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Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 4 May 2011


Opening music:
While My Guitar Gently Weeps by Prince, Tom Petty, et al

Bob & Carolyn power outage in Maui, accessing from iPhone
(bad audio)

James "The 27.5 Trillion Dollar Man" Ambassador Leo Wanta called him in the morning

Bob iON's Moi#3 (May 3, 2011) featured LaRouche

BR backlogged emails & questions
Anthony Hall, the ethereal plane or the Guf empties every so often?
iON: Constant emptying. Filling, emptying, filling, emptying... It's a constant on going. We said it's gonna completely empty and will be done away with. But not yet.
Carolyn: And what's this about ethereal?
iON: That's just for those that are still holding onto the gibberish concept of Akashic, darling.

Anthony, iON is wrong, only way the Guf empties is when the planet becomes a dead planet
Bob in new earth the "old constituents" do drop off and the older matter gets mutated

iON does a rant on the New Heaven and the New Earth

Carolyn a commercial shown in the last episode of "Fringe" (tv)
the "What do we learn Palmer?" meme

BR Anthony's long email proving his "new-age law"
"152" - the life span of the humans
"SOL" shit out of luck system

Bob asks nonphysical for comment
iON: No thanks.
Bob: This is Anthony Hall's knowledge of the Astro Body, based on whatever he's read or experienced... He's got it all figured out...

BR Anthony's other long emails and iON giggles at them
iON's new phrase "tickle button"

BR Anthony's another long email on the book of Revelation and the 311 Fukushima Meltdown
iON points to Ch.22:11
"And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them."
- Anthony is shocked that the Christians didn't see the 311 coming for the past 2000yrs

iON does a rant on Anthony Hall

Carolyn conspiracy theorists has their own "truth"

iON a new drink called "Osama"
"2 shots an a splash of water!"

Bob tries to say "Squidbilies"

BR backlogged emails & questions
Cider Summerset, "Is ascension going to happen like puberty? A sudden chemical change in the body?"
iON: Yes. But it's not sudden. It can be gradual, but yes.

Cider Summerset, "Is there going to be a catastrophic disaster... world gets destroyed and we ascend to a new radioactive body?"
iON: ... there will be this cataclysmic thing you are talking about, like in the "terrible crystal"...

Bob Ezekiel1:22
"And the likeness of the firmament upon the heads of the living creature was as the colour of the terrible crystal, stretched forth over their heads above."

iON does a rant on the "terrible crystal" and catastrophe

BR backlogged emails & questions
Earl, article "Giant whirlpools in the Atlantic Ocean puzzle scientists"
iON does a rant on open portals

Carolyn anomaly, huge multiple waterspouts in Oahu
iON they were portals opening (in McLuhan's voice)

Bob portal anomalies
sinkholes - "earth"
whirlpools - "water"
the Norwegian spirals & waterspouts - "air"
the black boxes from Air France 447 turned-up 2yrs later

Bob Air France 447 was the first anomaly iON explained in 2009

iON about the recovered black box from Air France 447

Bob the passengers actually landed in Paris, but found "something odd" about their families
iON: And then they took that same plane back to Rio...

iON James parallel worlded when he changed plane in Mexico

BR backlogged emails & questions
Transpondency, Douglas Coupland's biography "Marshall McLuhan: You know nothing of my Work!"
(Coupland coined the term "Generation X")
- in the '60s, the Satellite Environment was an extension of the planet
- McLuhan never defined, but was the next medium the extension of consciousness?
(although there is no consciousness according to iON)

Transpondency; "Of course we know that consciousness doesn't exist according to iON, so what is Coupland trying to say?"
Bob: Can you go into Coupland's mind and see what he thinks he means by consciousness?
iON: ... He's trying to open up the possibility... allows these humans to get back into their place of Power.
Bob: So he's trying to express "coming into your Power?"
iON: In a simplest form, yes. I guess that's about like trying to get Rhyee back from the Plane of Essence, isn't it? The Cosmic Awareness quote, the real one with Dave Worcester?
Bob: Yeah, not the Cosmic Awareness coming from Will Berlinghof.
iON: There is no more Cosmic Awareness now. That was when the Cosmic Awareness was.

Bob on Will Berlinghof
Berlinghof "iON is a disinformation agent for the Illuminati"

commercial break


Opening music:
The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore by The Walker Brothers

iON: We've had sleepy Bob and crazy Bob and silly Bob. Now for the firs time on your payroll pleasure and excitement, you have horny Bob! (JGL)

Bob on Scott Walker's influence on other musicians
described parallel worlding in the album (iON agrees)

BR backlogged emails & questions
Bruce, CIA agent controlled by remote neuro-monitoring
iON: ... if you embrace ascension, you can short-circuit outside controllers of you.
Bob: What would you call his condition if he's not ascending iON?
iON: Less than.

Bob: Was Walter Bowart a creator of that meme? ... Bowart presents operation mind control in from a less than position?
iON: It was almost a suspicion... It was just more of a suspended suspension and it was always on going with him. The MK Ultra business blah, blah, blah...
James: I agree with that... Even towards the end he said the work was incomplete. And he already knew that you have to participate as a victim in order for any of that to be installed.
Bob: ... I would add that he always exuded his own power. Basically he was looking into MK Ultra and what it was doing to the other little people. Not to him...

