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Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 11 November 2009


Opening music:
Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve

Bob is "trinity" reflected in the relations of DNA, RNA and the "3rd factor"?
- "trinity" is the Father, Son and Holy Ghost
"Father" - the non-physical
"Son" - physical
"Holy Ghost" - the labyrinth of the mind
- the "trinity" has nothing to do with the relations of DNA, RNA and the "3rd factor" (iON)

iON the "cell" is the perfect pictorial example of "trinity":
"protons" - the non-physical
"the center of nucleus" - physical
"neutrons" - the labyrinth of the mind
"electrons" - the engagement between the non-physical and physical

Bob what is it that we're not noticing about junk DNA?
- the next layer of DNA structure which has to do with Chromosome structure, the dividing of the cell itself
- e.g., regrowing bones (iON)

iON think of your body as a "warehouse"

Carolyn more on junk DNA
- the humans will face such a degree of "contrasts" in the "next tier" that these junk DNA must be activated in order for your species to continue (iON)

iON "contrast" - the fear of "2012" is shifting the human body's "survival code"
- TV and Chip Body are affecting the Chemical Body
- people participating in the 2012 meme - the "app" inside their bodies gets "activated"

iON more on "contrast"
- people create contrast so they can "over come" things, otherwise they'll be bored

Bob is there "however" though?
- individuality of the human creator
- "you will never get enough... you are never pleased" (iON)

Bob iON defined "tactility" as contrast which matched with what McLuhan meant
- the tactile interplay is the basis of "being in the physical"

iON "necessity is the mother of invention"
- the human creators will never be satisfied with technology - the whole point of creation
- when you get to the place where you are satisfied, you transition into a "contrastless" experience (stone cold dead)
- and since there is no death, you come forth again and create more

iON James said the technology is doubling every 18 months
- yet there is a room for you and your world

Bob what is the role of the iON in the relationship between the protons, neutrons and electrons in the sub-atomic DNA?
iON: It defines, it assists, it completes the cellular structure. And it's not necessarily iON... say non-physical, 'cos everyone has non-physical. Some resonate with it, some don't...

Bob the genetic engineers' acknowledgement of the non-physical
- it'll be a conundrum for them to figure out the splitting of cells as long as they don't recognize the non-physical and its role (iON)

Bob there are people on this planet who weren't born here
- the human population on the planet is expanding
- there was a huge population increase during the Black Plague

Bob: ... where are the people coming from?
- the Guf expanding - increase in the number to unrealized creations arriving
iON: ... your scientists are on the brink of proving that there are indeed, parallel worlds. (dead air)

iON even if you don't accept the concept of parallel worlds, your non-physical part will "begin to resonate" with it

Bob: What is electricity from iON's point of view?
- iON responds

Bob the massive blackout in Brazil

BR emails & questions
anonymous, what is the origin of the time? quoting J. Krishnamurti

End of the show, commercial break

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