Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Portals in the Fifth Element


Thanks Bart for transcribing iON’s examples of the portals:

“In the dump … in the airport when they're fixing to take off to Fhloston. They didn't take the garbage off, and it was piled up high as could be; and they were jumping into the garbage, those were portals … those were examples of it.

And when Leeloo got into the center of the ring with the earth, fire, soil and air, and water … when she got in the center … the perfect being … that opening that stopped the ship from destroying the earth was opening of a portal.

When the man was bringing Chinese (food) to Bruce Willis in his window … the Chinese in the window, when he won his trip to Fhloston Paradise, and he got fired, that ship was a portal ship.

The one that was a silly looking dirigible kind of thing, that was a portal.

The underground, when they hit the McDonalds … hit the train, the McDonalds … that train was on a portal, the under the ground side.

When they were in Egypt, (quoting Professor Pacoli from The Fifth ) ‘Aziz! Light!’ that key that was holding … the travelers that had the fifth element in that case—originally, that was a portal. The key that came out of the finger, that was opening a portal. And the hieroglyphs were telling you how to read the position.

In the bar where they were drinking liquor, when Ruby Rhod (Chris Tucker) was moving through the thing, trying to set up with the lollies and gollies and good gollies, well, those were portals …

And the diva, Plavalaguna, she was a portal herself, because she was carrying the stones inside her, ‘Inside me’. And so she was a portal in and of herself, but that was her species …

Now the stones were not portals. Everybody thinks they were. No, the stones were just a representation of the deity's power; of connecting the elements to make the perfect being.

See, in you, you have a little fire, and water and dirt and air, inside of you. But we're changing the landscape in such a way that you can become the fifth element, or perfect. So that one dot of your DNA will have 144,000 double helix strands.

It actually shows double helix in the movie. Pretty incredible that something as ridiculous as a B Bruce Willis movie would actually have the secrets to what we've been talking about all the way through. But its pretty good, because we hid it all the way through …

And you notice that then dot, or Leeloo, she learned the entire world by looking at what—A to Z on the Googler. All she learned is instantly what everything was, based on the informationthat was. All of it …”

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