Thursday, July 7, 2016

Bob Dobbs & Derrick de Kerckhove Discuss the Schools of Media Ecology

Derrick de Kerckhove


Literary/Aesthetic Cliché-Probes in the American Classroom-Without-Walls by Bob Dobbs
Lecture with Derrick de Kerckhove


Unknown said...

Excellent conversation and discussion between Derrick and Bob, Can't find a copy of Explorations #2 Donald F. Theall "Here Comes Everybody" can you make a downloadable pdf available?

Purple said...

The article is owned by the McLuhan Estate. See if Michael Edmunds can send you a copy at:

Tell him Bob sent you, Michael.

Roxana Flores Larrainzar said...

Thanks for sharing your archives!

demosophist said...

I disagree with Derrick about the origin of myth or narrative being with writing. See Merlin Donald's stages going from the mimetic or gestural to language (the stuttering hand). This is what confers the ability to "tell your own story" (or any story). I like the idea of each god being a technology which fits nicely with my theory that each new technological environment created the conditions for a mimetic collapse and the resolution that allowed the community to unify was the collective murder of a god. Rene Girard never connects his theory of mimeticism and mimetic collapse with the emergence of new technologies so he's just noticing a pattern of effects and misconstruing the cause.