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Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 10 February 2010


Opening music:
Dirty Laundry by Eagles (live)

BR private email from Buzz
- did not find Rue de la Gloughscher Street in Zurich
- "iON's theology is cool. Mostly other stuff is pure bullshit! Entertaining, but I like Bob's McLuhan stuff better"

Carolyn theocracy vs theology
theology means "ruled by God" - that is "YOU"

Alex calls-in, should he be worried about his friends' "fragile minds" after having Bob talk to them? (iON It's not your job)

James reads emails & questions
James P, "How does non-physical recognize the human creator has had enough contrast... ? What's the degree of separation between one getting more contrast... and one changing their dynamic?"
iON: ... we're just non-physical. We don't have a dog in the fight. So any creations that are manifested in your reality... Any contrast that comes along in that place is their own creation. And they allow it and by speaking of it, they activate... we'll give you a hand, but it's YOUR non-physical that brings it forth... By speaking about "I don't want anymore distortion!"... non-physical hears "DISTORTION," GOT IT! SEND DOWN MORE DISTORTION!... That's what happens, you see? And then on... meatsack? Same way... Giving attention to it allows it to increase more... and in that increase, then you body naturally says "Oh! This is something we need to deal with"... then it is "allowed" to dissipate and go away, because your body responds exactly.
Bob: And you deal with it by relaxing and allowing?
iON: Or giving it more attention and let it get bigger till you deal with it.

James P, "Can Marshall McLuhan critique Bob's work?"
- McLuhan comes through iON
- critiques Bob's "Five Bodies"

Bob: Okay, I like to emphasize how the Chip Body affects the Astro Body, which affects the Chemical Body with interplay. Did you Marshall McLuhan have that idea when you said that we've gone discarnate?... Did you imagined that it affected the meme that the Roman Catholic Church presented as an authority on the Astro... Body or the other world. Did you see it that the discarnate state had a devastating affect on our Astro system?

Bob Marshall McLuhan was a parallel worlder and had families in other worlds

McLuhan: ... we were "mistaken... it put us on the map Bob!"
- quote from "Annie Hall" (1977) "... You know nothing of my work! You mean my whole fallacy is wrong..."

McLuhan "synchronocity" vs synchronicity
iON: How do you synchronize from a synchronostic point of view?
- people don't believe what's in the media, yet they become truth
- "synchronized misunderstanding" to validate their undetermined state of "true-ism"

iON the printing press was the beginning of "synchronizing" (matching)
- it brought in the exaggeration of matching - "synchronized synchronocity"
- McLuhan called this "uniformity"

Bob this "uniformity" got fragmented by the digital landscape
- the uniformity that people criticized since the '50s is the old image of the synchronocity/synchronicity that they were still holding onto (they couldn't handle the new environment)
- this also encourages people to take their own Power and create their own media

McLuhan on "fragmentation" and what it would do to the Roman Catholic Church

iON mentions the address of Hogwarts School in "Harry Potter"

Bob: ... Are you Roman Catholic now?
McLuhan: ... Happy.
- McLuhan agrees that Bob has extended his work "and brought it back into a whole another lifestyle... We call it your bastard babies... still chasing this Mystery Landscape..."

Bob: Do you see that iON and what iON's performing... Is that completing Bob's work?

James reads emails & questions
TJ, the significance of "February 11, 2010"
- the 31st anniversary of the Iranian Revolution
- will Iran make a shocking announcement regarding the Gulf of Aden portal?

KB, JZ Knight and Ramtha, menopause

Bob follow up on "February 11, 2010"

anonymous, "synchro'g'nocity" - gnosticism?

McLuhan's criticism of gnosticism
- an individual matching with the external "creator"
iON: (switches from McLuhan to iON) ... anything that doesn't match you up, anything that doesn't sync you up with what the printing press said God is... Then you are less than. That's the dogma that will screw your Karma every single time... (goes on a long rant)

addressing McLuhan again
- McLuhan implied that the printing press was the beginning of the fall of man
- Industrial Revolution is sometimes called "Industrial Revelation"

James reads emails & questions
James P, "Can iON response some of the ESP telepathic topics that listeners are feeling right now?"

iON takes JW's body outside

Sheila, one of the paining on the wall "strobed in and out of existence"

iON mentions "looking into a mirror at an angle"
James: Has she been affected by listening to you iON?...
iON: ...Sheila... not for the very first time, but for the most consistent span... of time, she's giving her non-physical a chance to shine...

Sheila, what is the difference between parallel world and dimensions?
"dimensions" - layers in this world and it's divided into "3 Kingdoms"
- the Outer Kingdom - in the periphery which you may or may not engage
- the Middle Kingdom - "now," it's where you notice another dimension
- the Inner Kingdom - in your "heart," the emotions you won't let out

Bob is the media world (tv, radio) in the Outer Kingdom?
iON: Depends... if FOX has a picture of breaking news with a house burning down, and that house happens to be yours? That would be the Middle Kingdom... (and it will effect the Inner Kingdom as well)

iON mentions the "Resolute Desk" in the Oval Office
- Obama won't figure it out

"parallel world"
- "Fringe" (tv) shows a good presentation of parallel world despite its gloomy scenario (iON)

KB, "12:60 artificial timing frequency and its world dominance vs 13:20 universal timing frequency which governs the whole of nature"

TJ, gnosticism
iON: ... it's not whether you win or loose. It's how you place the blame... And when you get to Eden... and choose the apple, the fruit of the Tree of the knowledge of good?... When you get there and when you make that choice? That would be a Godly status, would it not?

