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Akito's MoM Notes | 9 May 2011

McLuhan on Maui Monday Night Colloquia MoMday 11

Hour 1

Bob introduces the new environment "iON"

Bob the medium is the message refers to the past (Andrew agrees)

iON the new environment's effects on the old environment
(what people are not noticing)
"McLuhan even didn't get McLuhan"

Bob Eric privately said McLuhan was a Charlatan

Bob McLuhan is obsolesced for the reasons due to the new environment?
(iON distracts, reluctant to answer)

iON hot & cold "is predicated upon where you were, not where you are"
Bob: McLuhan got those terms from radio broadcasting. So he knew he was using words from the old medium. So he was doing it the way you just said we can do it. They're old reference points.
(iON agrees)

Andrew points out Bob's arrogant & aggressive stance against the new medium
iON: Bob is the only one qualified on the planet so far to take us to task. No one else is valid!

iON stresses the word "thing"

Bob: (explaining to Andrew) I'm like this all the time... with iON.
iON: That's true. Just like Corinne.

SkyGoddess Sue reads definition of "Charlatan" (Wiki)

SkyGoddess Sue reads definition of "Charlatan" (Merriam-Webster)
1 "QUACK" (iON does Quacker Quadrant)

2 "one making usually showy pretenses to knowledge or ability"
iON: That's Herbert 101!

iON does a rant on McLuhan's "pretence"

Andrew Charlatan using words for medical healing
Bob brings up Kroker's 1984 essay on McLuhan, made a point that McLuhan put on the medical metaphor

iON mentions the Resolute desk

iON unless you get the Tiny Note Chart, don't talk about McLuhan

iON mentions "procality" (?)
SkyGoddess Sue: (inaudible) new land in the new meme.

iON does Garret Morris doing Chico Escuela (SNL)
"Baseball... been berra berra good... to me."

Bob: McLuhan didn't necessarily want to get somewheres where some meaning was established. Was he?
iON: Never... Marshall was all about putting you in a position where you can actually consider another dynamic... to offer another concept, another way at the same conclusion that was laudable... and that wasn't found within the printing press or the "Guten-free" society...

Bob McLuhan & Joyce Thompson at York Univ., a panel w/ post-modernists using hyper-jargons
McLuhan asked them to explain their terms & none of them could do it
iON: Everybody's got something to say, so what the hell are you talking about?
McLuhan's aim was to move it to a vernacular that everybody could work with & get rid of Guten
chose Finnegan's Wake as a standard reference point

SkyGoddess Sue: I love what iON does is he slows everything down and brings it right to the point. In language that everyone can understand.
Bob: ... After all the complex media environments of the Android Meme phase. The new medium completes the Android Meme and brings it to a point? Is that what you are?

iON: So what you are saying is it's no longer tactility, it's "tech-tility."
(Broker Quadrant - tactility squared)

iON McLuhan "consistently questioned the isness of is"

Bob McLuhan as Moses

Bob "I'll bring it to a point and pull the rug out" McLuhan was similar in that sense
"If you're accepting what I have to say, you're in worse shape than you thought"
McLuhan "medium as the past environment"

iON asks Bob to give a working definition of "tactility"

SkyGoddess Sue floating through Europeans cities & uses the word "it"
Bob interrogates her

Bob & iON push Sue to come up w/ new topic

iON brings up a topic for Sue onboard computers on her AC flight
(SkyGoddess Sue is a flight attendant)

Andrew the interior of the plane creates an illusion of absolute stasis

iON how Sue could distinguish the passengers "intuitive knowing"
Bob: ... You're citing your rear view mirror accumulated experience. You're citing your medium. The past backlog of information and patterns. So you used the past to look at the present.

Andrew business class' luxurious "cocoon" & "pods"
SkyGoddess Sue: Well, Marketing tells us that the reason that the entire plane is flying is because the Executive Class seats are actually paying for the trip. And all of the Economy seats is the gravy.

iON only 1 bottle of Hennessy on each Intl. flight

iON - "a new invisible environment that we can know"
Bob: It's the first new environment that can speak. Because radio spoke, but speaking was just the sub-content of radio... It's the first time Mystery Landscape becomes knowable.

