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Akito's Radio Alchymy Notes | 26 November 2009


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Eben the JFK assassination

Bob iON comes through JW who was born in 1965
- JW IS NOT a medium according to iON
- iON IS NOT a spirit or ghost, they are "non-physical"
- this is a first time the non-physical has had a "public forum"
- iON is a "plural"
- Bashar is from the future, iON is beyond time

Bob iON says very death is a suicide
"Who killed JFK?" - JFK did
- iON would say "Nicole Simpson used OJ to stab herself"

Eben why was JFK killed?
iON: ... why did he transitioned into non-physical? It was that that point in time, the fastest path to his joy.
- if the shooter didn't lined up with JFK's fastest path to his joy, the gun would've miss fired
- e.g., the rapist and the victim hook-up and synch-up together like a magnetic attraction (polarity)

Eben what did JFK do to make that assassination attraction to him?
- it all goes back to the Barry Goldwater regime
- JFK's degenerative back issue
- the US Dollar no longer backed by gold standard

Eben JFK's "Executive Order 11110" to issue silver certificates
(reissuing of the 1933 notes)
- iON mentions "China"

iON: ... the point was to... bring back something that could be digested through the GNP... that could increase the GDP... then there's something to back it up... And that was what the first thing... given attention to... Wait a second! We're just consuming... we're not making anything... We really kinda need a war...

iON mentions Fort Hood

the end of Part1
NOTE: Part1 recording ends @ 26:41 mark


iON continues
- you can only print money by selling the bonds
- the US had issues with Japan, but not with China
- "Made in China" sold at Walmart for China's GNP
- "there's room for everyone... keep increasing"
00:00 (26:41)

Eben if JFK lived and served the 2nd term, would the world be different now?
- no difference, the satellite-tv complex of the '60s creating Global Theater (the tactile environment) was a threat to every country's "national image"
- JFK had to deal with "revolutions such as Civil Rights, psychedelic revolution, Third World revolutions (Bob)

Eben JFK inhabited the TV Body
- the Big Brother felt threatened by JFK's inflated tv image (Bob)
- Bob was part of the cover-up

Eben: ... if he lived... What were you guys fearing?
- people thought JFK was more important than "us"
- the Kennedys were "new comers" (Bob)
- "Camelot would replace the business as usual. The 30s" (iON)

Bob everybody was thrown by the power of tv, the elites were confused by it
- McLuhan "every new medium creates paranoia in the society, especially to the vested interests of the older medium"

Eben: ... iON said that the business as usual was in the '30s.
- that's "Big Brother (the World Government)"
- McLuhan said "1984" was set-up in 1934
- this structure later gets threatened by tv, computer and satellite (Bob)

Bob why the insecurity in economy around 1962?
- the "new comer" JFK found out that the US Dollar wasn't backed by gold
- JFK focused on the "old medium of money" and started worrying, where it didn't have to be backed for 30yrs

Bob the emergence and impact of African-American culture on the TV Landscape
- Jazz integrated the world in the 1920s
- "the black image is more powerful than the weak white image on the television"

iON people use to "watch the radio"
- "visually biased people" - staring into space trying to fill in the visual compliment to what they were hearing from the radio
- you do't have to use your imagination with tv, so people took drugs to go into the "Interior Landscape" (Bob)

back to JFK and NESARA

iON "February 9, 1962" - the US "ran out of asset to pledge"
- the Federal National Forest and Parks "were pledged for loans"
- a "Warranty Deed" - no longer a "Deed" for your house, why?
- "The mortgage on Camelot was due!"

iON explains the NESARA Bill
- Bill Clinton expanded the Federal National Forest for not paying back the NESARA loan in 2000
- the "Chinese" (not the government of China) own your "Deeds"

iON how to Save the US Financial Institutions
- write a check to yourself, deposit it into your own account
- on the back of the check make sure to write "For deposit only"
- and get a "deposit slip"

commercial break

Eben was the Fort Hood shooter a Manchurian Candidate?
- anomaly - Ft Hood is the largest military base filled with every soldier carrying M16 (iON)

Eben: Were there other shooters?
- iON responds

Eben the connection between Ft Hood and JFK's Silver Certificates
- where did the "Chinese" get their money in the 1930s? - their money was backed by precious metals
- Ft Hood is in Texas - "Don't mess with Texas" is the hint
iON: ... vast numbers of gold and silver certificates that are still out there have been already printed... not confiscated or collected.

Eben 2 Japanese businessmen arrested in Italy carrying $134 billion worth of US bonds (June 2009)
- the bonds "evaporated into the ethers" and the men "are not on the beach somewhere" (iON)

Eben the quarantine in Ukraine, what are they testing?
- iON responds

iON: ... The Global Warming is gonna make you so cold, you'll freeze to death. Wait! What!?...

iON in Ukraine, approximately 644,000 are infected so far

Eben "33 degrees" and "33rd vertebrae"
- not limited to Free Masons, "there's lots of things that take place on the 33rd parallel" (iON)

iON IS NOT a "future" terrestrial because:
- humans created "time," the non-physical "don't judge time"
- the non-physical is ALL, there is no past, no future, only the "NOW"

Eben is iON from a humanoid species?
- the non-physical part that is you is connected to the source
- the non-physical is "contrastless" and CANNOT create

End of the show, commercial break

((( Eben Rey’s private conversation with iON and Bob on "NESARA" )))

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