Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Angel Chart & the Lotus

“This Angel Chart is the most profound map of human existence. Once it is mastered, all other symbolism becomes child’s play — the same effect of mastery of FINNEGANS WAKE on the art of reading/guessing.

The Angel Chart demonstrates the universal stages of Ascension as well as the fate of the Little Man/Woman when they transition and are accompanied to the Guf by Angels.

Moving toward the central Ring—Ring One—is the direction of motion of Angels.

Moving away from Ring One is the direction of motion of the Little Man/Woman.

The Angel Chart also contains all technologies that iONdom will develop.”
Bob Dobbs

Bob explains the creation of the graphics in the video.
The New Coach House, 10 June 2017

Graphics by
Richard Rosenman
Creative Director

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  1. This is great Bob&co
    thankyou for the wonderful visuals
    beginning to make sense...a bit:)