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Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 18 May 2011


Opening music:
Believe by Elton John

Carolyn preparing pizza for Bob

Bob on Dave Worcester who called in on last week's show (hour3)
Bob and iON talked about the Cosmic Awareness in hour1
iON "Y12" "with the side of Bowart"
Will made mp3 of Bob and Walter's dialogue

Bob Worcester's image of a gyroscope with 3 rings, 8 sections
and 8 crystals
is this related to the Angel Diagram? (iON gives nebulous answer)

BR backlogged emails and questions
Cidersomerset, strange emissions from the Sun mutating matter
(Red Ice Creations' article)

Lynette, Exodus
iON does a rant on "in bondage"

Jim, balancing hormone, especially testosterone
iON: ... if you are on the road to ascension, then you would do that from a frequency.

Summer, "Is planet earth physical or nonphysical?"
iON: Little of neither, little of both.

Summer, "Are Angels nonphysical?"
iON: Yes, they are until they take physical form... This is fun Bob! It's the No Answer section of the program... Both apply is what we are trying to say.

iON the Angels do not have a soul
the Angels do speak and the humans have heard them speak "They talk right"
they could also take human form, e.g., the fromagerie staff in Paris

Bob: Do Angels benefit from human creators coming into their Power?
iON; Angels don't care. (James' Great Laughter)

Carolyn: The question is, do Angels care about anything?
iON: Yes. They are looking for the "Dark Soul."

Ginney calls in, is Worcester's image of a gyroscope in the Angle Diagram?
iON: Yes.

iON Ginney's background as a Pastor and how the Revelation series affected her "faith"

Ginney, scenario in the Bible

Ginney, stresses the importance of the "ownership" of the Revelation series

iON: So what you're saying is that humans are eternal, but only sinners are doomed to death?
(Ginney agrees)

Ginney, Jesus didn't call people as sinners; he called them GOD
iON: He saw them as whole. He didn't see them as less than.

Bob's friend Mark said iON falls in the traditional meme of Gnosticism
- teaches that you can be God or you are God, which is not the Catholic position
Bob: What do you get out of the Catholicism if you're not God?
more on Catholicism

Ginney, explains the Evangelical position
"that you never be like God, because there is only one God... the Almighty"

Ginney, what the church don't teach

"you are responsible for your every action"
iON: GOD must be accountable to GOD. So should you.
Carolyn: That is HUGE!
Ginney: And that is the whole premise of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian faith is that GOD made an oath by none other than himself to Abraham...

Bob Worcester said Jesus didn't have to ascend
the Christians' notion of "wanting to go to Heaven" comes from their lack position

iON: The whole premise of all of it is that if Jesus did not ascend, you're screwed. If Jesus did not ascend, it's over...
iON does a rant on Christianity

Carolyn David said Jesus didn't ascend
iON: ... that's third Jesus who was "100% man, 100% God.

Bob "Power vs authority" - the social managers are worried over people taking their own Power
Ginney responds - the total position of freedom and responsibility

Bob iON said the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse show up every day like a game and the masses fall for it
Carolyn "the sky is falling! the sky is falling!"

Bob brings up Bob Marshall's 1988 Zappa interview
- advertising is the Android Meme's version of imposing social order and the fear meme

Bob: Is there a kill order out for Jim Humble, iON?
iON: ... It's not a kill order, it's a "die request."
Carolyn: Are people trying to suppress what Jim Humble doing, iON?
iON: No! They don't care what he's doing... "Hey look at me! I'm so important, they want me dead!"

Legend calls in, 3 women dancing at the topless club disappeared
- were they parallel worlders? (iON agrees)

Legend, buying Yearlings in FL

commercial break


Opening music:
Wish Someone Would Care by Irma Thomas

Bob and Legend drop off, Bob comes on back
- iON points out there was a shift in the worlds

BP "Wish Someone Would Care" by Irma Thomas again

Bob "Treme" (tv), Irma Thomas featured in S1E9

iON Thomas knew Vestal's music as a "refined form of Gospel"
(fell under the category of Southern Gospel)
- her debut single "(You Can Have My Husband But) Don't Mess With My Man" reached No. 22 on the Billboard Chart in 1960
- also known for "Time Is On My Side" but never managed to cross over into mainstream commercial success

Bob: Did that bother her? Or that's what she wanted?
iON: ... She didn't care. She's just trying to be happy.

