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Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 4 November 2009


Opening music:
Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve

James no more commercial breaks starting today in order to get more information from Bob, Carolyn and iON

Bob continuing from last week on Swine Flu and vaccine
- "13yr-old hockey player dies of swine flu" Toronto, Canada
- "it was the fastest path to his joy" (iON)

Carolyn caveat for the new listeners
- according to iON "every death is a suicide"

iON clarifies their point
- there is an eternal factor, the human creators get to choose
- "transitioning (death)" is part of everyday life

iON: ... There are a lot more human beings that are dead that haven't given up the body than there are those who have laid the body down (inaudible) put it in the grave.
- the human creator (physical) is more powerful than the non-physical

iON You already have the non-physical IN YOU
- the non-physical is the "spirit" part of you
- the non-physical is the part that leaves when you are "stone cold dead"
- uses the "American" metaphors to explain that all human creators already have the non-physical part in their physical
- if the tax paying Americans aren't using their "benefits (the non-physical)," what's the point?

James if "every death is a suicide (pre-planned)," then why do people still hold on trying to survive?

iON "time is very subjective"
- the Chemical Body distorts your perspective of time
- for adults a 2 week vacation is nothing, but for a child, that's an eternity
- time is "subjective"

iON accessing the non-physical
- "prayer" is not demanding, it's "asking" for an answer/wisdom
- the image of prayer is misguided, looking for an external source/god
- you should be praying to "yourself"

Bob how do you know when you cut yourself from the non-physical?
- when you could only look at "only what is"- what you identify as a reality
- eliminating all opportunities such as hunches, "tune-ability," what you call luck
iON: Have you ever changed your mind?... sometimes non-physical has a great deal to do with that mind changing... whether you accept or acknowledge non-physical or not, you still have it!

McLuhan "imagination" not imbedded in any of our senses or in any extension of our senses
Bob: Developing a relationship with a non-physical is an act of imagination?
iON: How ever...
- loosing money in the housing bubble is an example of "contrast"
- a "contrast" is what lets you know that you have the ability to "engage your power"

Bob what is the meaning of imagination?
iON: ... It sieves out the part that you choose to embrace and the things that are too far out.

Bob is creative activity (writing, painting) tapping into non-physical or the labyrinth of the mind?
- in the physical (iON)

iON there is no difference between "transitioning" and "committing a suicide"

James Albert Einstein's quote "Imagination is more important than knowledge"
iON: It is absolutely perfect! ... Imagination... allows other unknown realities to be allowed to be embraced through the labyrinth of the individual mind... Absolutely spot on!

iON "Imagination is more important than knowledge"
- "the symphony already exists, that you gonna write" is in the physical, but it's stored in the non-physical to let it come out

Bob "autism"
iON: ... they don't see... that label as a problem. They are the way they are. And when they choose to come forth, they came to mix it up through contrast. And that contrast is what lets them know how they are doing... They don't see it as an issue. They don't see it as a problem...

iON "How to Save the US Financial Institutions"
- write a $Trillion check to yourself, deposit it into your own account
- on the back of the check make sure to write "For deposit only"
- and get a "deposit slip"
ref: You Can Eliminate the Public Debt of the United States

James reads messages
Brandon, the new Mayan Calendar cycle
iON: ... we say that everyone is a center of their OWN universe...
- time is a "false premise"

BR anonymous' email - the "woo woo" moral judgement
iON: You, the human creators are the judge.

Bob did Hitler or Stalin judge themselves?

iON: What is materialism? Wanting too much?

iON mentions there are "more people" on the planet
- many "not born on this planet"

End of the show, commercial break

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