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Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 24 March 2010


Opening music:
God Gave Me Everything by Mick Jagger feat. Lenny Kravitz

Carolyn still in LA for health conference

BR backlogged emails & questions
Martha, a couple facing 300yrs in prison found not guilty for bank fraud
- the US Treasury IS NOT the Federal Reserve (iON)

Betty, Sheldon Nidel and the Galactic Federation
- relying on others (Pleiadians, Sirians) for our salvation is a mistake?
iON: Not a mistake. It's a "misnomer." All of non-physical wants you to make it... but it's not an outside insource. Because if that were the case in true, why the name of a sovereign God hadn't they already done it?... He should be prosecuted and... murdered quickly for withholding this delicious wonderful information...

"Are ETs going to be involved in our transformations?"
iON: What are ETs? We would call you humans extraterrestrials... you are all powerful... you had it all and you called every place you moved to "Paradise" and then you kiss it like your rectum goodbye! (JGL)

Betty, The Singularity
- "the center of the thread that connects one parallel world to another" - iON&Bob
- "Quasar" - part of a blackhole
- "Singularity" is the base of the rift, "it's where all the arrows point"

Jen calls-in, reluctant to kill pests in his garden

BR backlogged emails & questions
Alison, Michael L. White
- Einstein's equation is "limited" (iON)

iON the speed of light is inaccurate "because they can't gauge how fast light goes"

Bob asks iON to demonstrate "there is no time" in terms of our Outer Kingdom

Bob mentions Henri-Louis Bergson
- you are experiencing "timing" (iON)

Bob the printing press has warped our sense of "timing" - how do we retrieve it?
iON: Anytime anyone asks you anything? Use your word to say "I'm sorry, I don't have time... I have no time in my reality. I live a timeless experience." (JGL)

iON people can go into Cash Flow Archives that are "timeless" and enjoy them anytime

Bob the "eye factor" - the glance to the clock

Bob McLuhan said when the electric environment came in, it superseded the dominance of the visual space that the Gutenberg created

James reads emails & questions
Tayzay, how does "Joy is the fastest path to what is" differ from "is the fastest past to your joy"?

Steve, the bees disappearing, true or not?
iON: ... the bees that were here left this world... and the bees that are here now are not those same bees...
- bees are complete non-physical, pure positive source energy, but not eternal
- humans created them, including Bumblebees

iON "thought"
- thought becomes a manifested reality, "now is"

James Swedish Man Uses Cabinet to Portal to Other World

commercial break


Opening music:
Muffin Man by Frank Zappa (live)

Bob iON groaned over the commercials

Bob emphasis on the eye
- he doesn't wear a watch, but knows the time (Carolyn)

Bob "pixels" - digital cameras capturing the images he couldn't see
- the human creators only see certain things, but the digital cameras "don't have rules" and sees everything (iON)

Brian calls-in, "heart"
- physically, the heart is kept separate in a "sack" (pericardium)
- in the Inner Kingdom, heart is where emotions are wrought "The heart of the matter is a matter of the heart"
iON: ... It's a barometer letting you know how you feel emotionally regarding your Middle Kingdom of "now"...

iON the numbing of your senses

iON emotions gauge your Middle Kingdom
- making decisions based on your heart (superseding the Outer Kingdom "wackiness")

Bob a Florida vampire, Jonathon Sharkey, running for the President
- iON says he is a real vampire

"Jonathon Sharkey for President"

BR backlogged emails & questions
Bob the 3400yr-old statues unearthed in Egypt
- the "red granite" is an anomaly, "That's fresh carving Bob!" iON says
- they were place from the future? (iON Yes)

Bob: Who placed it there?
iON: The carver.
Bob: ... Where is the carver today?
iON: Saudi Arabia.

James reads emails & questions
Robert, why did we give up our Power?
iON: ... You wanted a law. You couldn't be trusted with your own Power, so you advocated your Power through the law... then chose to sell yourself into slavery... Arch of the Covenant contained so much power that you had to have a veil to separate the human individual creator from the Power that was imbued into the Mercy Seat...

Bob the Moses story was the "beginning" of the law for humans? (iON Yes)
- there was NO LAW before Moses

iON: ... You wouldn't believe lil' non-physical us...

Margarita, when does the non-physical enter the meatsack?
- the moment the egg forms a "seal" and become a "zygote"

Margarita, "When abortion happens, does the woman become a killer or the baby chooses to be aborted?"
iON: The baby chooses to go... That's it... there's many, many, many abortions where the baby survive. You're going "What!?"... That's an interesting place...