Brian calls in, when God speaks, would that be something like the Angelic language in Ch. 23?
iON: It would. (points out to what the Angels had done for the Gods in the Bible)

Bob Brian inspired him to start the ReWrite session

iON: All of the Prophets, when they speak, they don't say "Hear ye the words" of the Lord. They say "Hear ye the Word" of the Lord, and then it begins... not plural. It still could mean many, but it's the "Word."
Bob to Brian - details will be discussed in ReWrite

Sacha calls in, prayers for Carolyn's god-son

Carolyn on the Lazarus effect and healing

Sacha, her Reiki master (a Catholic nun)

Sacha, Carolyn is the "Biggest Little Midget"

Bob brings up "Little Big Man" (1971 movie)

BR backlogged emails and questions
Summer, "What is the Tree of Life iON?"
iON: Big.

Spencer, "If animals are nonphysical, why do they die and where do they go?"

Bob questioning on not requiring nonphysical as Ascended
iON: Then you embrace it back into the totality of your place of Power anyway. And there wouldn't be a segregation for nonphysical.and
Bob: Then... Human being could be a dog or snake...
iON: ... They already are.

Bob: The main point is to realize "what you see is not real."
iON: Exactly.

back to backlogged emails and questions
John, "Will there come a time when all the portals that are now open close?"
iON: If you open them, you have the ability to close them. But not likely.

John, serviceable usage of portal other than parallel worlding?
iON: It's a wonderful messaging system... Watchers can report back with ease.
Bob: So you can send information through portals and not go through yourself?
iON: Correct.

iON disagree with Bob's statement that tv and radio environments are extensions of portals
Bob: Portals are extensions of the humans. Humans created them? Correct?
iON: Creation is not an extension. (then rants)

Angela, was the man I met Count Germain? (iON No)

Barbara, explain how we'll be able to identify the Ascending ones by their forehead?
iON: You're not gonna get all here... What you'll notice is if your attraction to someone when you see their forehead? That will confirm your "attraction."

Spencer, does taking extra doze of drops have extra effects?

Spencer, levitating in his dream (iON you do)

Spencer, did James Stinson of Drexciya go to the Guf or went to another world?
iON Stinson hasn't transitioned yet
- also points out that one does not transition and go to another world
"You just go to another world"

Cidersomerset, Peter Deunov's ascension prophecies similar to iON's
Bob: What are you adding in completing to what Deunov said?
iON: The "How to"... Unmind yourself.

Tayzay, citing poetry

Cidersomerset, is Cruithne (3753 Cruithne) another moon?
iON: Not that.
(Bob finally cleared all backlogs)

James reads new In-Quick messages
Chris, "James, please explain the interview from yesterday about the tv?"
Bob explains the interview video with Walter Bowart from 1990

Chris, the difference between Higgs Boson vs Graviton?

Bob brings up Wyndham Lewis' 1933 poem, "One Way Song"
(effect of the printing press)
Bob: Science took over the role of the Church in the manuscript phase, because the phonetic alphabet numbs the eye balls.

Bob: ... what they read was not important. It's a fact they were numbed by the act of reading, not what the content they were reading (iON talks over)... The written words froze speech. It froze the dynamic of which we demonstrate on every show, the rapidity of bullshit creations we do through speech here makes us aware the changing nature of communication and it gets changed laughing. (JGL)

the tv numbs people differently than the printing press, created another kind of excitement and attitudinal changes
Bob: So how is the internet numbing people? And how is iON and our show numbing people? We'd like to think we are NOT numbing people.

commercial break


Opening music:
Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen
Surfing' Bird by The Trashmen (DJ iON!)
Oblivion by Wintersleep

Bob on Cohen's inventory of "Everybody Knows" (1988)
in the video with Walter Bowart, Bob said to him "Watch what I do in the '90s as an artist to counter the becoming Android Meme"
(Bob didn't have the term "Android Meme" back then)

"... And everybody knows that the Plague is coming
Everybody knows that it's moving fast...
And everybody knows that you're in trouble..."
Bob: ... he goes on with these great inventory. That is what we here at iONdom are superseding and providing an anti-environment to... iON showed up to counter, to x-ray, to de-numb.

