Monday, July 25, 2016

Bob’s Books FREE at Amazon & the iBooks Store

Bob Dobbs' Diary and Bob Dobbs: Writings & Conversations are FREE on Amazon and the iBooks Store.

NOTE: If you previously downloaded Bob Dobbs: Writings & Conversations, it has been updated today, 26 July 2016, [to add the chapter—McLuhan & Holeopathic Quadrophrenia, The Mouse-That-Roared Syndrome].

In iBooks, on iPhone or iPad, you will see a red update next to the "Purchased" icon in the bottom right of page with your books once Apple is aware of the update to Bob Dobbs: Writings & Conversations. Just click the update icon to see the update and download it.

Click here for info on updating Bob Dobbs: Writings & Conversations on Kindle or the Kindle app.

If you have not downloaded the books, just search for “Bob Dobbs” on Amazon, Kindle, the Kindle app, iBooks on iPad or iPhone or download the iBooks app for your Mac laptop or desktop.

The books are available at the Amazon stores in the US, France, Canada, Germany, Japan, UK, Australia and more.

Preview the books at Amazon below. [To see the Table of Contents, when the first page of the preview loads, click the left arrow.]

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