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Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 20 April 2011


Opening music:
When You're Smiling by Frank Sinatra

Bob looking back a year ago
- Apr 22, 2010 launched Dupes of Nonphysical and it was the week when all the portals opened
- this year iON had moved onto a new level - rogue iON making their own show "MOi" (Apr 19, 2011)

Bob in Melting Titanium, iON described themselves as
"iON is the demon seed of Bob's loins"
Zappa said "The Vatican Church is just another cult with, but with more real estate" (JGL)

Bob belief system - "BS" - bull shit
iON: Belief systems is just organized thoughts that you've been thinking a long time. And we've sort of spoken about what we think of thinking, haven't we?
Bob: Right. So that's bull shit, so that is constipation?
iON: Consummate constipation.

Bob the term "tactility" is more comprehensive than iON's "vibrational frequency"
McLuhan said "tactility is an interplay of senses" (not relying on one particular sense)

Bob tactility is useful - iON shifts ground and change the meaning of the word for different people
iON: It's the Xtra-cation of the new defining benchmark... The only reason the Mystery Landscape is a mystery is because your X-axis keeps varying.
Bob: ... what iON just said is hard to visualize... But it is totally accurate if you understand the interplay of tactility. iON is always being tactile in his words. Showing the process of tactility.
iON: You go into a next phase of that... we actually go with a literal meme of tactility.

Bob tactility includes the actual finger touch, and when the finder is lifted (the "gap")
- this "ON-OFF rhythm" is a very important part of tactility
Bob: We want you to understand and perceive tactility in the way you talk.

"Holy Week"
Bob: iON's description of Judas factor is a total expression of tactile interplay.

Bob the different forms of knowing, "snake bite"
iON adds the point that "you create the situation where the snake bites you"
(an example of a total expression of tactile interplay)

Bob: Vibrations does not express tactile interplay, and about how to speak. And speak is an awareness of why you wouldn't have have a point of view, because you always mean the other half... The polarity is included. The duality is included. So you have mirroring and half-matching.
iON: (giggles) That's too many words!

Bob: McLuhan said the DNA boys and the NASA boys have no clue. Because they're trying to visualize what can't be visualized. And his pointing out that the electric environment makes us evoke models of tactility, but try to visualize. That's why modern math and modern science... is complex. Because they're trying to get you to visualize something they don't tell you is not visualizable.
Carolyn: They're trying to get you to visualize on the 2D plane.
- McLuhan revealed the ground

Bob continues on tactility
both and is better than either or
tactility is both / a and b

Carolyn iON said numbers are nonphysical (angles)
McLuhan said numbers are tactile

Bob more on tactility
Thompson brought "tactility" and "soul" to the new-age
Bob: If the nonphysical is sensory, but you couldn't see it, then tactility includes that... tactility is the knowable. But if the physical self of ourselves is the ground, and not nonphysical, then tactility is very important because it's the ground of us being more than the nonphysical. Because nonphysical is a temporary stop gap that we invented...

Bob can trigonometry (sine, cosine and tangent) apply to the function of the soul?
- in Greek trigonometry means triangle plus measure

iON applying trigonometry to the soul, and angle

iON the essence that goes into the nonphysical/Guf is "incorporeal essence"
- an individual is not one angle, but multi angles and go on forever
- the ascended don't have concepts of angles and the soul, etc.

Bob use trigonometry on the Angel Diagram from Revelation Ch.23
iON if not, see William-Adolphe Bouguereau's portrait of souls carried to Heaven
(also see Ecclesiastes12:7 and Genesis2:7)

Bob the accurate definition of the soul is in the Bible? (iON Do)

iON does a rant on the Tiny Note Chart (Parental Advisory)

Bob the Tiny Note Chart has 4 elements earth, air, fire and water
the Chinese have 5 elements with wood
the Nostradamus quote about iON "where the wave meets the wall" (stone/rock and mortar)

Bob water and stone/rock
water - action of liquidity
stone/rock - solid icon of simultaneity (hardness, also symbolized as earth in Tiny Note)
Carolyn mortar consists of water allowing the wall to crumble (humans do that)

air - simultaneity also like rock (duality, polarity representing tactility)
fire - "promotes the liquidification of stone" (iON)

fire is man made, the first technology (Second Nature Technology)
Bob: Fire represents all of the human mortar and tribal inventions that confused the basic interplay between rock and stone (water) and air

wood - tree, symbol of autonomic system

Bob explains themes in the Tiny Note Chart
LaRouche - tree
McLuhan - river ("rhizome" represents tentacles like the internet)
Thompson - sun
Kroker - cloud
Dobbs - mountain

