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Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 30 March 2011


Opening music:
Can You Feel It by The Jackson 5 (bad audio quality)

Bob: I wish I have time to prepare for the show.

BR backlogged emails & questions
King Maverick, on Mar 24, 2010 Hour2, "iON said that floras were nonephysical... a couple weeks or so, he elaborated on animals being nonephysical and flora being physical.
Bob: Steve calls iON "non-fiscal." iON, is flora nonphysical or physical?
iON: Both.

iON corrects Bob for using six degrees of separation question

Bob flora nonphysical or physical? is there a difference?
iON: No. There is not calculable or attributable difference between the shift of flora and fauna.

Carolyn fauna - animal life, flora - plant life

iON explains why flora is both nonphysical and physical (goes nowhere)
Bob: Did you figure that out?
Carolyn: No, I'm writing email. (JGL)

Carolyn asks the question again
iON explains why flora is both nonphysical and physical

BR backlogged emails & questions
Bob Anthony Hall, "iON said the Guf, also known as ethereal plane, empties ever so often"
iON: No. Not ever so often. It will completely empty soon.
Bob: Did you use the words ethereal plane?
iON: No.
Bob: I don't recall iON limiting the Guf to that, correct?
iON: Correct.
Bob: "This is inaccurate," he says. Well, yeah!

iON does a rant on Anthony Hall's fallacy

iON the littlemen recreating themselves by going in&out, in&out the Guf, "but not at all at once"

Anthony Hall, "dead planet"
iON: Welcome to Japan and its area know as a "Dead Zone" which will maybe dead for several thousands years.

Kalifia calls in, question on Michael Beckwith of Agape International Spiritual Center
iON: ... get them rules and regulations, get you all marching the same, so you'll notice if anybody else is out of step.

James gives Beckwith's background to Bob

iON debunks Michael Beckwith's church
James got invited to his church to consult on credit card issues

Bob "iON doesn't say anything... iON is a process"

iON: We only have one rule and that's that there is no rule... If you get lost, see rule #1.
(once again stresses not to use the six degrees of separation question)

Bob's alternative asking: Are there factors I am not considering ____ ?
"Are there factors I am not considering when I'm questioning?"
iON: Good! You can answer that and can actually build upon it and get somewhere.

Kalifia continues on Beckwith
James Beckwith is a stage hypnotist

Bob asks Kalifia what religion means

iON defines religion based on Kalifia's words

more on religion, iON doing "Left, Right, Left, Right,"
Bob: So the speech medium already creates conformity if you intended to be heard by others... iON is not doing that... that's the difference... He's not speaking to us and demanding our response.
James: And expecting some donation at the end...
iON: Well, we divine the Divine. We just don't charge for the divine.

Bob iON is the only speaker who cancel the speaking intention
iON: That's because of the mortar world in which you are gauging your experience of your distance between you and you and your individual place of Power. Which is really the bottom line.

Bob mentions Lady Gaga's comment about Rebecca Black not being cheesy
(but don't know why he brought this up)

iON Kalifia's professor thinks she knows more about religion

Bob: I check what I'm saying and notice where it came from. Can you (Kalifia) tell me why you called, what's the issue and what you've learned on the last 10 minutes?
James: Jesus Bob!

James: You made it out alive Kalifia!

Bob: ... Let's just talk to Kalifia for two hours.

commercial break


Opening music:
Laser Beams by Wintersleep

back with Kalifia

from iONette's private session, "Are you ascended iON?" and they said "No"
Bob: If I heard that correctly yesterday. Am I correct iON?
iON: You are correct.
Bob: The environment of iON that's speaking to us is not ascended. And you know everybody thinks it is.

Bob: At the end of his life he (McLuhan) decided that all television, nuclear reactors, huge industrial environments were words.

Bob on the idea of "iON not ascended"
- humans created nonphysical as a stopgap measure because they stand being eternal in the physical

Bob tells Kalifia to call back during the Tailgate to find out whether Pam is a CIA agent

Barbara calls in, comments on "iON not ascended"
iON: Very good! ... to be ascended would mean we would have to engage meatsack.
- Bob iON joining/entering the physical - "the marriage"
- iON the Chip Body made this possible - the new environment (Bob was right)

Bob religion - the extension of books

iON does a rant on knowing

Barbara, the RnA drops amped up her knowing
iON: The more that becomes predicated, the less you want to discuss it... those that had achieved ascension, you won't see them on the front page...

Bob RnA changed his specific gravity and now floats differently in the ocean

iON on how RnA effects ascension (no new info)

Bob: We heard that before... Can you add another way of talking about it?
iON: ... gives new information... Then it goes back to its original default setting... Perfection... Get as many double-helixes...

iON points out pollution, radiation and H197 are all good

Barbara, skeptical over shifting environment
iON the New Heaven and the New Earth - different chemical make-up

iON mentions "basic knowing, sometimes are false premises"

iON does a rant on new knowing

Bob "the radiation is good for us" - the LaRouche cult won't understand iONdom's frame work

iON does a rant on chemtrails, Barbra points out they're blocking out the solar radiation

iON energy in the finger nail

Barbara, question on eternalness of our meatsack
iON body is eternal / what is body?

