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Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 20 January 2010

((( The Beginning of a 3 Hour Show )))


Opening music:
Dirty Laundry by Eagles (live)

James plays the recording of last week's "interference" caused by iON
- iON demonstrated the "example of what time is really like"
- the concept of "time" is an anomaly to the non-physical (iON)
- this recording is actually from the Dec. 16, 2009 show, because the one from last week was "too static" (Bob)

iON's criticism of "science"
- if they can't disprove something, then it is

Bob: ... this is a momentous day, because we are beginning a three hour show, and it's only the beginning of a very fun journey, because eventually we'll be doing 10 hour shows, 24 hour shows. And we will inspire the greatest movies of all time, the greatest musical compositions... greatest Tweeting... what I'm saying is gonna be witnessed. And we're gonna be the catalyst that makes the 21st Century, the century that changes everything... and it's beginning now on this day, January 20th, 2010... This is going to be the greatest communication that humanity will ever need or experience, because after we get our messages through... people won't care... Always be assured that we, Carolyn, Bob, JW and iON, who are gonna become the greatest porn stars ever experienced... All along... remember that WE DON'T CARE!
Carolyn: Let's move on Bob.

iON mentions "Pants on the ground!" by General Larry Platt

James reads emails & questions
Roger, HAARP caused the Haiti earthquake
- you consistently through contrast achieve "equilibrium" - if you suppress in one place, it will squirt out somewhere else (iON)
- the Mayon Volcano eruption (Philippines) in Dec. 2009
- Haiti is located directly on the other side of the earth

iON the Haiti earthquake anomalies
- it didn't cause tsunami towards Florida
- no earthquake in the adjoining Dominican Republic

"BEEP!" (someone's recording!)

commercial break

James reads emails & questions
TJ, can the collective awakened consensus modulate reality?
- iON hints James and Bob destroyed the US economy

"BEEP!" (someone's recording!)

the "collective thing"
- "Global warming, global warming, global warming... Global cooling, global cooling, global cooling..." (iON)
Bob: ... humans get bored and they switch to the opposite... there would be a battle between those that want it to happen like the Philippines' volcano, and those don't want it to happen. So that is a collective thing that is affecting things too. The preference, which meme rules.

Carolyn who rules the meme? is it a 50-50 thing?
- no, it's your "non-physical resonance" within the meatsack
- the Hundredth Monkey syndrome "Hey that's cool! Pants on the ground!" (iON)

"BEEP!" (someone's recording again!)

James reads emails & questions
Sheila, the function of pituitary and pineal glands

Bob mentions Chromosome 14
- "it can be" related to pituitary and pineal glands (iON)

Bob Dave Worcester said hypothalamus is the main area affected by LSD (iON agrees)
- "it's the hardest to get to and easiest to subdue"

more on the Haiti earthquake
Bob had a private reading with iON Haiti Earthquake, private reading 235
- 100,000+ deaths
- the Haitian psychics picked up through Melting Titanium that the Guf was running out of room
- HAARP does control weather, NOT earthquakes yet (iON)

Richard, "bored" of contrast
iON: ... you're bored with "non-contrast"...

"BEEP!" (someone's recording!)

"BEEP!" (someone else is recording!)

"BEEP!" (someone's recording again!)

Bob and James notice the "beeping"
iON: Good! We hope everyone is enjoying the show! (JGL)

"BEEP!" (someone else is recording!)

iON the significance of "Pants on the ground!" by General Larry Platt
- many African-Americans see racist implications in the dropping of Obama's poll (Bob)
- Carolyn claims "Sagging" was started by the "plumbers"

iON JW's grandmother's point of view on "Sagging"
- she was so glad that people are wearing "foundational garments" again
- people stopped wearing underwear in the '80s, e.g., Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct" (1992)

Bob McLuhan said we "turned ourselves inside-out" because tv was our extension
- e.g., Madonna wearing underwear as outerwear
iON: (to Richard)... how in the world could you get bored in this environment... ?

commercial break


Opening music:
Muffin Man by Frank Zappa (live)

James reads emails & questions
Roger, allegory "... you only look for what you find"
iON: You only find what you're looking for.
- Bob's mystical vision from August 1974 where he saw himself looking back at him

iON fixed James' signal delay

James P, would iON like to comment on Project Camelot?
- iON laughed at Bill Deagle
- "for the bores ones in North Carolina it gives something to look forward to"
- Project Camelot offers "weird content" (Bob)

iON "phatic"
"Hey, how you doing?" - just a form of acknowledgement
- in the post-information society all communication has been "phatic" up till about 15yrs ago
- now it became "menippean phatic" (satirical, irony)

Nat calls-in, his book "Attack of the Coincidences"

the phenomenon of Bob Dylan
iON: ...He was synched up. Nobody was synched up with him. Then everything synched up to him and everybody knew who he was. He didn't change. He was just out of synch before.
Bob: ... why did they synch up to him... later at that point?
iON: Because... he quit caring if they synch up to him... When he quit caring if anybody was listening to his music, then everybody wanted to listen to his music...