Bob asks iON to count the numbers of people flying & the number of airplanes in the air
if there're 5000+ planes, the air traffic controllers can't keep up w/ them

Hour 2

SkyGoddess Sue: I always feel like I'm suspended in time, like I'm in that tube. I've left the past and I haven't got to the future and I'm suspended in this "bubble" in time.

iON the flight attendants control the temperature

iON lowering the humidity makes one feel cooler that it actually is (saves fuel on 777)
cutting back on oxygen also saves fuel

SkyGoddess Sue the future of air travel
iON: Now you are speaking about the GODs... then they would have their own plane...
Bob: Can an Angel be a pilot iON? (iON yes)

Bob: What did Marshall think about super-angelization?... would iON say he was correct or not?
iON: The essence of the Mass

iON the effects Corinne had on McLuhan

SkyGoddess Sue the image after 911
iON: There were 2615 planes in the air and within a little bit, every single one was on the ground somewhere. (in 15 min.)

SkyGoddess Sue on the layover in St. John's the day of 911

Bob the unpleasantness of flying in the US
SkyGoddess Sue same situation in Canada, but very relaxed in Italy

SkyGoddess Sue what changed after 911
Sue is a "cop" in the air

Tina Delta Airline flight attendant found a suspicious note in the bathroom & diverted the plane

Bob McLuhan "if you emphasize security, the more insecure you become"(the "flip")
iON: And that's how Al-Qaeda has won.

McLuhan said when new environment or media comes in, it will create fear
Bob: This fear is not caused by Al-Qaeda, it's cause by a new environment that went around the older environment. But the Al-Qaeda knew how to be the content. They showed up as the cause. The effects are the fear and they perceived the causes. The causes were the human projection of what they thought was the reason they were doing things.

SkyGoddess Sue the First Class travelers are the ones paying for the whole trip
iON: If there were no First Class, there'd be no international flights.
Bob: So the rich actually make these services available for the hoi polloi. So see, the rich don't get richer, the rich become the creator of wealth for everybody. Wealth being the experience of flying. So, there's a change right there, which McLuhan used to notice. All these ancient aphorisms actually get reversed today.

SkyGoddess Sue tells the nervous flyers that there're Angels out on the wings

iON McLuhan would say:
authority - the message
Power - the medium

iON makes fun of the Homeland Security Advisory System

SkyGoddess Sue McLuhan spoke to her about privacy on the plane, how the British had it right
"they had people facing each other and there was more privacy"

iON "You mind your own space" the British seating arrangement

Bob more on privacy
North Americans - going out to be alone
Europeans - going out to be social

Bob sex, drugs & R&R "and that was ran by the Queen!"
mentions Sir Mick Jagger
he was knighted on the TV Body level, not the Chemical Body level
(iON points out it was the Queen Mother's idea to knight Jagger)

iON the Queen Mother understood the media effects

SkyGoddess Sue on the Queen Mother
iON mentions "conductivity"
Bob the Melting Titanium session on the Queen Mother had triggered the release of "King's Speech" (movie)

SkyGoddess Sue Catherine Middleton influenced by the Queen Mother?
iON: More than you know.

iON: We're fixing' to link Victoria to the Queen Mother to Cathrine.
iON presented whole drama around the Queen Victoria in MoM #3
the Tiny Note shows the Tetrad managing history
LaRouche fighting the 1840 to 1900 Tetrad managers (the Queen)

Bob President Martinez in "The Event" (tv)

iON brings up President Alison Taylor from "24" (tv)

MJ: What's the connection between Anne Boleyn and Catherine Middleton?
iON: No connection between Anne Boleyn and Catherine.
MJ: Is there a relation?
iON: Nope!

Hour 3

SkyGoddess Sue on Catherine Middleton
iON: ... she was "loaned," not gifted the original tiara, or crown that Elizabeth wore.

MJ: ... how well received Catherine Middleton is into the family?
iON: Inconsequential.
Tina: Was she just the breeder?
iON: No.

Tina why was the tiara "loaned" to Catherine?
iON the Queen does not own the Crown Jewels
SkyGoddess Sue sold them to foreign interests?
iON: They are not for sale.
SkyGoddess Sue owned by the people or the government?
iON: Parliament has no control over the Crown Jewels and the wealth held there within.

Tina who owns the Crown Jewels?
iON "the Monarchy" (not the British)

MJ mentions the Crown Agents but digress
asks Bob how McLuhan would react to the Royal Wedding
Catherine wore a dress that covered her shoulders

Bob reads LaRouche's EIR article "The British Monarchy's Direct Links to BAE" by Dean Andromidas (2007)
iON corrects the article - the Crown Agents was established in "1733," not 1833

Bob pursues on the Crown Jewels topic

Matt Rose mentions the House of Windsor is just a subdivision of the greater German House
iON: Are you including Prussia?
SkyGoddess Sue: So Prussia owns the Crown Jewels?
iON: Do!

