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Akito's MoM Notes | 23 May 2011

McLuhan on Maui Monday Night Colloquia MoMday 13

Hour 1

Bob & Andrew discuss "The New American Vortex : Explorations of McLuhan"
Andrew Chrystall's Ph.D. Thesis (2007)

MJ gives his background as a hypnotist (non-professionally)

the 1st application of McLuhan on hypnosis:
"the words loosing their effectiveness is the 1st part of cliched archetype process"
Bob: Something is a last word, then it becomes cliche, that's the tumbling aspect. So McLuhan made a big deal out to the numbing thing. And that's what we're talking about in relation to hypnosis' numbing.

Bob "cultural hypnotism" - when "1984" becomes cliche & people have cliched responses to it, or think they understand it

Q to MJ: In your studying of hypnosis, did you ever see it sociologically or was it more of a psychological sensory thing one-on-one you could do people?

MJ reads "Five Laws of Suggestibility" from "Professional Hypnotism Manual" by John G. Kappas, Ph.D.

MJ things are shifting because people are being hypnotized so often, e.g. by advertising
Bob "the Thomatic idea of the shifting ratios in perception applies to what you are trying to say"
- the hypnotists shift your perception & that's also the essence of McLuhan's analysis of media

Bob people gazing (hypnotized) into iPhones in public - people going around in their "private bubble"

Andrew "hypnotism as a programmed environment"

Bob suggests to put in the McLuhan words "media shift" or "media perception" into "Professional Hypnotism Manual"

Bob brings up Franz Mesmer (animal magnetism)

Andrew McLuhan's 1944 article
"super-ism" - hypnotism to enhance sensory perception, unlocking secret potentials

greed - voraciousness of sensory appetite that people couldn't stop
fear - is an effect of trying to judge where you are in relation to how you get your greed satisfied & who's in the way

imagination - you're not involved, not hypnotized
being imaginative - you become the hypnotist, playing w/ people's cliches

Bob sex/pornography in Industrial Age - high lighting different body parts

Bob Zappa & McLuhan in the same Quadrant
Zappa listed 179 names on his debut album, "The Hypnotist" were capitalized

Bob: What's funny is that in industrial society, they took and fragmented and specialized the hypnotic milieu and made it happen on the eye ball! For literally numb society.

Bob the hypnotist's swinging pendulum - massaging of the eye (old cliche)
non-literate people could be hypnotized w/ drumming (acoustic hypnosis)
McLuhan updated the hypnosis by pointing out the larger hypnosis (advertising & solar theater)

Andrew hypnosis is a precursor to blogging - self invasion of privacy
Bob Blogosphere is commenting on hypnosis, blogger assumes he's de-hyptonized

Bob brings up Peter Reveen

Adam calls in, has a record of Reveen's "Study & Concentration" record

Andrew brings up The Amazing Kreskin
- many hypnotists experienced anomalies & "got spooked" incl. Madame Blavatsky

Bob they are Chemical Body hypnosis

Hour 2
who is the contemporary hypnotist?
Bob the ad agencies (they don't admit it)
people didn't know the larger hypnosis until McLuhan pointed out
"because of the turn-over of the technology, we can start to notice the previous phases & notice the hypnosis"

Adam radio show "The Shadow" a hypnotic detective

Andrew reads McLuhan's letter to Don Thiel

MJ his Chemical Body hypnosis made him realize the environment can affect people beyond what you can see
(he comes from a literary background)

Andrew mentions Marvel Comic's "Thor" (movie)
Bob: Which is the word exclaimed right after the tenth thunder in Finnegan's Wake. Television begins with "Thor"... update of "The Shadow"...

Bob McLuhan said the Watergate was the battle between tv & newspaper for the advertising dollar
- was trying to show a hidden level of hypnosis

Bob McLuhan said sport was taking the tension of society, the hidden ground, & dramatizing it
athletes & celebrities - "hypnotizings" (content)
"the audience gets into the act as we get more and more into the 20th century"

MJ subway experience "all ages, people's ears are plugged"
media (apps) - everybody could have exactly what they have, when they want it
Bob NYT is failing because it's 10hrs behind what's going on

Bob "plugging the ears" is "a panic ear organ" (Kroker)

Andrew: Simply having a singular special sense is "American."
Bob: A nostalgia for... any specialized sense. The digitized America is the only society founded on the electrified ear, or the specialized sense organ.

