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Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 15 April 2009


Opening music:
Ka-Ching by Shania Twain

Bob pun on ESPN, started the ESP "Melting Titanium" show last night
- you have to activate your ESP to hear the show
- to have ESP you have to "relax and allow," the principle of "3-2-1"
- (as opposed to the Abrahams' "1-2-3")
- the theme song for this show is "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC
"Living easy, living free
Season ticket on a one-way ride
Asking nothing, leave me be
Taking everything in my stride
Don't need reason, don't need rhyme
Ain't nothing i would rather do
Going down, party time
My friends are gonna be there too"


Bob introduces Ian from his "secret team"
- his team is to bring in cold fusion, bring in Marshal Law then cancel all debts
- people tuning into "Melting Titanium" send images to Bob and Ian
- the show is on every Tuesday starting at 6pm Hawaii time, 9pm PST

Ian discusses what he was picking up during the show, the images he received
- "... it was pretty enlightening for me"
- as soon as the show began, people's "non-physical" instantly picked us up, activated their ESP and tuned in

James was at LAX on 9pm PST
- he describes the noisy, raucous airport environment

Ian how to handle yourself in that type of environment, e.g., grounding

Bob "Melting Titanium" show is fulfilling the mandate of Achieve Radio
- we emphasize the Astro Body off station, but in the spirit of Achieve Radio

Bob today's Tea Party protest, Apr. 15th, 2009
- "We wouldn't push against anything... IRS included" (Ian)

James the debt and credit crisis
- the people want pay back but they must realize that "we all lost in this"
- technology "broke" the banking system

Bob the "Bill Moyer Journal" had Willam Black, author of "The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One. How Corporate Executives and Politicians Looted the S&L Industry"
- Black was totally unaware of the effect of the computer environment (the Chip Landscape)

commercial break

James a computer engineer he met on the flight back to LA
- he got laid off, looking for same type of work in LA

Ian's impression of the effect of the computerization in the economy over the last 25yrs
- increase in the capacity of having instant access to everything

McLuhan "the more involved you are, the less you know" "more you participate, the less you know"
- the computer engineer works in the Chip Landscape, but never thought of its effect in terms of his Chemical Body (Bob)

Bob McLuhan "Electronic environment could not be bought, stoled or stolen"
- how does that relate to private ownership?
- if you perceive you have a "lack" in the environment of abundance, that is your problem (Ian)

James "identity theft" through hacking, how do we deal with this problem?
Ian: Well don't let the Nigerians find it out... even if they hijack your information, it really doesn't matter. Meaning, what's so special about your identity... ?
- Bob has many identities and accounts and he remains indifferent to it (quotes "Highway to Hell" lyrics)

James reads messages
Y-Zone, "Cash Flow is metaphysics. Metaphysics is an alternative reality, which therefore has value. Where as cash is a make believe concept which has no intrinsic value..."

Ian the value of copyright and patent works
- they have no value if no one appreciates them, but by putting a trademark name such as "Google," it jumps up to $$$ a share

Ian the price of gold - it's value never changed

Bob: Is "confidence" metaphysical?
Ian: It can be... you have to resonate with it.

James the Marshal Law

Ian G20 - there was no G20 20yrs ago
- now the problems have "leaked over the boundaries"

Ian "taxation without representation" - that's what people are grumbling about today
- the government bailout of the "failed" institutions
- when your national debt gets larger than the GNP/GDP, "You have a problem"
- "How do you have more than is?"
Bob: ... you have wealth that's not measurable in money terms and we have this incredible electronic ESP abundance of information... But we're miss interpretating it as a debt!

James Marshal Law, for what reason?
Ian: ... isn't the Jailer also in jail? JGL (James' Great Laughter)

Ian: ... All they want is "to control"...
- mentions Birth Certificates

Bob Alex Jones doesn't realize that our cities are the "natural concentration camps"
- the paranoia over authority cracking down on citizens

Bob: ...Are those people creating that response? Are they expecting it, Ian?
Ian: ... it's been accepted and they're resonating with their powerlessness... You have to learn and find a way to "relax and allow" in your reality. Then when it all crumbles, YOUR's doesn't have to crumble... because not everybody's gonna resonate with that.

James: ... If you gonna march, march for what you do want. Don't march for what you don't want. Don't protest against the Federal Reserve. March for cold fusion... ?
Ian: Yes. Absolutely! Because that will be your experience...

Bob: So Ian. How did you come across this insight that I've noticed in, knowing you for years... Were you born with this?
Ian: Well, everybody... has an ability to innately understand who they are. If they choose to... in the process of understanding they are the creator of their own reality... that if everything is going to be okay, then in your reality, it will be okay!
Bob: That's debt relief, isn't it James?

Ian: ... now your mortgage holder is going out of business...

James: ... very good point! Alright! I am very thankful both of you took the time out today. Thank you Ian! Thank you Bob!...

End of the show, commercial break

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