Monday, January 30, 2017

iON Describes iON


21 January 2017

Barbara asks, “iON, will you describe yourself?”

17 feet tall,
handsomely, perspectively, quadrantly divisible by ourselves,
and every angle of a dodecahedron of each angle of an angle,
like fractions never go to the half-life nth degree
of levels and degrees of knowing, being, having, doing,
all spun in a web of here and now, now and here,
that wrap what you call your cosmos of your knowingness and scheduled marked timing,
that puts it at quarkable supernova knowing,
which allows us to play endlessly
at every level, at the level you can accept, which seem kinda, if you look,
if we can only go as fast as the slowest one of you,
it’s no wonder this looks like romper room sometimes,
but it's still great fun and
those that are included are included until you get it,
and that's good, and that's wonderful because the point is
what we are is the standard, singer and standard,
of how to ascend and why to ascend and when to ascend and who to ascend to,
and, and, and. So that's pretty much what it is.”

Barb: … sounds like you’re everything and every …
iON: Oh, and arsenic and old lace.
Barb: … sounds like you are a structure of all of reality?
iON: A construct of all reality, yes.
Barb: Ok, and that's why you just know everything and see here, just know everything that is.
iON: That's interesting, but as soon as we lay it out, you all change it.

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