Andrew: How does Obama relate to plugging the ears?
Bob brings up Obama's Inauguration Ceremony where people were watching tv feeds on their Blackberries
- they weren't watching him (Panic Chip Body)

Bob Obama represented Mystery Landscape
(other four bodies were panicking as the Mystery Landscape showed up as a figure)

Bob: Maybe we could say America is the only society founded on the notion that there is only one body, not a specialized sense.
e.g. Barbara Walters wanted to know whether or not Lady Gaga was a lesbian (Chemical Body mentality)

Bob: Maybe if you don't have a Chemical Body, then you're not hypnotizable. That's all Big Brothers worried about.

Bob Vanity Fair article on Anonymous (4chan) - anti-environment to Facebook where you're totally revealed
Andrew this article was Android Meme's interpretation of what "anonymity" meant

Matt Rose calls in, bad reception

MJ product & ideological placement

Bob people don't need centralized media - no one's living that way anymore
panic Hollywood, panic radio, panic Wall Street etc - the one way broadcasting world is struggling to be noticed
Bob: Whole operation of them is "advertising." It's environment placement, not brand placement.

Adam tv has replaced muzak in many places
Bob we're in a post-tactile society, so the tactile tv becomes the given cliche making tv into "muzak"

Adam tv pitching the shows to the audience - every individual is their own media executive

Bob "People are hoping to be hypnotized" HAARP

talking McLuhan language is not relevant, what's left for McLuhan?
Bob: If medium is the message, what is the medium today that is the subliminal hypnosis, and you can only talk about it in words that don't include the word media?

Andrew Mesmer's "ether" environment
McLuhan "E=MC2 was a sculptural statement" - it's the beginning of humans controlling the ether

SkyGoddess Sue calls in, "Does this all boil down to 'If you name it, you can control it?'" (McLuhan)
Bob references p142 "Media and Formal Cause" by Eric McLuhan

Bob "It enhances the name!" (McLuhan's "Formal Cause")

McLuhan "you name it, you can control it"
Bob: Rumpelstiltskin is a new phenomenon that's out of control until you get his name, correct?

Bob McLuhan made fun of creativity
he made inventory of events & collaged them - he was "lazy"

Bob most creative artists & novelists end up teaching at universities
Kroker's "provincials" - every citizen in the country is a "provincial" locked into the rules, e.g. pay taxes

Bob: The last-gasp of the provincial institution is education. That's where you get a captive audience bay law... Kids are forced to listen to them.

Bob Obama is the Education President
SkyGoddess Sue the Queen of Education, Oprah is retiring

Bob McLuhan plays the idea of "who's hypnotizing who?" in "Take Today: The Executive As Dropout," which is about power
- ex-LaRouche Mark Stallman tried to figure out who was in charge, missed the point that the audience was the "employer"

Bob Finnegan's Wake was written in the same way, Joyce was asked who was writing the book
Joyce "Well, all of us in this room are (he was in a cafe)" suggesting the general population were creative

Bob the issue today - McLuhan's Chemical Body form of speech is obsolete & fading out
- now you have super creativity in the post-verbal media e.g. Youtube

Bob McLuhan everybody becomes a workforce under electric condition - the real ground for the women's lib

Bob the workforce's working style changed from the '50s to present
industrial men - work & forced idleness
less hard work in the '90s - "the artist merges work & play" (McLuhan)

Adam "Gamification"
Bob "game, the extension of man" McLuhan knew the media were becoming gamified

Hour 3
Bob the media became gamified starting in 1983 w/ junk bonds
now it's collapsed & no one knows what game top play (Mystery Landscape)

Bob the junk bond game ended on Tuesday Oct. 19, 1987 "they had to pull the plug"
junk bond then became derivatives & Enronization for the next 20yrs, then collapsed in 2008 (Lehman Brothers)

Barbara "Rob Peter to pay Paul" Ponzi scheme
Bob: That's all been the way for 400yrs... In '83, the Android Meme took Peter from itself and paid Paul. Not the people, they had no say in the matter. There's been no people in the Global Theater... since the Reagan era... the last hypnosis of Android Meme to make you think that you're in charge. And that was the seduction over the last five years and that has collapsed... This is a great liberation!

1882 - 2008 virtual Matrix era
2008 - post-Matrix, post-virtual

Bob Jean Baudrillard, who inspired "The Matrix" said matrix collapsed in 2000 w/ Y2K
said making The Matrix pt2 & pt3 is what "the matrix would make" & refused to cooperate w/ Wachowski bros.
the Bush era - era of non-communication (collapsed)

Andrew: But Bob, we want the hypnotists back!