James interviewed James Walbert, a victim of RFID implantation

BR backlogged emails & questions
John, "Damn! It just hit whole ascension! Now I re-member! Whatta drag! O for those vivid days of unknowingness"

Alana, "Can we put different intention into every RnA drop we take?"
iON: You don't. It already is. That's the third portion of the program when you allow it to be received into your body. You don't have to think about it. Just let it be...

Carolyn RnA drops' placebo effects
nocebo - fake-Cosmic Awareness told Will not to take the drops

Will Berlinghof "iON is a disinformation agent for the Illuminati"
Bob: Now if people knew who I, JW and Carolyn were, they could see that. I thought it was actually pretty perceptive of the Awareness guy picking up on our past. Our background. But he's saying that we're presenting an entity who is low in energy or almost negative...
James: He's just upset, because iON has a sense of humor.

Bob analyses Berlinghof

Carolyn is iON a disinformation agent for the Illuminati?

BR backlogged emails & questions
John, "Nothingness is not nonphysical. If so, describe nothingness"
iON: There is no thingness. So, we would describe it as a thing that is not.
Bob: ... No thingness is physical? (iON agrees)

iON: How much is Illuminati paying you to run the show, Bob?
Bob: I was paid a long time ago!
(jokingly states he's been living off on the residuals made from Secret Council of 10 days)
iON: You've been cashin' them Bilderberger checks huh? Pissed-off John Birch and all that whole realm and my, my, my...

Bob brings up the May 28, 2008 Cash Flow show with guest John Stadmiller
James: That was just a classic! Whatta number that was!

John, "Early cultures created less, because the language was less manifold. Correct?
iON in early cultures the words meant more

Bob early cultures were abundant on the Chemical Body level
- but they didn't have the Chip Body and nonphysical wasn't able to create
- we now have the Chip Body where iON creates (iONdom)
- this is new, no culture had access to this other than the Ascended culture

iON: You are interacting with the Chemical (Body) within the confines of the Android Meme.
Bob then analyses it from the Thompson Quadrant position

BR backlogged emails & questions
Cider Summerset, "If we were telepathic, would thought create?" (iON No)
Bob: Because thought can't create regardless? (iON Yes) Are you creating when you are telepathic?
iON: No. But you are communicating... don't use telepathy as the essence of your creation, 'cos you'll be sadly disappointed.

Ashley & Duffy, multi-orgasms
iON does a rant on multi-orgasms for men

Lisa, the RnA's effect on the "anxiety meter"
iON responds

Pam calls in, how to improve her health and finding the portals

BR backlogged emails & questions
Sheryl, how to dissipate fearful emotions
iON does a rant on facing the Boogerman

commercial break


Opening music:
Walking In The Rain by The Walker Brothers

Cash Flow fashion correspondent Germaine calls in, tools for design and inspirations

Germaine, "If you tell your client something is going to be big, you will probably make it so. Forecasting is a sixth sense"
iON: That's Power, not authority.
Bob "precasting" vs broadcasting

James reads new emails & questions
Phoenix Fist, explain what good nutrition consists of?
iON does a rant on "completement" (not nutrition)

Dave, "Is Bin Laden sipping cocktails in the Hamptons in Long Island with Saddam, or did the US government really buried his body at sea?"
iON does a rant on Osama bin Laden

iON: ... They knew exactly where he was since last September.

Bob Obama's re-election timing

Bob iON said Bin Laden has been enjoying his victory over the US superpower for 10yrs

Kalifia calls in, comments on Bin Laden and Obama's re-election

iON Trump demanding to see Bin Laden's death certificate

Bob mixes-up Obama and Osama
- Bin Laden's image is intertwined with Obama's, so not a mistake to mix them up

iON Bin Laden did go to the Guf
Bob: Can he be considered still actively involved in this world if he's in the Guf?
iON: Yes, from the way you are asking... Do you feel more safe in your little FEMA camps now that Osama is a cocktail now?... it's all from the fear base of you gonna be scanned... hemmed-up... you gonna stay in a box, cardboard box! As long as you're doing that, then just sit down and shut-up.

Carolyn cardboard box is the Arch of the Covenant? (iON Yes)
Bob: The "medium" is the box form... and you are not seeing through it if you are afraid of the box.

iON "pandering of the position" the Democrats invited George W. to the 911 site

iON how would the US react if Pakistan invaded USA, killed somebody and dumped their bodies in the ocean
- the war in Afghanistan about finding Bin Laden hiding in the cave, and no longer was about the pipelines

iON the security threat increased after killing Bin Laden for fear of retribution

iON: Osama killed more Muslims than he killed Americans.

iON fallacy of Obama's birth certificate and on Donald Trump

BR In-Quick messages
Scott, "ion channel"
Carolyn's complement formulas at pico size let the minerals pass through ion channels

Scott, "Does information in the RnA drops use ion channels to pore-tal into a cell's protected inner environment?" (iON No)

Bob: Do RnA drops target stem cells?
iON: No, that's a false premise they're trying to use... That's the DNA world, not the RNA world.
Carolyn: Do RnA drops affect the permeability of cell membrane?
iON: Yes.

Bob continues to read Scott's many questions on the drops

Rob of London calls in, ran out of time to question

End of the show, commercial break

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