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Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 9 December 2009


Opening music:
Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve

Bob makes a major statement: iON is "the Guf"
- not he, she, it or one entity

iON explains the difference between them and the human creators
- you have the physical and the "non-physical (the spirit man)"
- iON is a "collective non-physical" and your non-physical part resonates with iON
- the human creators have contrasts, but have abilities to create
- iON is "contrastless" and has no ability to create

iON explains "eternity" - it is timeless

iON "the thinning of the veil"
- the veil between the physical and the non-physical is thinning
- the human creators are embracing it and the non-physical is responding
- e.g., the human creators were tired of global warming, so the non-physical responded by bringing in global cooling

Bob humans are "contrarians" creating the opposite
- you have choices, another preference, get to choose your being-ness
- iON HAS NO JUDGEMENT over what choices you make

Bob "the Guf"
- regardless of what you've done in your life, you are in bliss once you transition into the "contrastless" Guf
- similar to the "utopian" image of the Christian Heaven (iON)

iON does a rant on Santa Claus

Carolyn the levels of Heaven - the 5th or the 6th level is the "judgement" phase
iON: ... Who's the judge? YOU ARE... YOU judge YOU... There... have to be a law? No. The only reason there is a law is because, you, the human creators asked for it...
- there was NO LAW in the Garden of Eden

Bob phrases "Think positive thoughts and all be well" and "Fake it till you make it"
iON does a rant on power positive thinking

claiming your "sovereignty"
- "Not in my world!" Queen Mary
iON: ... We're trying to birthing you a sovereigncy (sovereignty?)...

iON Adolf Hitler claimed his sovereignty
- even without Hitler, there still would've been a "Hitler phenomenon" from the effect of radio (McLuhan)
- humans like "contrast" (iON)

Bob is iON completing what Jesus did? having us live so powerful that we could stay in the physical and experience the bliss of the non-physical without not transitioning?
- when Jesus was crucified he went to Hell and took the keys to unlock the barriers to death, hell and the grave
- Jesus was a "Deity" and "sinless" just like YOU ARE, and abolished all
- take and embrace Messiah's words especially if you are a Christian (iON)

Bob "tality" used in "Finnegan's Wake"
iON: He does in totality.

Bob Dante's "Divine Comedy" solidified the meme of Hell, was this the image of Hell which Jesus dealt with?
- the Catholics claim "Purgatory" as the "Guf"

Bob according to McLuhan, in the preliterate society people didn't put criminals in jail, instead they "pitied" them

iON the only reason people took notice of Jesus
- people thought Jesus was the reincarnation of John the Baptist

James people don't want to take responsibility?
- according to the human creators, "It's not whether you win or loose, it's how you place the blame"
- it's not about right and wrong, it's about "who is in charge"
- it becomes an issue when you have your sovereignty "outside" of yourself (iON)

Bob iON's food metaphors, why?
- e.g., using bitter against sweet to show "contrast"

iON more on food: the point of whether you enjoy it or going to repel it
1. you eat with your eyes
2. you eat with your tastebud

iON there IS NO bad food, has no issue with genetically modified food
Bob: ... iON helps us reduce the information environment once you understand what iON is saying... you can't be affected... You don't need to know anything!
iON: Oh but you feel better when you put an "Organic" sticker on it. Even though it came out of the same dumpster that it came before...
- nothing is relevant to your "sovereignty"

iON "more" is what you achieve - not an abundance

iON "Life is not a destination. It's a journey"
- it's a cliche phrase, but so, so true

James the ones wanting to commit "suicide"
- every death is a suicide
- you start to die before you physically transition (iON)

iON the old married couples
- after years they begin to look alike, taking on same characteristics
- typically when one transitions, within 1-1/2 year the other will choose to transition due to loneliness

James the ones who are following their death scenario, e.g., getting hospitalized, going to a war
- "I don't wanna die, but I don't wanna stay here" (iON)

once again, "THERE IS NO DEATH!"
iON: You take "death" as end all, end all, end all!

commercial break


Opening music:
Muffin Man by Frank Zappa (live)

BR backlogged emails & questions
Linsey, Jenny, a 7yr-old girl born presumably schizophrenic
- "She was staring and seeing things that weren't there"
- became violent

iON responds
- little ones come forth fresh from the source, they're not gonna be put in a box
- no one told them that the spirit world was not available for them to engage
- they are "sensitive" to the the realms outside of you
- "She was staring and seeing things that weren't there" - how do they know? her parents couldn't see them
- she became violent because there was no place for her expression to be embraced
- the "contrast" is with her parents "What has society done to our girl! Give us Attention!"

Carolyn children with gifted talents

iON does a rant on gifted children

James reads questions
Richard, transdimensional sojourners emphasize intelligence over compassion
- you're already God - you're not going to be "more God" or "less God" (iON)

Bob iON points out the richness of language
- in the last hour making puns on "positive"
iON: It's only the lost that desired to be saved... Oh lord Jesus save me from myself.

more on Jenny

BR Mark's backlogged email
from Krishnamurti's "This Matter of Culture"
"From the moment you are born and begin to receive impressions, your father and mother are constantly telling you what to do and what not to do, what to believe and what not to believe; you are told that there is God, or that there is no God but the State and that some dictator is its prophet. From childhood these things are poured into you, which means that your mind - which is very young, impressionable, inquisitive, curious to know, wanting to find out - is gradually being encased, conditioned, shaped so that you will fit into the pattern of a particular society and not be a revolutionary. Since the habit of patterned thinking has already been established in you, even if you do `revolt' it is within the pattern. it is like prisoners revolting in order to have better food, more conveniences - but always within the prison."
iON: Perfect words... Iron bars do not prison make... gauging of how you're doing with you is always predicated on what you seen in your experience. What you notice in your creation is what comes to you by default. But if you can see beyond that... if you can go outside of yourself...

iON does a rant on the individual's "human spiritual gift"

Bob high suicide rate in Malibu, CA

James reads emails & questions
anonymous, the origin of numeral "0"
iON: It's the only numeral value that has "no angle"... "0" is a circular aspect with no angle... infinitive place holder for nothingness. And that was from the Sumarian...
- "Los Angle, a place of nothingness"

James "1" or "0" used in computers
- those are "YES" or "NO" eliminating possibilities, the way science undoes things (iON)

Brandon, love is understanding-Buddha?

Bob the non-physical does not care what human creators are creating
- whatever humans create is "contrastless" to the non-physical (iON)

Carolyn medical question on MS (multiple sclerosis)
- iON suggests "shellfish" to increase lipid acid
- this would increase a natural balance in your HDL (thinning the blood)

Bob "A particle God doesn’t want us to discover" (October 18, 2009 The Sunday Times)
- the frequency of CERN's accidents - "the Large Hadron Collider sabotaging itself from the future"
- iON mentions "cookie crumbs"
- the numerical value of speed of light is inaccurate, the beginning place is a false premise

Bob Dan Brown's "Angels & Demons" said the problem is to bring science and religion together
- iON takes neither position and take the no position

End of the show, commercial break

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