Bob the images of new-age "Energy Body" "Astro Body" are limited
- it is a second level, devolved state to have nonphysical
"It is your physical body with arms, legs and breasts that we're talking about"

Bob: Barbara. You body is more than what you see, but it's not the Astro, the Etheric body. It's a physical body. iON says that we're made up of more nonphysical than physical... what you can't see in the mirror. And THAT is physical! Not Astro!

Barbara, the same reason why you could have multiple bodies?
iON: It can. It absolutely can...

Barbara, the humans that decided to drop their bodies and transition had a certain belief system?
Bob: How about this iON? They created a minor body and that drops off.
- iON mentions the "sea phenomenon"
Bob: Yeah, sea doesn't like physical bodies.

Bob: ... It's only the... subset of your whole physicalness that gets into this problem of eating and sleeping and dying!
iON: Good. For the moment.

Barbara, if somebody has a cancer, just see themselves as perfect and whole?

BR backlogged emails & questions
Trevor, what is Tailgate?

Bob Rev. Stang's comment on late-Zoogz Rift (on 3/22, day before Liz Taylor died )

BP a clip of Zoogz Rift's performance (plays music first than into wrestling)
the kid: What's the meaning of life for a joker like you Zoogz?
Zoogz: Da duh, Da da, Da dah.

Bob "Da duh, Da da, Da dah"
- 3 different genres of environment "music, art and verbal phaticness"

Bob Zoogz faked his death? (iON No)

BR backlogged emails & questions
Lynette, what were the colors of Joseph's coat iON?
Geneses37:3 Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children, because he was the son of his old age: and he made him a coat of many colours.
iON explains

commercial break


Opening music:
There's Power In The Blood by The Gaither Vocal Band

Fashion Correspondent Germaine is back
Bob Pam hates Germaine
Germaine: Who's that? Pammy, you said?

Germaine, on Anna Wintour, the most powerful person in fashion

iON quotes Wintour "London has its own fashion identity. You come here to find the next Alexander McQueen or John Galiano"
Bob: She can't find them in New York iON? (Do)

iON Wintour's success - Power vs authority
Bob: What sparked her to remember the difference?
iON: Bitter disdain and hurt... From her (fashion) world.
Bob: But did it start... 30 years ago?
iON: At least.

iON: She tells them what is and they go with it. (Wintour in her Power)

Bob iON said Muammar Gaddafi knows the difference between Power and authority

Bob what was Wintour's turning point?
iON the biggest one was when Chanel's creative director went head to head with Vogue's position
(during the Reagan era, his name rhymes with "Versace")

Bob Wintour's relationship with Christopher Hitchins

BR In-Quick messages
Anonymous, are RnA like the pills in "Limitless" (movie)
iON: The problem with the movie is that it has to master the mind. We say never mind. What they say is that the mind is used to get you to run at 100%... the issue in problem is that the mind will fail you, just as the movie lays out.

Bob: Is radiation always been a desirable thing? (goes no where)

Kathy calls in, grandson's problem with his girlfriend
iON gives Dear Abby advise

BR In-Quick messages
Lance, is Metatron nonphysical or Angel?
iON: ... it's neither. (not answering) Flora.
Bob: Physical? Hey Carolyn, you talk. I don't know. He can't connect with me.
Carolyn: Yeah. I don't know what's going on with iON today.
iON: It's blipping out for very long stretches of your experience.
Bob: We are not experiencing that. You are. (iON drops off)

Bob: Is Metatron nonphysical or Angel?
iON: Sometimes in some context, neither.
Bob: Is he physical sometimes? (iON ignores Bob)
- Bob hands over the question to James under Bob's rule...

James reads In-Quick messages instead
Cidersomerset, MOD involved with space fleets mentioned last week?

James back to Lance's question on Metatron
- iON doesn't respond to James

Carolyn takes over
Lance, "iON, is President Obama about to be exposed as ineligible and booted out of office?"
- iON doesn't respond (bad connection, asks iON to call back)

Britney calls in, her career path
iON: Go for bliss.

BR In-Quick messages
Rubek, is Insulinose fermented? does it go beyond stem-cell therapy?
iON: Way beyond it.
Rubek, "Can RnA drops help autism in children?"
iON: Certainly.

Joel, Bob needs to cut back on the drops, his mind is way ahead of his body

Ashly, in hour3 iON exclaimed that Bob dropping off, explain this phenomenon?
- iON explains but nebulous

Akito, thanks iON for leaving a pair of socks for him

Lynette, Bob is the ultimate failure in the Subgenius context

End of the show, commercial break

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