Bob many describe the effect from RnA drops as "mellowing excitement"
two opposite sensations = tactility
"it's ongoing" "tactile dialectic doesn't have a beginning or an end"

FEMA Cramp calls in after being on hold for 30 min.,
"Bible is a physics book. And very specifically says that in the beginning there was time. Because in physics, you can not have anything. Time has to be first before you could have any creation..."

iON does a rant on time as a false premise

Bob: If you don't believe there's no beginning or end, then yes. You're in the world of time. And that all of your thinking revolves around that.
(FEMA Cramp believes that there was a beginning in the universe)

FEMA Cramp, "Do, Re, Mi, Fa... that's a gravity oscillation"
Bob: That's the coordination of the visualized ear and the eye... You're talking eye-ear missing the tactility. Electricity wipes out time.

Bob: We established last week that gravity and Newton's concept were inevitable result of the printing press... So is "money is time"...

iON Gutenberg created printing press for "hari-kari" (hara-kiri)
Bob: When they encountered the ultimate tactile culture of Japan, Japan reacted with hari-kari. (311)
iON: Arigatou.

FEMA Cramp, 4 reactors meltdown at Fukushima
iON does a rant on H197

Bob points out the Bible is more of a genetics book (FEMA Cramp agrees)

Bob the Angel Diagram is an image of tactility in multidimensions

commercial break


Opening music:
New Inheritors by Wintersleep

BR In-Quick messages
Sheila, Bouguereau's painting "The Birth of Venus"

Sheila of Halifax, NESARA
Louisiana Purchase (1803) St. Germain fronted "the Chinese" with the help from Queen Isabella
"the Chinese" - the ancient wealthy ones

BR Anita Hernandez's email, Morgan Stanley biggest default in Japan's history USD $3.3billion

Bob fear of radiation from Fukushima - foreign business elites evacuating from Tokyo (iON agrees)

Bob: Is Japan going to sink iON? (iON responds nebulously)

Bob: Is NESARA arrangement affected by the Japanese earthquake effect?
iON: No, it's a part of it.
Bob: The economy, yen was already part of it?
iON: Yeah.
Bob: So if it affects America, it affects the yen?
iON: Yeah.

Bob received tons of interesting emails last week and posted them at Dupes upon iON's request:
"iON made me post this - from 4/13/11 CASH FLOW (Part One)"
- Bart studied them and made comments

BR Bart's comments, "Right. Right. Forgot that. So, what we have here is the book of Deuteronomy, followed by the Constitution of Mexico and the U.S. Declaration of Independence..."

BR backlogged emails & questions
Akito, William S. Burroughs' documentary
(iON Akito's in LaRouche Quadrant)
documentary on Jerry W Weintraub

iON reveals Weintraub's deal with his wife
Bob: So how many millions did she make?
iON: Eight... And this is in the '60s.

Akito, "The sky didn't fall on me!" parallel world anomaly on the train
- he was listening to Cash Flow archive and the M7 earthquake didn't hit him Cash Flow
iON: Save the socks! (the ones they left for Akito previous to the 311 earthquake)
Bob: What we have here is suggesting that we have proof here that when you interact with Cash Flow, you go into a parallel world of some other dimension and you don't register what's going on in the "pink" world.

Carolyn: Was Akito in another world when the earthquake happened?
iON: Certainly!
Bob: Is it because he was listening to Cash Flow?
iON: Any interaction with nonphysical is just that. It is the key. One of the three portions to ascension. It's interesting that his on the frontline of H197 and he's not even sure how many sieverts of radiation he's received. He doesn't know, yet he's front, center and middle of it. It's great!

