Sunday, July 24, 2016

Counterblast | Page 64


Remote folklore, remote societies are being abstracted from their matrix and enlarged by microscopic vision.

Vivisective inspection of all modes of our own inner-outer individual-social lives makes us acutely sensitive to all inter-cultural and inter-media experience.

Each culture, each period has its bias which intensifies, distorts some feature of the total social process. The bias of our culture is precisely to isolate the bias of all others in an effort at orchestration. Social connubial?

The anthropologist is a connoisseur of cultures as art forms.

The student of communications is a connoisseur of media as art forms. An art form is the manifestation of a huge preference for one mode of experience. Asked what music he liked, Mozart said: "No music." Artists are not consumers.

Communications has emerged as a necessary object of attention in the 20th century, not because it's new, but because it's that portion of the social organism now undergoing elephantiasis.

To reduce this unwieldy growth is going to require great surgical attention and skill.

Our age is an esthete of the methodologies of all other ages.

Marshall McLuhan

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