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Akito's Radio Alchymy Notes | 28 May 2009


Eben Rey starts the show, introducing Bob and iON

Eben California Proposition 8 (same-sex marriage) upheld

Eben the Dannie Faber murder (May 24, 2009)
- the Brown-Black violence

Eben points out that iON wasn't answering direct to questions on the last show (May 7, 2009)

Bob re-introduces iON to the listeners
- JW is the medium/vehicle whom iON flows through
- JW's anomalies leading up to the March 18, 2009 phone session when iON came through JW
- "think of a dodecahedron" - iON contains zillions of entities
- Bob has done 200+hrs of sessions with iON over the last 2 months
- iON is completing the Evergreens, Seth, the Abrahams and Cosmic Awareness

iON the dodecahedron model
- most humans don't really know what "love" means
- "the non-physical part" in humans resonates with us (the non-physical)

iON describes the dodecahedron model

iON: ... You're human creators in perfect form... once you resonate with the non-physical inside you, and that activation takes place... you become a boundless, limitless entity that can be do or have anything that you would like to be do or have... It's only the humans that have the ability and the power to indeed create.
- the non-physical is "contrastless" and CANNOT create
- the non-physical is "timeless," frictionless

iON on Buddhism "quenching of a desire is a desire"

Eben: ... why is there a violence?
iON: "Contrast." And it's a wonderful thing. It's how... your country... how it began... with revolution... And that contrast is from the very thing of, you'll never know what it is that you do want until you experience sometimes that things you don't want...

Eben: But there are those that only increase (pointing to greedy corporations).
iON: ... just like you, they are the creators of their reality...

Bob: How can people access the source inside themselves?
iON: ... they do that all day everyday... You see. Everything in your creation, YOU create... sickness or wellness, it's your choice... the non-physical part, sometimes you can know how you're gauging based on your emotions... and if you can find a way to embrace it, then with your gauge of emotions to let you know how you're doing in this process called living life?... it becomes a marvelous... "fastest path to my joy" process that allows you to ebb and flow, wax and wane, make decision, make choices... good example... Where does a "hunch" come from? Well that comes from the non-physical...

commercial break

iON X-ray on Eben - she "compacted love"
- people feel love from Eben and she unites them

on Bob - "the most tenacious asker"
iON: ... continuing one more time to redefine, one more, give a definition, one more, put in a format where people can understand... That's marvelous because then it empowers the individual human creator. And that's what this work is all about!...

Eben takes calls
Caller#1, question on "choice" (she's suffering from cancer)

commercial break


Caller#2, had these "feelings," tuned in for the first time and resonated with iON

Bob announces new website for iON

Caller#3, being spiritual in an attempt to stay in financial freedom, is it negative or positive?
- iON suggests the "3-2-1" process

Caller#3, how to stay in a loving mode

commercial break

Caller#4, felt a jolt of energy as soon as the show began, the "need" to break the chain of slavery in our society...
- "relax and allow" - there is no lack or resources
- the universe only "expands" (iON)

Eben are the innovations the result of "contrast?"
iON: Absolutely!...

Caller#2, experienced his "knowing" through drugs
iON: ... for a short window of time, it brings you to a place "where you have no resistance." That's the non-physical part of you that is dancing because "there is no contrast" in that particular experience when there is that euphoric high. But you can have that high... in living...

Caller#2: One time I experienced my "knowing"... It was literally like a "stopped time." Everything stopped...
iON "the illusion of time"
- "if you created time, so you certainly have the ability to stop it"
- there is only big "NOW"

Eben: ... we're in this environment, it's changing. We aren't being suppressed, we are being asked to step up! It is an opportunity to rebuild!... if they're doing a Hegelian kind of maneuver... Well, we'll get to do that too! Now!
Bob: They're to trying to create a disease and offer their cure. No. We're gonna offer our cure!

Bob asked iON what is "time"
- around the 1600s, the printing press came in got everyone "locked into clock time (visual time)"
- with the 24/7 information and "instant replays" in the electric environment, people couldn't tell time again and actually they're catching up to the notion of "no time"
iON: It's very interesting, what you call the time piece that you wear on your arm? It's a "Watch." Well it's only effective when you look at it.

Bob: ... It's delicious being inside you!

commercial break

Eben takes calls
Caller#1, we are "stuck" in time and reality
- iON suggests the idea of "every conversation is two conversations"

iON "People do not know what they like. They like what they know."
- the Trillionaires know "relax and allow" to let money flow easily to them
- and the kids in the slums don't see themselves as "less than"
- "it's all relative"

End of the show, commercial break

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