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Opening music:
Muffin Man by Frank Zappa (live)

James reads emails & questions
James P, "I think I'm seeing more and more through my eyes. How can I see more and not offend the labyrinth of my mind?"

iON "thought" vs "idea"
thought - the essence of all manifested creation
idea - Outer Kingdom "possibility"

James: ... "not offend the labyrinth of my mind"... people can't see more because they are offended by the possibility that what they've seen previously isn't what is?... What stops somebody from seeing more?
- iON uses "sexual orientation" as an example to explain (this confuses Bob)

- humans relegate reality based on what "is to be." (iON)

Bob "the labyrinth of the mind"
- the condition of being in the physical where you jockey between you image of what happened and what's to come
- the printing press exaggerated the tendencies of the mind, confusing the timeless environment
- the printing press also created "Hell," a "mystery" to iON

James reads emails & questions
Brandon, what's next for my research in controlling lights with brain waves?

Max, rumors about China and India introducing cold fusion

iON: ... the "Hundredth Monkey syndrome" actually comes from the non-physical parts of the human creator, which would be the essence of the Inner Kingdom...

iON "cancer"

James P, "If it's not based on love, you're pissing in the wind. Can iON do the ESP bliss thing again?"
- it's like an app in your iPod, you already have ESP and spiritual gifts, you just haven't activated it (iON)
- once you come to that "bliss," it just becomes normal and you want more

Bob are you a technology iON?
- no, because we don't create and "technology doesn't create either" (iON)

Bob iON made a controversial statement: "technology doesn't create"
- "bees and pollen" McLuhan said technology is an extension of us
- bees and technology don't create - iON makes distinction between humans and technology

Bob looks at thought and speech as "technology"

iON explains "thought" - is "whimsical" and not "concrete"
- technology is "concrete" and therefore it does not create

Martha, without "labeling" that opens up the possibility to "see more?"
- "I think. I think. I Know." (iON)

iON the new born babies
- they come forth closest to the source, get conditioned and create contrasts

"BEEP!" (someone's recording!)

iON the "veil" - separation between the physical and non-physical

Bob the "thinning of the veil"
- what McLuhan prophesized and maybe "Finnegan's Wake" by Joyce

iON the "process of creation" IS NOT a technology
- "money" could be a benefit or a curse
- if "cancer" is a technology and if you over come it, that proves you're more powerful (benefit)
- humans make technology so they can become more powerful

Bob "I think. I think. I Know."
1. I think
2. Then I realize "I think"
3. Then I know that I thought it and it's real!
iON: Yes! Very good! And that has nothing to do with technology. It just is.

James reads Chad's email and has no idea what he's talking about
"We met in a dream on January 11th... your code name was SS...

James P, "How can one discern between internal monologues and communication with your non-physical?"
iON: ... How do you feel? That's how you'll know... If it feels good, do that...

Bob sometimes the internal monologue is your rules of the mind by default (iON agrees)
- then you relax and allow and let your internal monologue tell you what you really want

iON gives an example
- if going against the rules is "the fastest path to your joy," then rules don't apply

iON humans like "definitive direction," you don't want to think/create by yourself

commercial break


Opening music:
Looking For A City by Vestal Goodman & Johnny Cook

iON on "relationship"
- never hold your partner responsible for your individual happiness

iON shows their trivia knowledge e.g., Harry Potter, movies from 1935 et al

James reads emails & questions
Dave, what do non-physicals do for fun?
iON: Watch humans play in their contrast... That's all there is.
- non-physical is "CONTRASTLESS" and "DOES NOT CREATE"

BR backlogged emails & questions
Earl, his view on technology

iON "what was numbers before they were numbers?"
- the numbers are "angles," originated in Greece (eye bias)
- Chinese "Abacus" didn't count numbers, it counted "volumes" (tactile)

iON mentions Sarah Palin
- she's visually biased, but supports individual responsibility and creation by default
- aligned with Tea Party (iON claims they'll become more influential this year)

iON "Please keep typing!"
- typing is a modern form of Abacus - "no numerical evaluation"

Carolyn many politicians dying lately

James money and the future of the internet

iON on tv "people watched the radio"
- the Nielsen ratings are fake today, they couldn't measure 2000+ channels, Hulu etc.
Bob: ... this Chip reality does flip us into new Astro awareness which is what iON is presenting.
iON: The contrast will be amazing!

iON "there is no time"
- time is a "false creation"
- there is ticktock metronome "timing" (tactile)
- "Fa So La"

Carolyn the "Codex Alimentarius" - drug companies regulating "food supplements"
iON: ... And they can make laws... But it's just gonna squirt out somewhere else honey!... Why do you think the supplement industry was found anyway? It was so they wouldn't have to go through the FDA... then they got to be a big high dollar money check business, then FDA says "NO! We gonna make it all schedule... follow our requiem so we our money check on what you are creating"... Let it all go... when there's no money in it, then they'll drop all their foolishness...

iON does a rant on "raw sewage"

James reads emails & questions
SeaLove, the 3 Jesuses
iON explains
the 1st Jesus - the "young Jesus"
the 2nd Jesus - "pre-disciples"
the 3rd Jesus - got crucified

iON "pluperfect tense" - it takes "time" out
- e.g., "I would have thought I had done such a thing"
- e.g., "I would have thought I would have done"
- what James Joyce in "Finnegan's Wake" was trying to show (Bob)

Bob: Who has figured out the process of being in the physical and non-physical... eternally?
iON: Many...
Bob: Are there any in Hawaii right now? Besides me and Carolyn?
iON: Yes...

iON mentions the "mirror" of anomaly
- have a mirror to your left or your right

End of the show, commercial break

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