FEMA Cramp calls in, his Youtubes on earth as a motor generator and aliens

BP Real House Gagas of iONdom
Sheila's "rock" anomaly

Bob the "Rock" theme and cites "New Inheritors" lyrics

iON cites Bob doing pushups while reading the Dollar bill at Chip BodyGBs in Apr 1975
- claims he pushed Punk into the athletic level that was manifested by Jello Biafra of Dead Kennedys

commercial break


Opening music:
Make My Light Shine by Bozz Scaggs

iON plays Cheek To Cheek by Frank Sinatra

Bob "Make My Light Shine" lyrics

Bob Germain is busy and won't come in every week as a fashion correspondent

BR In-Quick messages
Michelle, "Was god's code not imprinted in nature known as the Doctrine of signatures... How does the body recognize something if it does not come from nature?
Carolyn: That's RNA, DNA that we misrepresented ever since.
iON: Describe what does not come from nature?
Bob: Chip Body is nature.
iON: LSD comes from nature Bob.
Bob: Even iON comes from nature. Correct?
iON: We ARE nature.
Bob: Yeah, that's a tactile response. We ARE nature.

Michelle, "Is RnA from nature or processed?"
iON: Neither. It is.
Bob: Another words, RnA is tactile!
iON: Right! Right! Right!

Bob: RnA, McLuhan said what the DNA boys are trying to visualize is not visualizable. And that's accurate to say that RnA doesn't come from nature or processed. Those are visualizable images we have. It comes from the tactile interplay! Excellent!

Anna, "Fire equals human creativity or tactility application?"
iON: That goes back to "Is the river water?" (discussed in Melting Titanium last night)
Carolyn explains "water is just one of the components of the river"

Will, "Please provide specific frequencies that interacts with physical in a positive way?"
iON: No positive, no negative...

Trevor, was a trillionaire in his dream

Michelle, "Is there an occultic symbolism to the Royal Wedding about to take place?"
iON points to the Angel Diagram (ReWrite matter)

Henry calls in, started on RnA, should I keep taking the vitamins?

BR In-Quick messages
Michelle, "How would the planetary alignment affect our physical body since we're made up of 90% water?"
iON the planetary alignment has nothing to do with your physical body

iON mentions the second moon
Carolyn the distance between the earth and various stars
iON: You can go from here to Andromeda through the singularity of a vortex of Blackhole instantly. You can actually arrive before you leave. If you get rid of time, you open up the plane ground wide open.

Mentor, "Please explain H197... We would be very interested in a hydrogen isotope within the atomic weight equal to some gold isotopes"
Carolyn: There is a gold 197 isotope.

iON: Purple has put more H197 in the atmosphere than anything ever so far.

Cidersomerset, googled H197 and found nothing

James does Bill Clinton impersonation

ASA Scott, "How does one improve their sighted vision to become immediately retrievable with all things?"
iON explains

A Friend, "You guys have said a lot throughout the three hours. Could all the wordy stuff be summed up as It's all a hologram?"
Bob: I would say not... It's anamorphic.

ASA Scott, "Nutmeg to chili. What is outcome?"
iON: Nirvana.

Foo Fighter, "Rectum? Damn near killed them!" (JGL)

Michelle, "Are the ancient Crystal Skulls transmitters or communication devices with ETs?"
iON: Ugh... Everything is.

Mentor, gave grades
iON - Geometry B+, Physics F, Chemistry F, Communication A+
Bob - Geometry F, Chemistry F, Communication A
Carolyn - Chemistry A+, Physics C-
James - Incomplete

BR backlogged emails & questions
Brandon, China says no more movies and tv shows about time travel
iON: Good!
Bob: They're listening to us!

iON important news - Lady Gaga is Elton John's baby's God Mother

Willie, quote from William S. Burroughs' "The Place of Dead Roads"
"the only thing not prerecorded in a prerecorded universe are the prerecordings themselves..."
iON: We think that we've already broken the rules when you start looking at Bill's Masters.
(they altered time stamps in Bill's archive on March 16, 2011 show, Hour3)

Foo Fighter, "Where is iON currently on the cliche to archetype scale?"
Bob: ... iON is in the Hexadic where there is no cliche and no archetype.
iON: And every time you retrieve us, it's something different.
Bob: The only knowable, categorizable reference to iON would be the Pentadic Android Meme and its hyper tactility squared mechanisms.
iON: Not squared, cubed.

Anthony Hall, "Incorrect! New-age and Christian philosophies, there will be only one Liz Taylor... That is the law"
Bob his missing the effect of the Chip Body

Anthony Hall, believes in reincarnation, iON is incorrect about people coming back from the Guf with "perfect body"

Anthony Hall, ascension and resurrection philosophy is corrupt, the physical body is not eternal,

End of the show, commercial break

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