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Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 18 November 2009


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Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve

Bob Lou Dobbs quit CNN a couple hours after the Cash Flow show on Nov. 11, 2009

Bob CNN immediately picked up on the idea of writing a "Trillion Dollar check" from us
- "Donating this year? Uncle Sam needs your help" by Jeanne Sahadi,
"Under a little-known law enacted in 1961, Uncle Sam accepts tax-deductible contributions to pay down the country's debt."

Bob clarification on "iON" (James introduced them as a "medium")
- "medium" - a person thought to have the power to communicate with the spirits of the dead or with agents of another world or dimension, also called psychic
- Bob had over 600 readings with iON since Mar. 18, 2009
- unlike other mediums who claim to be extraterrestrials from the "future," iON claims they are beyond time (past, present and future)
- we all have non-physical, but this is THE FIRST TIME the humans access the non-physical and have them speak back to them
- JW IS NOT a "medium" according to iON

iON what is Non-physical?
- the non-physical is like your "spirit man"
- you already have non-physical in you, but you weren't aware of it
- it is like a default "app" in your iPhone that you haven't activated yet

iON "trinity"
- the point is to have a seamless connection between meatsack, the non-physical and convince that through your labyrinth of the mind
- however we're not there yet - you have to "ask questions"
- "The goodness of the answer is only good as the asker"
- this activates the non-physical part of you which resonates with iON

JW is not a medium, but "Large" or "Extra-Large"
- iON IS NOT a spirit of a dead
- a person who have transitioned has a "residue" (imprint)
- some "residue" have conflict and "hang around" (e.g., haunted house)
- so-called "sensitive" people pick up on "residues," but ALL humans have the abilities to engage with them

iON the "spiritual gifts"
- there are those already exhibiting ESP
- everyone can develop and allow ESP through training

iON does a rant on the psychics
- they are "limited" and have "rules"
- e.g., by engaging only the "dead people" they're eliminating other possibilities

iON on JW - why is he different from "mediums"
- he understood the non-physical part that was "part of him"
- he made no rules and allowed the process
- he "functions" while iON is flowing through him - walks around, cooks, etc
- "empathy" - during readings with iON, JW picks up on clients' feelings and pain

James what is the origin of the name iON?
iON: ... the little i means, in non-physical, we're not the name of the game. We're the least, because we have no contrast... So no creation...

iON: ... There's no tactility in what we're called. That's the nice way to say it.

James reads messages
Joseph, tests iON to find out where he lives
- iON says that his family was "proud" of him

Bob what iON is seeing

Brandon, "What is the quickest path to my bliss?"
- iON loves his question because this applies to everyone
- you created your universe and you are the center of that universe
- everything in your reality is created by YOU, including "contrasts"
- "contrast" - ask again "What is the fastest path to my joy?" and decide

iON: ... fate's nothing other than your non-physical convincing you to the labyrinth of your mind that if we can leave in five minutes, we'll miss the train wreck.

Carolyn most people are used to getting specific answers from channelers/mediums
- you're giving up your own power by letting someone else tell you how to live your life
- the question is "how to get to you power" AND to be responsible for everything in your world (iON)

Brandon, tests iON to see if they can find his location

Brandon, does JW's brain waves change when iON is flowing? (iON Yes)
- there is a different chemical activity within the base of his scull
- JW experiences euphoria

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Opening music:
Muffin Man by Frank Zappa (live)

iON the "3-2-1" process
3 - imagine what you want "What is the fastest path to my joy?"
2 - relax, allow non-physical to bring it into existence
1 - add or change details

the distance between you and you (physical and the non-physical)
iON: ... you wanna know the answer to a question, but you don't know you self which one you are... It's not "How do I get happy?," it's "Why am I not happy?" is what you're really saying...

Bob more on JW
- iON suggested Bob and Carolyn to take more protein - their bodies shifted after engaging with the non-physical

James what is the origin of secrecy? are there any secrets from iON?
iON: What is a secret?... We were asking you. We don't know what a secret is...
James: Are there any secrets from you?
iON: No...

James reads messages
Diana, will her book be successful
- "Are you trying to sell books or you're trying to write books?"
- if you're a writer, write; if you're a painter, paint (iON)

Joseph "iON is a fake"

Bob JW's Longcase clock "anomaly"
- a very accurate 8-day clock that now needs winding every 2-1/2 days
- there is less gravity in the world due to the "thinning of the veil"
- humans are becoming heavier to maintain their "grounded-ness" (iON)

iON "old age"
- 200yrs ago old age was "45"
- now, old age is a "Centenarian"
- people used live a lot longer "way back"

James "people can't handle the truth"
- the "truth" is relative, e.g., asbestos
- you use your lying eyes to judge what is real or what is not (iON)

James does an iONic rant

iON there are no secrets

iON mentions Betty Martini - the human creator in her own power
- ref: Aspartame controversy

Shannon calls-in, relationship question
- iON suggests the "3-2-1" process

James reads messages
Brandon, an ESP detection devise used to tune into Melting Titanium Show
- "2.6389" is the exact frequency (iON)

Bob a couple Cardinals from the Vatican tuned in last week according to iON

Dr. Paul Proteus, is JW the only person iON can channel through?
iON: All can... Not necessarily iON... That's what we are trying to say...
- iON points out that each individual already has the non-physical in them

iON the "Trillion Dollar check" scheme to save the US Financial Institutions
- write a $Trillion check to yourself, deposit it into your own account
- on the back of the check make sure to write "For deposit only"
- and get a "deposit slip"

End of the show, commercial break

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