Bob McLuhan's relationship w/ Wyndham Lewis
Bob's father Renee knew Lewis in Paris
Wyndham Lewis' novel "Self Condemned" (revealing the secrets of what caused WWII)

Barbara the Illuminati, they lost their power?

Barbara Walter Bowart's Galactic Mind
Bob he's in the Thompson Quadrant - a hold over of the book's perspective
Galactic Mind - old image, 19th century stuff
McLuhan "the universe had an orgasm at the end of the 19th century"
Walter - P.O.P. - "Print Oriented Person" who never totally got McLuhan

Bob "Galactic Mind" means "everybody is in touch with everybody, ESP"

Andrew reads article McLuhan on Wyndham Lewis's "Lemuel in Liliput" (1944)
Bob "niche marketing, but it's niche identity"

Bob: What people miss is the role of media in the Mystery Landscape. That media are mystery phenomenon themselves. They don't know that the tv is an Angel... They don't see that the internet is a bunch of Angels...

Bob explains tv & internet as Angels

Adam the popularity of superhero movies
Bob an old image of Angels

Bob McLuhan's attempt to make a movie

Bob McLuhan going to a movie

Bob McLuhan as a (detached) person

Bob how McLuhan describe the Mystery Landscape (interrupted)

Andrew back to McLuhan on Wyndham Lewis's "Lemuel in Liliput" (1944)
McLuhan advised Harold Innis to read Lewis' "The Art of Being Ruled"

Bob Wyndham Lewis, the first Cyber Punk

Bob Wyndham Lewis outraged George Bernard Shaw & The Fabian Society socialists (the rebels)

Andrew what creates the massive outrage today? there is no common ground
Bob: I say that iON is the blasphemous extreme that outrages everybody...
(notices iON trying to jump in)

Bob in the late-70s, people saw McLuhan as a guy who commented on fringe phenomenon, e.g. hippies
intel. agencies & economists worked on algorithms to run the economy - enemy of McLuhan
"MIT is where the action is" - he wanted to create an anti-environment to them

Andrew the break down of hypnosis = the break down of fear & greed
Bob too much abundance at one level (Kroker's boredom culture)

Adam "global carnival"

Bob when McLuhan & Eric explored the Laws of Media, Eric found out Joyce got there first all the time

Bob McLuhan "Joyce wrote a discontinuous fantasia" "I write surrealistic canvases"

Bob brings in LaRouche how the oligarchs controlled the population using carnivals
(cultural form of Tetrad management)

"But in the (French) Quarter, you're dealing with the French influence"
iON jumps in & points out King George I's influence
Bob King George was up against Louis XIV (iON agree)

Hour 4
iON what LaRouche missed - "the Cajan were on their own"
- oral culture, didn't get propagandized by pamphlets & written orders

Andrew McLuhan's letter to Don Thiel relating to the discussion of "the media environment as Angels"
tv - "the eye of Shiva"
iON "tv watching you"

Bob Orwell in "1984" - tv watching people
"What aspect of 'the tv watching you' that Orwell didn't get, but McLuhan got?"
iON "what Orwell missed was pixelation"

Bob iON said McLuhan was a parallel worlder, starting in the '30s traveled to other worlds and discovered that the printing press was the common theme

iON McLuhan, the parallel worlder pt1
McLuhan's tactility - "merging & noticing the variation or variegation"

Andrew McLuhan's "my fallacy is all wrong," brings up "mimetic fallacy"
Bob Yvor Winters criticized artists going into mimetic fallacy

Andrew points out Heidegger's "formal causality"
people are not looking at McLuhan's work w/ formal causality as the thing that has obsolesced

iON mentions "Peruvian"

Barbara calls in, was McLuhan trying to show we are much more/less than who we think we are?

Bob McLuhan on occult - he was updating what we weren't seen
he made fun of occult arts because there was a newer level of occult arts in our technical environment

iON Torchia's "The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows"
Bob Dante's "The 9 Levels of Purgatory"
- McLuhan was aware of Torchia's book

Bob was Torchia a real person? (iON Do)
- the real Torchia wrote "The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows" in order to "fictionalize himself"

iON McLuhan, the parallel worlder pt2 & the Rosie Crucian

Andrew reads McLuhan's letter
"You got to understand how the Rosie Crucians understand the Logos to get a grasp on contemporary physics"

iON: To answer Andrew's question, it would be the only way to merge the Moabites with the Sumerians which then finally became Babylon.

