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Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 17 February 2010


Opening music:
Dirty Laundry by Eagles (live)

Bob "Tailgate Party" starting today

Bob Jan. 19, 2010 BBC article "A rare glimpse of the cave of crystals"
- there are life forms in the cave (iON)
iON: ... What are they going to do when they start finding out these crystals are older than the earth supposed to be?

Bob: So iON, how do you... know all these stuff?

BR emails & questions
Sheila, 5 Platonic Solids, what is the basis of these geometric forms?
iON: It's the "angles" and the connection there of. You can take any substance and change one dynamic of the angle... or add one more proton or ion to atomic structure and change the entire thing... example. "Water." H2O... add extra oxygen molecule then you have hydrogen peroxide which is H2O2... hydrogen peroxide is very different than water...

back to "A rare glimpse of the cave of crystals"
Carolyn: ... a changing of molecules that created the crystals? (iON Yes) Did someone do that from the future? (iON No)

iON explains how the crystals were formed
- this cave is "super saturated with oxygen" (anomaly)
- "what's the half life of hydrogen?... It's gotta go somewhere"

follow up on Sheila's question
- the Platonic Solids are NOT "sacred" (iON)
iON does a rant on "sacred"

iON "angles" and "numbers"

Bob iON is a "para-modern" medium
Edgar Cayce - modern medium
the Ever Greens - post-modern medium
Bob: Are you a preposition?
iON: No, we're "noun"... And we only respond to your nouns...

James reads emails & questions
Rob, time, robotic 12:60 vs natural 13:20, etc, in and out of time, overlapping timelines

iON "3 Kingdoms"
listening to this show "now" - the Middle Kingdom
listening to the archives - the Outer Kingdom (an experience outside of your "now")
your emotions/opinions - the Inner Kingdom
- "duality" in each Kingdom

Bob robotic 12:60 (war) vs natural 13:20 (peace)

iON weight and "balance"
- humans gain weight trying to be "grounded"
- calorie DOES NOT affect weight

Kay calls-in, enigma of the Bible The Bible | Use it to Your Advantage
- every word in the original scriptures is absolutely correct
- the "God" who created the Heavens and the earth IS YOU
- Jesus was just telling you to "come into your Power"

iON: What is love?... Love is a forcefield. It's not good. It's not bad... It is a containment of where your emotions are contained... Love IS NOT emotion.

Bob: God loves blood?
iON: SURE!...

James reads emails & questions
TJ, "If we end up in the Guf and there's no time there, does that mean that we're here and there at the same time?"
iON: If you take out time out of the equation, yes...

Pam, iON mentioned the significance of "2.3 seconds," what is it?
iON: ... 2.3 seconds is long enough for you to form a thought and activate it into your being-ness... that's how long it takes you to manifest something in your reality based on your ticktock false premise of time.

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Opening music:
Muffin Man by Frank Zappa (live)

Pam, "Is it natural for humans to judge others?"
- being a good judge of character serves you well
- but if you have disdain regarding everything, stop it (iON)

James reads emails & questions
Earl, are the crystals in the cave energetic, living supercomputers? (iON Yes)
- for storing information, transmitting and activating

- is like a conduits in our brain, to access and to expand
- many people confuse past lives with "old memories"

Bob two of everything, the printing press gave us great contrasts
- iON has no problem with the decline of literacy

Angela, lovers finding each other with memories activated while parallel worlding
- Bob mentions the recent episode of "Fringe" on parallel worlds

Angela, "cobalt/electric blue to universal meatsack eyes"
iON "cobalt blue"
- color "pink" calms down moods and behavior
- emotion and "emotional responses" are different

Dolly calls-in, doesn't know what to ask, iON says her question is about her health

Richard, humans began to manifest out of "love"
iON: ... If you understand what love is, of the forcefield is... "I'm not gonna have you in my experience! And if you get close to my forcefield, I'm gonna zap you!"
Bob: So there was no beginning of the motive?
iON: Right. That's exactly correct!

iON: Knowledge wasn't found in the "Tree of the knowledge of good and evil."
Bob: Where was if found?
iON: Well, you haven't got to it yet. You're coming to it... In your experience.
Bob: Ah! That's Adam waiting for us...

iON on Buddhism
- "quenching of desire" IS A DESIRE
- iON approves the Tibetan Buddhists - they drop all the Karmatic views
- the Zen Buddhists - rules and regulations
- Buddha got the sign from Sumaria
- the Tibetan Buddhists are more closer to the enlightened stage of "knowing"

TJ, "Do souls incarnate in groups?"
- your non-physical and ALL of your unrealized creations go to the Guf
- iON uses "a glass of water" metaphor to explain the Guf

BR emails & questions
Bob Marshall, "Does RAM = sentients?"

