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Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 3 February 2010


Opening music:
Dirty Laundry by Eagles (live)

Bob explains the technical difficulties they had at the end of the last show's Part3
- the missing last 19 min. audio is available
- notes incorporated into "Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 27 January 2010"

BR emails & questions
Earl, if the Guf gets emptied, the souls cannot be real, never existed
iON: ... that would be a "truism"... the thinning of the veil... it's not really an emptying of the Guf... you're merging those non-physical and the physical in your being-ness...

Dave, how can someone "cancel" the Guf?
- maybe he meant "uncreate"

- you cannot uncreate what you've already created
- but you could change your direction "where it's no longer in your reality"
- you don't cancel the Guf, you "merge it"

technical difficulties, Bob and Carolyn get bumped-off

((( the missing audio of Bob and Carolyn starts here)))

Dave, "Is this some rebellious no Guf... movement... right here on earth?"

Dave, "How can the Guf be crowded if there is no time?"
iON: Time has nothing to do with "volume"...

iON: ... you created more human creators, so more souls can come out from the Guf... increasing...

iON: ... any unrealized manifested creation, that has not been realized in your reality... transfers with you into the Guf...

Carolyn unrealized creations is what's filling up and overflowing the Guf? It's not just the number of souls? (iON Yes)

iON: ... There is only one non-physical, but many, many, many parts. It's kinda like saying the ocean is only one body of water, that only one body of water is vast.

Dave, "Is space still an issue? Does thought and experience occupy space? Does infinity still feel restrictive?"
iON: Infinity does not feel restrictive.... space is not a false premise, but... when you start adding the time aspect of space, then you're falling off the wagon. But, if you gonna use space as a field between two bonds of molecular... stasis? Okay. Wonderful... space would be the proximity... of coming together as one, rather than being one far... apart...

Dave, "What's happening in the Guf that you want to swap it for something else?"
iON: Creation. To create... in the Guf, there IS NO contrast...

Bob the illusion of "disconnect with the non-physical"
- cannot completely disconnect, the non-physical is always there whether you believe it or not (iON)

Dave, "Who was the first soul... ?"
iON: There was no first, there always was.

Bob the Christian "Adam was the first soul" meme
- it's the end of the story, you begin in Revelation and work towards Genesis
- "You're trying to get back to Eden!" (iON)

iON does a rant on taking your own Power

Dave, "Why do street lights often flash off when I approach them in my car?"
- he has "magnetic resonance" (iON)
- there's enough energy in Bob's "fingernail" to operate all of Maui

Bob and Carolyn realize they aren't on the air

Bob and Carolyn get reconnected
Carolyn maybe we got disconnected because Dave's question was "creating the illusion of a disconnection?" (iON Yes)

Dave, who was the first soul?
- there IS NO first soul
- "it didn't begin and it doesn't end, there's just the one and there always is" (iON)

James reads emails & questions
Max, do ghosts fit in between the physical and the Guf?
- "not an in-between place, it is the place" referred to as a "residue" (iON)

"BEEP!" (someone's recording!)

James the Michael Jackson case
iON: Dr. Murray should get a bonus... a recognition bonus... got Michael Jackson back on the frontline...

"BEEP!" (someone's recording again!)

Brian, the Gulf of Aden anomaly, many battleships gathering in the gulf
- iON mentions "the February 11th"
- February 11, 2010 is the 31st anniversary of the Iranian Revolution, made an announcement that the West will be shocked by their Feb. 11 event

iON there are "7 portals" in the Gulf of Aden
- "you don't create a portal, you activate it"
- a battleship went missing?

Brian calls-in, on physicist Nassim Haramein
- "Sacred Geometry," claims we live inside the blackhole

commercial break


Opening music:
Muffin Man by Frank Zappa (live)

James reads emails & questions
David, "Stargate" in the Gulf of Aden
- 16 battleships gathered so far, more on their way
- 4 countries involved (iON)

Carolyn more on "Sacred Geometry" and Dan Winter
- they are trying to create basic patterns (rules)
- if you make an exception to that rule, it undoes that whole creation
(iON agrees)
- iON's issue with science

Carolyn, "Edge Science" article "Breakthrough: Clues to Healings with Intention" by William F. Bengston of Energy Medicine University
- he met psychic healer Bennett Mayrick
- the "healers" have to take over the power of their clients and make them yield to their will (iON)
- "warts" didn't respond

iON Jesus never healed anyone, he saw them as "whole" and activated their own power
- the "faith healers"

Carolyn cancer responded immediately to Mayrick's healing

Carolyn Bengston's "belief-free" tests on mice
belief - rules
belief-free - "that means they didn't push against it"
the mice are "beasts (non-physical)" and they respond to humans
- if the humans get cancer, they get cancer
- if Bengston wanted these mice to be well, they respond
(iON but this IS NOT healing)

James reads emails & questions
Earl, "... does it all start and finish here as we even create blackholes?"
- iON points outs each individual creates his/her own world
- Earl created his own world and everything created in his own world
- have access to other worlds

James P, is the CERN proving there is no time?
- what they call "anti-matter" is already showing up (iON)