Andrew reads McLuhan's essay
"the significance of the ancient doctrine of the Logos for the study of physics"
iON: Which is all found in Sumeria. Period. (described in the book of Maccabees)

Bob the Rosie Crucian are retrieving the pre-alphabetic oral dimensions of the Logos
earlier version of the Logos - Sumerian

Bob McLuhan's parents were studying secret societies & the Rosie Crucian
McLuhan didn't discover them in the '50s like Thiel said, it was already part of his life when he was young
"such a wacky mother"

Bob: Corinne, you mean was like his mother?
iON: Do.
Bob: Yeah, they were friends. Was she perceptive on that level?
iON: Of course
Corinne said to Bob "When I talked to Marshall in the kitchen..." as if she was talking to him after his death

Bob McLuhan's "nazi salute" in the class room

Bob Tetrad on iON

(Andrew blipps-out)

back to Tetrad on iON

iON the width of railroad tracks are same as the width of the chariot wheel from the Roman Empire
- they are the same, because of the "rut"
McLuhan said "if you are stuck in the rut, you're screwed... Until you find some capacitation to get you outside of the pre-embraced rut."

Andrew relates "rut" to hypnosis
pre-embraced rut - hypnotized situation
to get back into a rut - neo-conservativism (iON agrees)

iON: Hip no sis long is not very "Hip." Because after a little while, it won't take you long to realize that the hypnotizer must be more powerful than the hypnotisee...

iON McLuhan's interest in the Catholicism
he had high regard for the Mass itself

Hour 5
Bob the modernist poets & arts were anti-church
McLuhan was unique, looking at the enemy's art form & make it a core metaphor for his subject
"he actually liberated the Mass from the Catholic dogma"
Bob on McLuhan's mother
had crisis when McLuhan converted to Catholicism (becoming a warlock was a better choice)

Bob Eric was the anti-environment to McLuhan
"He did to his father, what McLuhan did to his mother!"

Bob McLuhan searching way beyond the satisfaction of being a Catholic
claimed the papacy didn't know what they were doing w/ the Mass

iON the church didn't have an answer to the electric effect, therefore it's an abomination
- McLuhan exposed that (some Catholic hierarchy is now embracing McLuhan)
Bob will the church honor McLuhan eventually?
iON: If it lasts that long.

iON: So we just M.U.M., which is Marshall Under Maui to B.U.M., which is Bob Under Maui.
-Tetrad on M.O.M.

SkyGoddess Sue attracted to going to a Catholic Mass
iON the personal application in the Catholic Mass

Adam the difference between NP & the Holy Spirit
iON the Holy Spirit is the "soul"

iON: There is only one coronation, you either make it or you don't... They never re-coronate you. You only have one.
"coronation" - staying in the eternal physical body

Barbara: But what happens when the Guf empties?
iON: They come forth.
Bob: The body that they dropped off gets reanimated when they comeback from the Guf.
iON: And you'll have a new body, it'll just be your body perfect with perfect cells.
Bob: And that's implied in the Bible, but they don't interpret it so magnificently.
iON: Well, that's when they start talking about the "resurrection."

iON: ... this is "the first time" the Guf empties.

more on McLuhan
iON: It wasn't about the question, it was about coming to the conclusion that there is NO ANSWER!
(that there is no finish line)

SkyGoddess Sue did McLuhan go to confession?
iON rarely & he didn't see himself as a sinner

Bob brings up Nina Sutton's interview w/ McLuhan (1975)
McLuhan wanted to study the effects of prayer, didn't care for the dogma
iON the church will obsolesce itself

Bob ascension is: I remain in the physical & access other worlds forever
iON: And that ascension never drops.
Barbara: Combine your physical and your nonphysical?
iON: Do.

SkyGoddess Sue Harold Camping's Rapture day, May 21 2011
Bob stayed awake for four days & saved he world & kept it going

SkyGoddess Sue Coppenhagen museum, the Angel images in artifacts

iON Bob sees Angels when he washes his hands

Matt Rose ascended masters
iON: They're God wannabes!
Bob: Yeah. The ascended GODs are Unknowns Anonymous.

iON the sentinels & the watchers are NOT ascended masters

Barbara what happens if you have your blood tested?

End of the seminar, thank you for your participation

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