Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dressing First Lady Melania Trump

Design & sketch by Germaine. Click to enlarge.

“Fashion industry hasn't been so embracing with future first lady Melania Trump. Some have spoken up and want to boycott her, others stay quiet about the current situation.

I don't like to be so opinionated about this, there's plenty of chatter talking and arguing everywhere about the Presidential election. However Fashion is my industry. I say, ‘I give the future first lady a chance.’ I don't like to judge, I don't know her as a person therefore not quite ready to start talking about things I have not had experiences with yet. I can agree with Diane Von Furstenberg, the president of the CFDA, when she says ‘help’ by ‘creating beauty, optimism and happiness.’ I want to create more beauty!

I created some designs with the inauguration in mind. In my creative process I thought about the current state of fashion and politics. I started off sketching things thinking ‘what would Melania wear?’ I quickly realized that as I said before, I don’t know her and I have never met her so how can I design for her. Instead I said, what would I wear if I was the future first lady to the inauguration ball?

That’s how I came up with these designs. I was inspired by Marie Henrietta of Austria. I learned of her influences in technology in the nineteenth century, in particular radio. And also that she was a parallel world traveller, that’s intriguing! That was enough for me to get inspired and create beauty!”
Germaine, St. Germaine #savioroffashion


Michael said...

Gorgeous and elegant.

markd16 said...

St Germain,?
I would rather use pepper or salt!!