Nat, iON advocating "not caring"

James reads emails & questions
Roger, Jose Arguelles who wrote "The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology"
- he emphasized "13"

the Louisiana Purchase (1803)
- Napoleon lacked slave labor to exploit the territory due to the Haitian Revolution
- the US paid Napoleon 81million Francs - where did the money come from?
- financed through the family of St. Martin/St. Germain
- taxes are still collected on your telephone bill from the Spanish-American War
- Patrick Taylor was a parallel worlder

commercial break

iON's seminar on "How to Save the US Financial Institutions"
- write a check to yourself, deposit it into your own account and get a "deposit slip"

Barbara calls-in, Project Camelot
Bob: ... if you keep listening to Cash Flow and iON, you're going to hear about facts that are weirder and stranger than Project Camelot... Patrick Taylor went to a parallel world in 1803 to get some money so the America could be built on the Louisiana Purchase...

Carolyn people are overtly concerned with "neediness," e.g., helping the Haitians

iON "it's all based on the guiltiness of how you're less than"

Bob the Abrahams advocated the Law of Attraction "1-2-3," iON is advocating "3-2-1"
"1-2-3" - creation by default
"3-2-1" - to create consciously, take responsibility for everything you create (iON)

James reads emails & questions
James P, a request for iON to play piano

commercial break


Opening music:
Cause=Time by Broken Social Scene

iON the Pianist
- JW requires music to play piano, but iON plays without it

upon Bob's request, iON plays a different genre
"timing" - how many notes you force into a measure (iON)

BR Dave Newfeld's email, "music is iON's favorite form of time"
iON: Only form of time... Timing, ticktock, ticktock, ticktock... how many notes you put in a measure. That's how you live your life. That's how you women cycle... That's why a drudgery day is a day that will never end, and that's why time flies when you're having fun!

Bob asks iON what is happening right now in the White House
- they are listening to Cash Flow

iON sends emails to Bob all the time
- this time the article "Bible Possibly Written Centuries Earlier, Text Suggests" from "Live Science"

iON why the deceased artists' works become so valuable?
- because they can't make another one, supply and demand

if you could get rid of time?
iON: ... you can go forward, backward, you can change it all in your understanding of timeless now. That's the trick...

James reads emails & questions
Max, did Jim Morrison and Elvis Presley fake their deaths?
- Elvis "went home" and left a meatsack behind
- Edgar Allan Poe did the same
- Morrison went to other world, discovered parallel worlding through drug experiences
- going to other worlds is easy, but "coming back" isn't (iON)

Dave, is the freshman Republican Senator from Massachusetts elected yesterday going to be the President in five years?
iON: (plays piano)... Yes we know the answer to that! But as soon as we tell you, guess what? Human creators get involved...

Tea Party
iON: (inaudible) Tea Party trying to get rid of the government?

Bob: ... the major insight here is that you better get used to being in your own universe, because whatever you communicate with someone else, they will merge with 50% of it and block the other 50% and that's the on going drama of perceptual cognition between people. We accept, we reject constantly...

Roger, seen a lot of UFOs in Perth

iON Walt Disney got his ideas from Area 51

iON on Nancy Pelosi
- she wanted to be part of the reform party, instead she is now part of the "regime"

BR emails & questions
Brandon, the media effect of dyslexia
the little girls knit and sew - the agility of their eyes countered the color tv's paralyzing effects on the eye balls
boys played sports - this doesn't provide an antidote to the color tv's paralyzing effects, causing boys more likely to be dyslexic than girls (according to McLuhan 40yrs ago)

iON mentions Chaz Bono
iON: ... Every human has both male and female traits. Otherwise why would the male forms have nipples? It's all in one package... you decide the male female side... it really doesn't matter... it's not even about... the workings of the eye and how that applies...
- McLuhan dealt with old media (Bob)

Bob the dyslexic factor that McLuhan saw in tv was valid 40yrs ago?
- Marshall McLuhan comes through iON

iON's "box" metaphor - the tv box, the media box
- "the printed words was you down fall and your becoming-ness"

James the effect of "Avatar" (movie)

Bob a Taiwanese man died after watching "Avatar"
- its content is minimal compared to the 3D experience
- iON responds by playing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"
- the man "exited" to "Pandora"

iON does a rant on the new meme: parallel world

James reads Dave's question, but iON interferes the audio level and demonstrates that they are altering and being in the electric body

"BEEP!" (someone's recording again!)

End of the show, commercial break

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