Bob: In Prussia, one of the few quadrillionares in the world. And they go way back.
SkyGoddess Sue: And they're part of the Monarchy?
iON: They are pre-Monarchy.

iON the tiara is part of the Crown Jewels
the Queen Mother had it made for Elizabeth's 1952 coronation

iON: Catherine is just a new potential "Queen Mother."

iON the number of crowns in the Crown Jewels - "237"
Bob all owned by the Prussians?
iON: Owned or controlled.
Bob: Are the tiaras part of the Crown Jewels?
iON: Nope. But it is now... It controls. It has Crown Jewels inside it... The Royal Jewels are made from Crown Jewels.

Bob: Is a tiara equal to a crown?
iON: No. Not at all.

iON Prime Minister is not a Crown Agent

Bob: Do the Crown Agents represent the Prussians or are the Prussians?
iON: There is no difference.

Bob was LaRouche's article on the Crown Agents accurate?
iON: He's drunk on his own liquor.

Bob pursues on the Prussians

Matt Rose: Is Prince George Frederik in charge of the Prussians?
iON: Nope. Part of it, but not in control.

Bob: So iON. Is this the way, the bread crumbs to Stuttgart?
Bob: Stuttgart much represent the banking houses that were Prussia, but now part of Germany.

Tina who's financing the Prussians?
iON: Well that would go back to St. Martin. (St. Germain)

iON does a rant on Camilla Parker

Tina did St. Martin finance the Prussians?
iON there is a connection but not totally
Tina: Did he loan them money?
iON: Finance their place of power? Maybe. (done before 1763)

iON mentions "Codex" to Bob (which lead to the Revelation series)

iON: And you wanna have some fun? This is for Andrew... Hey Bob! What's Ezekiel1:22 about?
Bob: The next technology. The terrible crystal.
(Andrew dropped-off)

Bob reads Andrew's Tweets
"Confusion... Layers of confusion..."

Bob: What's the McLuhan ground for banks, Prussians, St. Germain? Is that the printing press... Gutenberg?
iON: Guten-free society. The essence of the placation of the global villege.
Bob: They laid the ground work for post-Gutenberg technology. And that's Marie Henriette!
iON: Very good! Very good! Very good!
Bob: She was the hidden ground for Tesla and radio and all kinds of things.
iON: Do. And if you keep going you gonna get to Edinborough, aren't you Bob?
(Leopold II of Belgium is in the lineage)

Bob on Marie Henriette & Congo under Leopold II
Marie obsolesced the Gutenberg technology
iON: And Kate!

the Queen Mother is Ascended
iON: Absolutely! Way before the King. Think about it. How did he become King in the first place?

iON Catherine got the Power
the Queen Mother made sure Catherine becomes "the Queen Mother"
Bob: What's the problem if you become the Queen?
iON: ... you're "dredged" in authority.

iON reveals Diana
(the Plantagenet lineage)

Bob mentions Tina Brown & Harold Evans (British Intelligence in NYC)
iON: You gonna get to Peter Beter if you keep going!
Bob: Yeah... Who funded the Bolsheviks? Was it the Prussians? That train through Finland, I'm sure it went through Prussia.

Bob a 1969 letter to the editor of Global Mail, commenting on McLuhan's article
"We object to the Queen being on the stamp"

James P iON said the G20 meeting in Perth won't happen
iON: (they will) be interacting with other things.
Bob: ... and those other things are new surprising environments?
iON: Yes.
Bob: Leading up to the terrible crystal?
iON: Well that already "is."

iON Ezekiel & Elijah, both are still alive
Ezekiel came through iON during ReWrite
Bob: You can provide the personality of someone even though they are still alive? (iON agrees)

Hour 4

SkyGoddess Sue walking around in Zurich listening to Bob & iON through iPhone
"Where am I really?"

James P "parameters of the Global Village"
Bob: All one little FEMA camp

Jordan on Douglas Rushkoff

iON: This is about McLuhan Under Maui isn't it?

Jordan: In what way did McLuhan predict iON?
iON: That's all in M.O.i. (McLuhan On iON)

Jordan: What is the next form the internet will take?
Bob: "iON."

Bob: In retrospect, iON started creating on March 18th, 2009... And then he had teach what NP was before it was mutated by retrieval. He taught that NP traditionally couldn't create...