Kalifia calls in, will RnA help balance her bipolar brother?
iON: ... He's perfectly fine.

Kalifia, NESARA

Kalifia, clarify why thoughts don't create as well as intentions?
iON: Well, if thoughts created, you would've already undone your world. See, we say think anything you want. But it's only your words that are the essence of your creation...

big assumption that "thought creates" - people make millions on this
Bob: I leant from McLuhan that the medium is the message, not the content. Thought is the content of speech. Speech is the medium. That's the power. The authority is thought. And thought gets lost. And authority gets lost.
(iON agrees)

Kalifia, Henry not noticing any change from the drops

BR backlogged emails and questions
Max, question on soul

Max, explain the reason for judgement
iON: Just to figure out what's realized and what's unrealized.

Sculptr, "iON says truth is subjective, subjectivity is emotion. iON has no emotion. Who's truth does iON speak?"
iON: No truth. You look up truth, it has to be predicated against something.
Sculptr, "What is IS ?"
iON: To is or not to is, that's the question!

Jill, questions on the Angels

Bob only the ReWrite group knows what the Garden of Eden is
- the Angels are GODs' "ushers" and they only serve GODs

Jill, Eden Event in Arkansas

Jill, Arch Angel Michael told Joe Crane the attendees will be eating a piece of the scroll that John ate

TJ, his missing CDs

Cidersomerset, "we descend because we don't know where we are... Don't worry, I've confused myself"

Bob when Rhyee was created a paradox was created
Walter Bowart said "a new shift in the color wave length creates a new paradox"
Bob: Time is a paradox... The fact that there is a beginning is a paradox... Every dimension, every new medium is a paradox.
(James applauses)

John of London, uses degrees of separation question

Chris, "Is there a book we could read?"
iON: You do not read books. Books read you.

JP, "Any advise for me?"
iON: Party on.

Joe (from the bunker), "Are the people of LA about to boogie-down with the Ring of Fire?"
(iON laughs)

Joe (sold the bunker and bought RnA and ReAline),
"iON, is radiation light?"
iON: Then... Give some intention regarding... ReLyte.

Joe, "Is there a light that people are seeking?"
iON: You're supposed to be salt and light. NaSO4.

Joe, "Kimba-like"

Black Jack, "What are we not considering about messages that The Matrix offers that you would like to point out, iON?"
Bob: So The Matrix is pointing to iON?
iON: The significance of the Oracle's interaction with Neo and how it has long term effect on "Zion."
ref: Bob's articles on The Matrix in "Paranoia Magazine" (winter 2000 and late-2003?)

John of London, are young people using "Portal2" to ease themselves for parallel worlding?
iON: Absolutely. It's where we play.

iON mentions "radionics"

Alannah, had a dream of 2 suns

Alannah,"is it advisable that when we imagine ourselves in the Merkabah, we see both ends counter-spinning?"
iON: 14 Degrees of Freedom.

Daniele, should I move into my sister's neighborhood?
iON: Never move to give in to something.
(Bob accuses iON of being a right-wing Libertarian)

Debra, the door to the parallel world, "is there a way to come back to this world?"
iON: Yes. Watch for the wavy-wavy when you try to get back.

Bob "Fringe" characters
iON - Peter
Bob - Walter
Carolyn - Olivia
Nina and William Bell are the ones surveilling them

Jilly Bean, "Is the timing of the Arnold (Schwarzenegger) and Maria (Shriver) split coinciding with Oprah's last show? In which Maria will be on?
iON: (Maria) She's had orgasms.

iON said to Dave Worcester last week "sounds like you're ready for earthly waters, Dave"
Cidersomerset, what are these earthly waters?
Bob: That's top secret right now... But the stuff is coming.

Barbara, describe the characteristics of those ascending
iON: They never mind. They can give you a working definition of bliss. And they rarely trip in their own shit.

Dave James, forgot to turn-off the computer during meditation, there's a virus that affects Astro Body
iON: Quit meditating and look at porn and it'll serve you better. (JGL)

Chad, a folklore from Star Wars series may apply to the study of perfect cell in the Angel Diagram

Akito, Ben Fulford on Dominique Kahn (IMF)
Bob: Did he rape that woman?
iON: ... she got a little carried away.

End of the show, commercial break

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