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Akito's Radio Alchymy Notes | 31 December 2009


Opening music:

Bob iON's agenda
- "enlarging the Guf" by allowing ourselves to stay here
- "We Refuse to Die" by Arakawa

Eben mentions the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference
- over population causing climate change, they're pushing for "depopulation"
- the concept of the Guf was first introduced to us when the Air France Flight 447 anomaly was discussed

Eben: Where is the Guf, iON?

iON the Air France Flight 447 was actually "slipping in and out of parallel worlds"

iON explains the Guf
- the Guf is an "independent place"
- your spirit man goes on "eternally," not "forever" which involves time
- the Guf is where you continue "your physicalness" in non-physical

Eben what is the relationship between the "dimensions" and the Guf? do people in multiple dimensions have access to the Guf?
- yes, and it's the job of the Angels as "air traffic controllers"
- humans have power over the Angels (iON)

iON was asked to explain what "dimensions" are, instead goes into a long rant on scientists and the false premise of time

Eben: ... Why do we age iON?
iON: You don't!
Eben: What causes the failure of organs?

Eben reincarnation
- there IS NO reincarnation, you only get coronated once - "You are GOD" (iON)
- "YOU are the center of your universe"

iON how do souls get created? "The souls are eternal"
the soul never was created because it's always is and was

iON the human creators choose to go to the Guf when they get tired of the "contrasts" and creating
Eben: Does this mean that there is no Heaven and Hell?
iON: Who invented Heaven and Hell?... it's a concept. You can be, do or have anything... You go to Heaven for the weather and you go to Hell for the company... In the original writings there is no Hell. They speak of the Guf!... When Jesus was crucified, he went to the Guf... And took the keys to death, hell and the grave... Catholics understand that... So he came forth in the non-physical part that was Jesus, came forth to eliminate the human creators from death... cause you want eternal life... you don't have to go to Hell...

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Bob there were 3 Jesuses according to iON

Eben questions on "Genesis" in the Bible
"So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them."
Eben: Who is speaking there?
iON: You are, the human creator... they got it a little backwards. The Revelation comes when you start this place. The Genesis... when you become the "Last Adam" which is the "First Adam." When you come to your ascension, when you come into your Power, then you control your Garden of Eden, then YOU ARE ASCENDED! The you have your physical, you have your non-physical and it doesn't offend the labyrinth of your mind...

Eben the "Tree of knowledge of good and evil"
iON: ... this tree is an anatomically correct flow of how the human creators are grounded with the root system... thick skinned with a bark system and they're ever reaching with their branch... with their glorious blooming vessels that are the bounty of their creation... That's a cycle...

Eben what other trees were present in Garden of Eden?
iON: This is where you're coming to, not where you came from... now you can write the story the way you want it...

iON every death is a "suicide'
- when you decide to "transition," you can choose to go to the Guf or "go to other world"

iON there IS NO such things as "damaged souls" in the Gufs
- "you can't damage the souls"
- no such things as "tormented souls" - that's all in the labyrinth of your mind

Eben "2012"
iON: ... it's all up to the human creators... Just like you global warming, global warming, global cooling, global cooling...

the dynamics of "wars"
iON: ... "everyone who doesn't agree with me must surely die!"... Every time the human creators can't come into their own Power? When you care more about what your neighbor's doing than what you can't do? Then that may set off a war...

iON belief system

Eben the terrorists in the Middle East
- "there's not much going on there" (iON)
- iON points out there is no full body scanning in the Middle East

the "US-Mexico boarder wall"
iON: ... They're gonna put the walls up!... to keep you disconnected Americans in! Not to let the other nasty ones out!
Eben: Do you literally mean that?
iON: ... that's exactly correct.

iON Osama bin Laden "still cashing checks" from CIA

Eben the prediction of war in the Middle East
iON: ... the Sunnis love the Shiites... America has problems with them. So therefore, we have to pit you against your other one... You pit the fight until there is a fight then you can set off the war. You have to organize this thing in such a way... they made a movie about it... the tail "Wag the Dog"...

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Opening music:

Bob his previous involvement with various mediums, and on iON
- Cosmic Awareness, the Ever Greens, the Abrahams and Seth

Eben takes calls
Caller#1 (Tariq), significance of "the sixth day" in Genesis
"And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day."
iON: Your past is created in your known future... the sixth day is what set the notion that there is no time. They counted off in days... but it wasn't about days. It was about one experience to the next experience to the next... When you got to the the sixth day before the rest, then there had to be a "contrasting experience imbued with power" that let you have the ability to... embrace the contrast... You would get bore in paradise were it not for contrast...

Eben the "serpent"

iON: ... the sixth day comes into the cycle... that opened up creation... you created your world. And then on the sixth day, that perfect day, that would be where it began. Not where it was completed... Then you set off into a notion... of contrasting views. That's where it was instigated that you could be all powerful... knowing. You could have it all. Well, you had it all from the beginning. But until you came into that place of having it all...

the "significance" of the sixth day
iON: ... the sixth day is when you begin the process of creating your past from the future experiences.
- the history books are being rewritten - e.g., the discovery of new pyramids in Egypt
- a "wooden" boat found in Giza

Tariq, the "secret" terrorists
"secret" - a scare tactic to keep you outside of enjoying the power that you now control (iON)

Caller#2, iON said "there's not much going on" in the Middle East, but the people wanting democracy there are being murdered, taking the position of the Freedom Fighters

iON responds to Caller#2
- when did it become your job to free them? they're not interested in your so called freedom
"contrast" - it gives them an opportunity to consider not wearing a burka, get an education, et al

iON: ... Contrast is good. Sandpaper is good. Sandpaper takes the rough edges off.

the Freedom Fighters
iON: Our only issues is, you cry peace in the name of war. We're here to tell you officially from non-physical... You can't kill them all! You will not make them behave, you can't even make your children comb their hair!... It's very ironic!...

iON: ... yes, but you're fighting against fighting.

iON mentions Pakistan

iON the Republicans "didn't run" - they were tired

Caller#3, seeking direction from iON

Caller#4 (Fred from Hollywood Bible Scholar), the "serpent"

Caller#5, seeking advice from iON

Caller#6, question on diet and regenerating body to get younger
iON: ... Love and appreciate your body. Speak often how tactile and wonderful your body moves... how you feel well...

Caller#7, "Don't worry, be happy"
iON: We would just say "Be happy," because when you say "Don't worry?"... then that's been a great proponent that there is something lurking that you should be worried about.

Caller#7, worried about bothering/interfering other people

iON: Yes indeed. We're great proponents of ancient Samaritan Hebreloids!

on Buddhism
iON: ... to quench desire... and you get enlightenment, correct?... Well, is not to quench desire a desire?

Caller#2, what purpose does man serve? (mention James Joyce) define spirituality?
- destroy all printing presses (iON)

End of the show, commercial break

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