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Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 28 October 2009


Opening music:
Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve

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Bob we talked about Swine Flu H1N1 last week
BR anonymous' response to that show

"BEEP!" (someone's recording!)

Carolyn lists "half-truths" and "incomplete truths" regarding Swine Flu H1N1
- Obama declared "National Emergency"
- CBS revealed that Swine Flu cases are over estimated
- the CDC advised states to stop testing for the Swine Flu, because it's already an "epidemic"
- 4 states didn't stop and discovered only 5.5% suffered from H1N1
- in the US 7,000 people regularly die every day
- the national statistic shows that only 100 people per day die from seasonal flu
- since April 2009, only 4.76 people per day are dying from H1N1 - way below what the media is claiming
- the elderlies have antibodies to H1N1

Carolyn FDA and FTC going after companies selling "unapproved Swine Flu treatments"

iON the reasons for declaring H1N1 as a "National Emergency"
- allows hospitals and healthcare administrations to no longer abide by the rigorous standard of care

James reads messages
Brandon, "How do we convince the mentally sick at the top that the quickest path to their bliss is to give up control?"
- genius is also described as mentally ill
- the human creators love being controlled because it provides "contrast" (iON)

iON blaming the government or "someone over you" put you in a "less than position"

iON "contrast" - brings you to the place where you consider taking your power back
- getting rid of fear
- ignoring others' judgements
- refusing to take vaccination
- there is no death
- I control my reality
- I take responsibility for my actions

Bob: Do you see the ones at the top as insane?
- if you don't give up your power, it won't matter what everyone else thinks of you, and you won't care what their opinions are (iON)

Bob ignore the law? refuse to be vaccinated?
- never take action until you have an "alignment" within yourself
- "alignment" - "the fastest path to your joy" (iON)

Bob "what is different when someone is not aligned?" (the brain chemistry)
- iON explains

Carolyn how do we know we are not aligned chemically?

Bob ... so there's a non-physical aspect and the chemical reactions are parallel, or a mirror of what goes on in the non-physical feeling place?
iON: And the difference between YOU and YOU and that conversation lets you know how you were aligned before you take the action.

Bob iON said "every suicide is a death"... no, "every death is a suicide" (JGL)
- 14 American soldiers killed in Afghanistan, they suicided?
- it's the "physical part" of you that's setting it all up (iON)

iON in the early church when people transitioned they would say "Oh, it was their time"
- they set up the schedule (pre-arranged)

iON if you are in your power and have no fear
- they cannot kill you, e.g., a bullet will miss

iON does a rant on over coming your fear of transitioning

James who is the beneficiary of Michael Jackson's Estate?

Carolyn online information says Jackson's father and his siblings are not on the list of beneficiaries

Bob is Michael Jackson in the Guf? (iON No)
- Jackson's "double" spotted in the rehearsal scene from the movie "This is it"

iON: By the way... the family settled quietly with Mr. Anka...
- "This is it" was co-written by Paul Anka

Bob: ... iON could provide a service!
- people could call-in and ask if their loved ones really did go into the Guf or not

Bob last week we discussed "what is truth?" and "what is real?"
- we received a complaint that iON's explanation was too long

Carolyn a complaint from a listener regarding Swine Flu

James does the suggestion of disease in the media environment affect people?
iON: ... it's how everything is orchestrated, it's how everything is aligned...

Bob Stephen Hawking
- claims humans should be "genetically engineered" in order to compete against the AI

James reads messages
Dave, fear of government control

Bob: iON, do you see any pollution issues for us? Is there any pollution happening on the planet today?
iON: No.

Bob problems with Fracking
- iON has no issue with this

iON "recyclable natural gas" - they're "recycling" Fracking water now

Bob what is the next strain after we get bored with Swine Flu?

Bob Stephen Hawking claims the computers double their performance every 18months
- the fear of AI taking over the world
- he's asking for it by "worrying about it"

End of the show, commercial break

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