, you've got all of the unrealized creations of this vast Guf that's increasing, increasing, increasing, increasing. And you know that it’s increasing, because look at how many more souls you have on Planet Earth now than you've ever had before."

Bob: “So, that’s part of the people returning?”

iON: “Yes. How do you start with two, and get eight billion?”

Bob: “I’m trying to figure out the limitation of people just expanding. What is the factor – once you assume there’s a Guf - that contradicts the normal interpretation of why the population is expanding?”

iON: “Because once you become an ascending being, then you don’t go. And once you stop going, then the Guf empties.”

Bob: “I’m trying to figure out what’s illogical about thinking that the increased population is natural. What’s illogical about that, or in your logic, is not appropriate?”

iON: “You can’t get the numbers you have from that dynamic, without the Guf, or where the soul structure begins, you can’t even wrap around that, as far as even just the carpe diem of having that many souls, individual human creators. You would have run out of everything.”

Bob: “I don’t get…You’re saying that because there’s a non-physical, then our thinking that we expand the population naturally cannot be, because you have to include the non-physical fact?”

iON: “Right.”

Califia: “What about the parallel worlds…the two of two, and three of three, and those dynamics – couldn’t that be expanding the universe also?”

iON: “Yes, and it’s expanding the very same way. Because, see, there’s many, many, many worlds, but there’s only one Guf.”

Brian: “If the Guf is expanding, is there anything contracting?”

iON: “Yes.”

Bob: “The Guf is contracting.”

iON: “Will be contracting. It will overspill. And that contracting…the contracting is the veil…is what’s contracting. The veil is thinning. The separation that is between you and the power that is in the Guf is thinning.”

Brian: “That’s the contraction that’s causing the expansion?”

iON: “Right. That’s right. That’s right. That’s the contraction that’s causing the expansion. That’s exactly correct.”

Bob: “The expansion of what?”

iON: “This world…the Guf and this world.”

Bob: “You agree that we thought we expanding our population naturally. That’s what you thought a couple of years ago. OK, I assume.”

Brian: “Yeah, a few years ago, I thought it was natural.”

Bob: “iON, is saying that’s wrong. Why is that wrong?”

iON: “…We’ve been down this rabbit hole…before…”

Bob: “I don’t want to squeeze this lemon, but, at least - do the rest of you have the same problem with this issue?”

Brian: “What issue? With the human explosion, he’s saying, with the numbers, it doesn’t add up. Well, he’s saying what’s happening is you’re actually having spillage from other worlds into this world, and also you’re having humans that are not dying anymore.”

iON: “Right.”

Brian: “They’re just living on and on and on, and they’re not dying, which is also increasing the population.”

iON: “It is indeed.”

Bob: “iON, if those factors weren’t happening, how many people would be on the planet today, since the time of Moses…what would that population be now, if the factors Brian mentioned weren’t here?”

iON: “About a half a billion.”

iON (re: the Guf): “It’s expanding to such a degree that it’s going to empty.”

Bob: “Because there’s a limit to it?”

iON: “No, because the veil…the damn that’s holding the Guf back is thinning. And when it thins, then it’s all going to equalize. And when it equalizes, there will be no death. Then you start enjoying the eternalness of your eternal being in this world, in this meatsack. Right here, right now.”

iON: “What we're trying to get to, at the end of the day, every single time without fail or exception, is how to coerce you into knowing that you have a meatsack, and you also have non-physical, and that interaction brings you into your place of power.

And as long as that's the end of the day affect, hip hip hooray! If it's anything less, or other than that, it's kind of like, 'Well, what's the point?' You know. Just, be where you are…figure out how to be happy in the skin you're in until time's gone…” ]]

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