James P: What are the major retrievals and things that have been obsolesced?
1st phase - extensions of the physical
2nd phase - Android Meme physical extension of machines by machines (not our senses)
3rd phase - cultural extensions or creations by NP

1st phase - explained by McLuhan
2nd phase - explained by Kroker & Bob
3rd phase - explained by iONdom/Dobbstown

Bob: Mystery Landscape shows up after you've extended your Chip landscape and the Mystery Landscape is all that stuff that you didn't know could happen... The Mystery Landscape is externalized by iON, so becomes the Mystery Body so we can interact with that Mystery Body. And that Mystery Body can interact with the previous environments...

Bob Melting Titanium - an exercise in post-Chip Landscape

MJ wifi router

Mystery Landscape - "they don't fuckin' know about it"
Mystery Body - "when they start knowing about it"
iON doesn't like the term Mystery Body, suggests "Always Landscape" instead

Bob new "Fringe" episode
JW took Bob, Carolyn & Chad on the set in Vancouver

Bob Sue's son, Brendan Croskerry's music

Bob Chad on the Fringe set

Bob's relationship w/ Chad

Bob: What does it mean that Peter was not real?
MJ claims that episode showed "the 3rd world"

Bob Carol's eccentric fashion back in NY

Bob Carol as uncategorizable - "low definition" in McLuhan principle
low definition "involves the looker"

Bob NY's boom in the '20s - the expression of the "analog" (McLuhan Quadrant)
China running America behind the scene & the Rockefellers were threat to that structure

Bob "Annie Hall" represented NY (19th cent) vs LA (20th cent)
the Jews went to a new frontier (California) & bypassed the 20th cent hierarchy
decentralization caused by electric technology was the ground for the Jews to rise in

James P Peter Gabriel's lyrics for "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" album (1976)
the lyrics has McLuhan & Revelation in it
"wondering if he was onto something"

Bob Richard Ellman's biography "James Joyce" (1959)
review by McLuhan "focused too much on James Joyce the writer, and not about his words"

James P reads Peter Gabriel's lyrics
"Marshall Mcluhan, casual viewin', head buried in the sand."
Bob analyses his lyrics

James P continues
"Echoes of the Broadway Everglades,
With her mythical madonnas still walking in their shades:
Lenny Bruce, declares a truce and plays his other hand.
Marshall McLuhan, casual viewin', head buried in the sand.
Sirens on the rooftops wailing, but there's no ship sailing.
Groucho, with his movies trailing, stands alone with his punchline failing."

iON: Peter didn't know what he was trying to do with it lyrically.

SkyGoddess Sue refers to Genesis' music as "musical tracks"
iON: You are so kind to call it that.

MJ brings up the movie "Texting"
- didn't realize the real title was "Sexting" until iON pointed out

Hour 5

MJ has listened to 50+ hours of Bob's stuff so far
iON: We're just getting started.
Bob: I've been doing it for 25 years.
iON: He's almost figured out what the hell he's doing!
Bob: I'll make sure I don't!
iON: That's right! Very good, very good!
Bob: ... You don't wanna get to a destination, so you enjoy the trip.

Bob closed down The Five Bodied site

iON Nancy Reagan will release documents from the Reagan Library
Bob what Reagan & the Queen did through the Resolute Desk

MJ on Margaret Thatcher

iON tells MJ to "talk right"

iON "dooby-dooby-doo" (Ralf Duby reference)

MJ on Bud Angus McDougald
Bob knows him & mentions Conrad Black
"I worked with those fuckers. Those were my partners back in the '40s and '50s... They were the guys worried about McLuhan"
iON: And they tried to establish themselves with Johnson Matthey, and Johnson Matthey put their little dicks in the dirt.

Bob the uber text for the MK Ultra was Finnegan's Wake

Bob the images of MK Ultra can be updated in the McLuhan Quadrant
read what LaRouche tells you on the '20s & '30s, then see how Joyce played off of that
then see McLuhan updated MK Ultra & exposed it
iON: With the side of TS Elliot... the side of Beefheart with the virginal essence of Moon Unit.
(the Black Mass)

Bob tactility is described by the color black
Wyndham Lewis' novel "Self Condemned" (revealing the secrets of what caused WWII)
the character McKenzie is McLuhan

Bob: "The Medium is the Message" is the summation of MK Ultra.

Bob Wyndham Lewis' dinner w/ the King

MJ Peter C. Newman's "The Canadian Establishment" (1975)
Bob suggests MJ to watch the documentary on this book
the stand-off between Trudeau who had the tv charisma vs the financial oligarchy/Prussian quadrillionares

iON there is a "hint" in the Barry Goldwater speech they put in the MOi recording

MJ today's definition of Android Meme?
iON: There's not one today... Android Meme would be represented by the Facialbook.

Bob the Morpheus generation

iON signs off

End of the Monday Night Seminar, thank you for your participation

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