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Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 2 December 2009


Opening music:
Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve

Bob the troop surge in Afghanistan
- stimulates economy and creates more contrasts
iON: ... There's been wars and rumor of wars since your beginning of your created time, so, why would it be so different today?

iON it used to be a "war on drugs," but this is a "war on identity"
- under Obama, there's more troops in Kuwait now

Carolyn any possibility of re-instituting the draft?
iON: ... they'll send everyone that's ready to roll this December. But if you gonna get all of them out by 2011, they're better be over there now!...

the US is preparing to go into Pakistan
iON does a rant on the USA

iON explains "war on identity"
- the US not getting enough "audience"

the economic opportunities in Afghanistan - the "new iconic Dubai"
- iON mentions UAE

the non-physical's message to the US
iON: If you can't make it here, you can't make it anywhere. If you can't govern your own world, how you gonna govern some other country's world?

Bob is Dubai World's debt crisis connected to Obama's plan to send troops to Afghanistan?
- yes, and the timing of Dubai World announcement was prearranged
- the cadets shocked over Obama's speech on Afghanistan at West Point (iON)

iON does a rant on Barack Hussein Obama II

Bob "the economy is ran on "abuse value" (Arthur Kroker)
- the economy is "driven" by war (iON)

Bob every President since Kennedy had been "abused" in image terms
- the President's image in the TV Landscape

Carolyn mentions Tiger Woods

iON does a rant on Tiger Woods

iON the human creators are "distracted," e.g., Tweeting

Bob there is no audience in the post-information society
- "sexting" to get attention

iON on "Lady Bird" Johnson
- she didn't want LBJ to become the President
- she had influence on the Vietnam War, told LBJ to go through it
- the war re-energized the US economy (great tv shows were made as a result)

iON's 1960's tv inventory

Carolyn how to not engage the Android Meme
iON: ... you don't give any of your undivided attention then it won't matter. And if it doesn't matter, then it's anti-matter. Then you don't have to set fire to it, it'll burn itself out.

iON: ... What happened to 2012? I thought that it was all over, so, why are we sending all these troops over... ?

iON how the Vatican holds its power and created a "hypnotized audience"
- by pretending to have secrets, then hiding it from the public
- "You're not worthy to have this information" - making the audience feel "less than"

iON "World Wide Web" - "web... you're captured in it"
- Carolyn who is creating the web?

Bob looking at your life from the last day in your life
- "web" is "time" (iON)

Carolyn: How do you look from you last days? What position do you put yourself... ?
iON: Ah ha!... What if what you did could not fail?

iON: ... You are the marvelous creator in every aspect... Everything that you get Tweeted? You draw it to you... What?... You're orchestrating it. You are... responsible. It's not your government, it's not the lack of a money check... You are... responsible for everything. And take that power back? Then you can easily... walk through any aspect of you life, positive, negative... it has no bearing, because the world can fall, but it doesn't have to fall on you!

iON each individual human creator "orchestrates" his/her reality
- Bob asks iON to explain scientifically how the human creators "orchestrate"

iON the 92% of the brain - for laying "conduits"

commercial break


Opening music:
Muffin Man by Frank Zappa (live)

continues on the 92% of the brain
iON: You are using it... just haven't figured out that you are using it yet...
- the "labyrinth of the mind"

iON: ... there are parallel worlds... You are the center of your's. No one else has a say in what goes on in your world. Period... If you like it, keep doing what you're doing. If you don't, YOU have the power to adjust, matriculate your direction and change. 'Cos the "change" is what
you are going after, because that sets a new cycle of the roller coaster that you gonna play next...

iON the difference between inertia and velocity (relating to the 92% of the brain)
- Bob is lost

iON "common sense"

"inertia" - you're in charge of making decisions, whether to resist it or to do it
"velocity" - movement, how fast you're going at it

iON the metronome's "ticktock" - "that's the only experience, it is time"

Carolyn laying "conduits"
- if you don't like "conduits," you forget (you choose not to remember) (iON)

iON "It's the last place you'll look"

iON "time" - "You created it"

there is a future and a past, but you only actually have "NOW"
iON: ... you can have within the your confines of you mind, you can have insight of what your future experiences are to be... Or are is... The future experiences that are, convert them to is.

iON uses food metaphor (meatloaf and Cannoli) to explain the concept of "present now"
- your mind summoning "I want meatloaf" and the meatloaf shows up in your future experience

California calls-in, Aligning the Physical and the Non-physical
- un-train your mind, relax and allow
- take no action until you ask the simple question, "What indeed is the fastest path to my joy?"
- "I want my ex-husband dead"
- once you have an answer to that, then take the action

iON taking your power back (Tiger Woods vs Bill Clinton)
- "Admit it!"
- your feelings become "un-hurtable" once you take your own power
- you don't even notice others' judgements and opinions

Bob the images of god

Bob Anna Wintour judges what is beautiful or in vogue
- we allow ourselves to be affected by the judgement so that we can create contrasts (iON agrees)

James reads emails
Brandon, the divinity within Buddha and the non-physical

Bob "Legion" is a pun on religion
- the name of the spirit which Jesus casted out from a possessed man

Bob once you usher in the Kingdom (Heaven on earth as it is in Heaven), what happens to the Guf?
- the Guf becomes no place
- the Heaven on earth (here) becomes a "contrastless-ness" place
- you can stay in your physicalness for eternity

and where is Hell?
- Jesus unlocked the gate of Hell, therefore it no longer exists
- the Hell meme was created by Dante's "Divine Comedy"
iON: ... you wanna go to Heaven for the climate, the weather and Hell for the company.
Carolyn: And that's why we're in Maui! (JGL)

iON does a rant on the Buddhists
- "Only rule is that there are no rules" - that's a rule
- there's always a rule, the labyrinth of the mind (Bob)

Carolyn the "tunnel" one sees during the "near death experience"
- the "coming back into the light" mimics the birthing experience
iON: ... that's the part you were able to remember through the labyrinth of the mind. "Oh yeah! I've done this before! I did this when I got here the first time!

iON the human creators complicating their wishes

End of the show, commercial break

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