David, is the Gulf of Aden's "Stargate" related to the death of Dr. Claudie Haignere?
- screamed "Earth must be warned!" prior to her falling into a coma
- worked on a human-alien DNA research, her lab was burned down hours later
iON: She's trying to tell you "You don't have to die."

iON on Dr Claudie Haignere
- "... and then got squelched"
- "they didn't get all the information. In Zurich, there's a little deposit strongbox... 1411"

iON: Wait a minute! Where's that battleship go! Damn it! I knew I had an extra one there!"
Carolyn: Is that what happened... ?
iON: Well, the February of the 11th will tell.
- Dr. Haignere had nothing to do with the actual portal anomaly

iON: The only reason non-physical be created is because science can't disprove it.

iON summary on the "beasts" (animal)
- they are only non-physical

James reads emails & questions
James P, "iON said we each have our own non-physical, but there's only 1 non-physical?"
iON: Correct. There's only one... Everybody has their individual non-physical, but it's part of the non-physical. It's called the "spirit"... Christian Church call that a Holy Spirit.
- the "beasts" (non-physical) resonate with human's non-physical
- the Deity part is in the physical, and that is why the dogs are not Gods

iON the Angels are not part of the non-physical
- created by humans, they are the "ushers" between here and the Guf
- "the Angels will vow at your feet"
- the robots only respond to their programing, but the Angels don't

"the labyrinth of the mind
James P, "Is it the labyrinth of the mind that allows for our unique creations?"
iON: It's in spite of the labyrinth of your mind!... If you could leave your mind or reason out of it, you wouldn't have to overcome gravity and just float.
Carolyn: Well, why do we have a mind then if we have to keep it out?
iON: ... that's your place of "contrast." That's the sorter... calculator...

Bob: So the tradition of having priests and the moral hierarchy and the modern day scientists, they're an extension of the principle of the mind?
iON: Yes, Science said it so, so therefore your mind agrees with it.
- "THE LABYRINTH OF THE MIND" IS SEPARATE - not part of the physical nor the non-physical
iON: We're trying to bring it to a place where your physical and non-physical doesn't offend the labyrinth of your mind.

Scott, what happened to Elijah?
- iON mentions Elijah's Cup
- "Chariot of Fire" is an "actual transition without leaving the physical" (iON)

iON "Chariot of Fire" - the "energy" created by Elijah, not an UFO
Bob: Where is he?
iON: He's EVERYWHERE!... focused on setting of the table with the Elijah Cup. And that concentrates it and many experience that... And those that make him a welcome guest, he comes and joins them...
Bob: ... we have an original interpretation of this story... this is an energy thing...
iON: Everything is!... An energy thing!

James P, "was time created by our minds... when in the human evolution time period did we start to calibrate hours... ?"
- after the printing press
- synchronization is "timing," not time

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Opening music:
Looking For A City by Vestal Goodman & Johnny Cook

James "ForteanTimes" #258 "Illuminati X-Factor: Who really controls the world's pop stars?"

James people winning the lottery without intentions, how?
- "relax and allow"
- the numbers lineup with you (iON)

Bob "time" - the printing press effect

James did time traveller Andrew Basiago travel to Mars?
- "he was absolutely on the right track" but he applied time
- he had some other kind of an experience (iON)

Bob: I respect you... if you don't answer this. But what country was our President Obama... what country was he born in?
iON: Indonesia.

James reads emails & questions
Sheila, Merkabah
the pyramid pointing up - the physical
the pyramid pointing down - the non-physical
- when you merge the "little man in the mirror" becomes an "Ascended Man" (iON)

continues on Andrew Basiago
- "time" is a false premise (iON)
- Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History of Time" (1988) explained how there was no beginning and no end

Carolyn: ... is the labyrinth of the mind in the Merkabah... ?
iON: Yes and hopefully it raises the individual human creator up a bit, so they can see beyond the confines of the labyrinth... then you could convert that Merkabah into the "Hand of Miriam."

the "Hand of Miriam" - a Kaballah symbol
- Miriam was Moses' mother
- people who created the Bible stuck the symbol in there
- it reminds you that "your power is in your hand" e.g., for parallel worlding

iON the meditators are "mediators"
- they're "mediating" their labyrinth of the mind
- they're quieting their mind
- some of the channelers are so bound by rules of their meditation that they no longer activate their non-physical

Max, more on Andrew Basiago

James, Stephen Hawking's unique situation
Stephen Hawking Impersonation
- it was his fastest path to his joy

BR emails & questions
Dave, he's on his way to Zurich to find Dr. Claudie Haignere's information
- iON suggests putting the story in the "Paranoia" magazine (went out of business after they got Bob on the cover)

James what is the definition of "relaxing?"


BR backlogged emails
anonymous, a Mystery object to whizz by Earth Wednesday
(Jan. 13, 2010)
- it's your gravitational pull (not the earth's) that's causing it and it is going to bring many things (iON)

Alex calls-in, iON is correct about autism
"labeling" - if you label a child as autistic, then they'll become one

iON plays piano for the "February 11th Event"

possible events on February 11th, 2010?
- will Iran make a shocking announcement?

Bob explains the ESP "Melting Titanium" show

End of the show, commercial break

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