Margarita, are flora non-physical? (iON Yes)
- all of nature is non-physical

Margarita, what do you think of vegetarians?
iON: ... if they're doing it from the stand point of "being right"... they'll also be anemic.

iON mentions Papa Justify (the Outer Kingdom)

iON JW doesn't eat lamb because he used to raise them
- "preference" - he also raised cows but he eats them

the Outer Kingdom - "You should be a vegan and you're less than if you're not"
the Inner Kingdom - preference and choice
- the "emotions are wrought" between the Inner and Middle Kingdoms
- the interaction from the Outer Kingdom to your Middle Kingdom ("now") never causes an emotion

Bob more on emotion and 3 Kingdoms

James reads emails & questions
Rob, the catalyst driving us to our own Power

Rob, the "event horizon"
- NOT we, the individual you is the "center" (iON)
- there are many individual yous

iON changing yourself/lifestyle by practicing it in the parallel world
- the underlined "center" of many individual yous is the Middle Kingdom
- the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are in the Middle Kingdom
- and there is "duality" in the Middle Kingdom - "every conversation is two conversations"

Bob the "subconscience" is not possible if one understands the 3 Kingdom principle

Carolyn the Father, Son and Holy Ghost in every Kingdom? (iON Yes)

BR emails & questions
Rob, more on the "event horizon"
iON: ... The singularity in event horizon, yes...

James P, his non-physical appeared wearing "robes," why?
- he has an ability to "pixelate" them

commercial break


Opening music:
Looking For A City by Vestal Goodman & Johnny Cook

Bob the ESP "Melting Titanium Shows" will not be archived
- the contents are "too controversial"

Bob "Rated NP" at howiONic
- "NP" - "non-physical"

Carolyn screams at Bob and the Achieve Radio's system crashes, only James on the air

system rebooted, but Bob and iON are not back

Carolyn "vegan vs meat eating"
- mentions Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez
- "people want answers... but you have to do your individual research"

Carolyn Obama's new healthcare bill

Bob and iON are back

James reads emails & questions
Lisa, supplements for her husband, iON recommends "shark fin oil"

Mike, capturing "orbs"

Bob: What are orbs?
- "balls of energy," it's not a part of meatsack, not "Chi" (iON)
- orbs are "residue"
Bob: ... The new point here is that the orbs are energy emanated by a being in the human form that gather after us as a soul or a ghost?
iON: ... That's a good dynamic, it's not complete. But that's pretty good...
ref: Bob's private session 259, 8 March 2010

Bob does "Rated NP" again

Bob what is iON's preference, enjoyment?
- the non-physical doesn't like Frank Zappa so much

BR emails & questions
Anika, "Since time is an illusion... going to a psychic is actually useless!" (iON agrees)
iON: ... It's pointless to go to a psychic... you have enough power in your finger nail to outdo the best psychic... being psychic... is not different than entertaining any of your "spiritual gifts"... So therefore, you can energize your very own psychic capacity in the form of a spiritual gift...

Richard, "Read this sarcastically..." long comments on iON
iON: Sounds delicious to us! We love it!

iON does a rant on Richard's grievance

Bob people like to think there is a sense of community among us
- yarning amongst people for the "collective public space"
- people are depressed from fragmentation
Bob: ... iON is saying forget that drive, that human sentiment, it's gonna be better the more you understand to create your own world... thank you Richard for your points, evoked a great rant from iON. So back to you James.

James back to Swedish Man Uses Cabinet to Portal to Other World
- now going "stealth"
- he now uses other portals, bringing back money from other worlds

BR emails & questions
Twilight, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost in each Kingdom
- meatsack, non-physical and the labyrinth of the mind
- duality - "every conversation is two conversation" in each Kingdom

Steven, does our non-physical get "diluted" with the rest of the Guf? (iON Yes)

Steven, reincarnation stories, a child born with someone else's memories
iON: From unrealized creations that were also deposited in the Guf... You can't undo the thought... So those coming forth, the fresh ones, may have all kinds or "re-memories."
- what people perceive as their "past lives" is part of their "thinking"

Steven, child prodigies
iON: ... Everyone is a savant...

Steven, genetic traits are passed down from parents to child? (iON No)
- is parents' Karma passed down to the child? (iON No)

James more on "Swedish Man Uses Cabinet to Portal to Other World"
- did he plan this in advance?
iON: No... It was the fastest path to his joy...

End of the show, commercial break

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