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Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 16 December 2009


Opening music:
Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve

Carolyn: ... (suggesting there is "no time") Greetings iON!

BR backlogged emails & questions
anonymous, criticism of iON for not recognizing the layman's reality
- "Try walking in our shoes!"
- iON responds

iON the "false premise of time"
- "you can't find the beginning of it"
- the human creators created "time" and iON has no idea WHY
- the effect of the "printing press" (Bob)

iON "the false premise of time"

iON waking up at night is an "anomaly"
- it's the non-physical that's waking you up telling you to go to the bathroom
- then your body "naturally" goes back to sleep again
- sleep > wake up > sleep

Bob the effect of the printing press
- synching-up individuals to embrace the "concept of timed events" (iON)

Bob why do people listen to the TV Landscape or the printing press?
iON: ... they invented time, so they have to gauge their space based on the time, so it becomes a timing timed event.
- the aborigines are "not bothered" by "time"

Bob where does the personal universe synch-in with the mass universe and capitulate to it?
- it's your choice to line-up with events to "co-create", e.g., to show up on Cash Flow on Wednesdays (iON)

iON "value judgement"
- "How much are you worth an hour?"

iON doesn't understand "evil"
- "It's not whether you win or loose, it's how you place the blame"
- to "blame" is to create "contrasts"

iON prefers "timing" - the metronome "ticktock"
- "time" turns into "timed deposits"
- McLuhan said the print becomes the content of the electric environment, creating more and more precise time (Bob)

Carolyn "schizophrenia" - someone who is of two minds
- most geniuses fall under this category (iON)

iON "Take this pill!"
- the human creators' tendencies to focus on side effects
- or you can relax and allow and not have the symptoms

Bob the original plan for the LSD was to create the symptoms of schizophrenia
- LSD helped absorb "truth serums" (iON)

iON the "psychotropics" forces your brain to "relax and allow"
- allows your body to take over and releases non-physical to take you to any place you want
- "it forces your labyrinth of the mind to give up" (Carolyn)

Bob what did Albert Hofmann not know about the effect of LSD on brain chemistry?
- how the adrenals would react it, the different adrenals kicking in
- the "knee jerk response" which couldn't be calculated (iON)

James mentions DMT, a.k.a, the "spirit molecule" creating so-called "death process"
- it opens up the Pandora's Box of "Oh wow! I remember that!" - remembering from the non-physical aspect of the individual human creator
- when it becomes too blissful, people "shut it down" and "trip out" (iON)

iON does a rant on the "they"

iON more on DMT's chemical effects
- it can suggest that there are parallel worlds
- it heightens your awareness and numbs your senses

James the DMT experience after death, why?
- people experience anomalies then comeback
- "they would understand that there is no death" (iON)

Bob the cultures that are aware of "no death" scenario tend to enjoy violence
- they kill each other - "no fear of death" (iON)

iON the human creators constantly pollute the environment yet still survive
- there IS NO murder, only suicides

iON our listeners to not accepting the concept of parallel worlds
- "you gotta establish that there ARE parallel worlds"

commercial break


Opening music:
Muffin Man by Frank Zappa (live)

during the commercial break iON was demonstrating the "experience of time" to Bob
- James and Bill didn't hear it

Bob the idea that there are "parallel worlds"
- the scientists don't recognize the non-physical (iON)

James reads emails & questions
TJ, the $47 trillion lean on the Federal Reserve by China
(source Chris Story's "World Reports")
iON: ... it hasn't been completed, but yes, they'll due it.
- this huge deft comes from the US's loans + interests
- $47 trillion is more than there actually is
- the US disconnected from the "printed money" in 1933

iON you must understand that the US government and the Federal Reserve have nothing to do with each other
- James notices that Story's claim has changed in today's "World Reports"
- nevertheless, China is still putting some kind of pressure on the US
(it's their money)

iON "How is money created?"
- by selling a bond
- a bond is a "debt"
- you can only print money by selling the bonds

Bob iON said that the US Treasury hasn't sold bonds in a year or two, because "no one is buying"

Bob the Americans will still engage with the Dollar, but the rest of the world wouldn't be interested in it
- need to take off "000" from the Dollar to make it work out (iON)
- Ben Bernanke named the "Person of the Year 2009" by TIME magazine

Bob the TV Landscape - "We'd rather be entertained than informed"

Carolyn treating "addiction"
- addiction is wonderful if addicted to life and love (iON)

iON discusses "addiction"

iON white sugar kills more people than medical marijuana,

Bob instigates iON to explain DNA
iON: ... You don't understand what DNA is... You don't even know how RNA affects DNA and which cells are reproduced and how... If we use your understanding of it, it would be best to say, Bob, you came from your mother...

iON does a rant on contrast

Bob "we gotta have a rule" - the labyrinth of the mind, a place of judgement
- "Only rule is that there are no rules" - that's a rule (iON)

Bob the Big Brother control really isn't true
- the people are too busy being immersed in the TV and Chip Landscapes

James reads questions
Victoria, iPhone now has a "type&walk" app

James worried about a child "wired in" to iPhones and other Chip Bodies
- you have a choice to enjoy Chip Body, plus there are Astro Body and parallel worlds to enjoy (Bob)

iON the Chemical Body mimicking the Chip Body
- e.g., playing digital games or creating Avatars with your spiritual gifts

Bob the collapse of the global economy is a great breakthrough (iON showed up)
- it's a great opportunity to form our own reality
iON: ... You have already. You just won't acknowledge it.

BR backlogged emails & questions
anonymous, the Akaschic Records
iON: ... You write the script as you go... but if it's all done. If you gonna be a drunk, you gonna be a drunk... no matter what you do, because Akaschic Records say it. Then, we don't understand.

anonymous, how do the Akaschic Records relate to the Emerald Tablets?

Carolyn "Wiki" is Hawaiian for "fast"

iON the Emerald Tablets
- the collection of Thoth's position of how an individual human creator goes through the process of ascension

Bob what is Thoth?
- "myth"
- the Emerald Tablets DO EXIST
- the Emerald Tablets are not attributed to a culture (iON)

End of the show, commercial break

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