Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Mysterious Black Figure in Malaysia School

Malaysian journalist Philip Golingai tweeted this photo taken by a student at the school.

News Australia
20 April 2016

Payday, 3 July 2016

A mysterious figure in black has reduced students and teachers to a state of mass hysteria and forced a school to suspend all its classes.

But despite the school reopening, blood-curling screams can still reportedly be heard.

In a saga which is gripping Malaysia’s media, dozens of students and teachers at the SMK Pengkalan Chepa 2 secondary school have been engulfed by a wave of mass hysteria.

The hysteria and hype surrounding the school is so strong that media have so far not been allowed to enter the school to verify their claims.

The school, which has more than 1000 students and 80 teachers, has since reopened under the observation of several religious teachers and Islamic medical practitioners.

But screams were heard from inside the school, in the Malaysian state of Kelantan, as recently as Sunday.

Principal Siti Hawa Mat said 100 teachers had reported seeing a black figure.

Islamic traditional practitioners were called in an attempt to rid the place of bad spirits and school bosses have held prayer ceremonies after the school closed on Thursday.

However according to the Star Online, nothing “seems to be working.”

One teacher at the school, Norlailawati Ramli, was quoted as saying she definitely had an experience:

“When I was holding one of the pupils, my arms felt extraordinarily heavy. I recited the istighfar. Things were truly out of control at the time. But after the pupil recovered and went home, I then felt as though someone was hanging on to the left side of my body. I saw flashes of black, like a black figure.”

Another teacher maintained what she experienced was also very real.

Kamariah Ibrahim revealed she prayed when she was “losing control of herself”:

“I saw a black figure, like it was trying to enter my body, but my colleagues were surrounding me, reciting verses from the Koran. I felt like my head was bloating, I felt numb and tears kept pouring down my face. I silently recited the Ayatul Kursi, over and over again, then my head began to feel lighter after about an hour.”

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