James reads emails & questions
James P, "How is a beast's eternal life different from a human creator's eternal life?"
beast - is a non-physical
creator - has a non-physical

James P, "In their eternity are there experiencing creation through other bodies in the multiple stacked nows? How do we get the unique chance to create compared a non-physical beast?"
- humans created the non-physical beast to allow them in their experience
- the species never become extinct
- e.g., dinosaurs - their essence is still here, they just changed their "form"

iON does a rant on the supermodels

iON microbials - "the building blocks of the amino acids that make your being-ness"

more on James P's question
- humans create because or preference, they get to choose, to consider
- beasts don't consider nor create

Carolyn "speedy metabolism" and "slow metabolism"

commercial break


Opening music:
Looking For A City by Vestal Goodman & Johnny Cook

continues on "speedy metabolism" and "slow metabolism"
- iON adds "relax and allow"

iON: ...and what controls your thyroid?... the pineal gland, and the pineal gland is affected by the... hypothalamus. And the hypothalamus is connected to the labyrinth of the... mind.

iON "the labyrinth of the mind" is more powerful than you know

BR emails & questions
Bob Marshall, he meant the RAM in the crystals
- yes, to use that format to understand the binary code (iON)

Bob: Are the minerals and stones non-physical?
iON: They have "resonance"... The stones that you imbue with power are powerful... You have so much power that you can imbue inanimate objects with power... and they'll cry out! If you don't come to your place of ascension, the rocks will start crying out...

Carolyn: ... why does JW let himself cough if... he could be whole?
- to enjoy "contrast" (iON)

Alex calls-in, the "Lemurian Emergence Project"
iON: ... Engage in coitus with the Lemurians!

James reads emails & questions
Chad, "Is deja vu an aspect of multi-planer experience... ?"
- focus on anomalies, follow the angles of a dodecahedron

iON "the platform of the mind" - "you ascend"
- it's above "the labyrinth of the mind"

iON blurts out "Connie"

Angela, "She's there... asking how to get there and comeback" (iON)
- Carolyn uses a "double-wire whisk" metaphor to explain portaling
- the handle is the portal (Grand Central Station)
- iON mentions Chad's "symbols"

iON within the "forcefield" there are 3 Kingdoms

iON the beasts (pets) living with humans
- they start picking up on you and begin to "look like you"
- when the humans become ill or less than, so do they
- they pick up on the humans' contrasts from their non-physical and they start replicating them

James P, "Is telekinesis a gift or a natural part of our dynamic?"
- it's natural, every human creator has ESP and spiritual gifts, you just haven't embraced it (iON)

Friend, last week Carolyn and iON said "the syntax of words is a way to straighten out the mind"
- the non-physical is "nouns"
- the humans are more about the "verves"
- e.g., "I hope I can get my health back" - why doesn't this work?
iON: ... the "hope" realm moves it further, the distance between you and you...

iON gives an example of someone going to a "spirit healer"

Carolyn what is the proper "syntax" for someone with health conditions?
iON: I'm SO thankful that my crippled-up body is letting my non-physical know that I have a body!...

Bob adding "resonance" to stones and crystals
- the "awareness" is realizing that power is flowing through you
- the stones and crystals are "place holders" for energy that you imbue with power
- they beasts are picking up on the non-physical part of you

iON new born babies - their "pureness"
- "conditioning" coming from their parents are from the Outer Kingdom
- the autistic children are actually "taking their Power," refusing to be conditioned

iON "Lite-Brite"

James reads emails & questions
Pam, the Illuminati and other players in the realm of the dark are created by us for contrast
iON: If you think that they're coming to get you? Then they probably will... because you're the creator. You allow it.

Pam, "Are we really immune to it all when we reclaim our Power and become the Gods... ?"

Bob Amy Bishop arrested

End of the show, commercial break

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