Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Audrey Siobhain Larrainzar | Today (22 January 2016) Everything is Possible

Making YouTube videos runs in Roxana’s family. Above is her sister’s latest video.

To read the subtitles (not accurate but fun), select the gear in the lower right of the video, then, Subtitles > auto-translate > English.

“[Audrey] has an audience of millions in Mexico City and does house calls any time of the day. Many years ago, after reaping the benefits of being the prettiest and funniest person in her school, she suffered a terrible car accident and was pronounced paralyzed for the rest of her life. She remade herself, anyway, and developed her present powers and personality. Her motto for this broadcast is ‘Enjoy and Relax’.”
Bob Dobbs

“I’m the normal one!”

“The candle looks like a person. An illuminated pyramide, pyros-fire, and midos-center.”

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  1. Wowee... that is awesome! Your sister sounds like you. But what is normal? :)

  2. As our Saint Patron, Saint Andrew, we are the medium of the massage!
    Saint Andrew (My sister´s name is Audrey) was crucified, and even as he was dying on the cross he continued sharing the information to the 1%.It is a family tradition and our function, is to assist and protect the little man from the abuses of the Authorities(it is the meaning of our coat of arms). She has been doing what she does, since 14 years ago(reminds me of a chromosome), she experiences automatic writing, and writes in an alphabet only she can read. She says that to assist, she needs to do things and speak in a way that the people can understand and accept. She says mexicans like rituals, and images, that is why she uses all those "technologies". But she has always been saying you manifest with your words(from the beginning her motto is- pienso-concentro-activo-materializo, and is recorded since her first radio program), and uses the word Activo! When she says something she wants to manifests, and anulo, when she hears something she doesn´t want in her Kingdom. She never heard iON, or Bob, maybe as non-physical, but never a PAYDAY, because she never listens to anybody else, to avoid "pollution".She also knows how to triangulate with numbers, and sees and understand messages in numbers that show up in her environment. I shared this with Bob, I never had the intention to share it with all of you, but he wanted to share it, because it was made on the 22nd. Disfruta y relajate!
    There had been many nuns in my family, and the daughters of my great-great grand father, Manuel Larrainzar, became nuns as he was ambassador in the Vatican, working for the Habsburgs.
    The order still exists in 4 continents, as well as schools, houses for the elderly, hospitals, and missions.
    We report, because we put all this things to remember and like Ulysses, or Hansel und Gratchen, we left little hints everywhere to remember our way back home. Want a cookie? Join the forcefield of the matrix of pure love and cosmic debris! The love fest awaits!
    The cross of Saint Andrew is the symbol of the INVICTUS, and is used in many flags, like the flag of NAVARRA, where Frank I´s sister "Mag-uerite"( in french guérir means to heal) was Queen, and the flag of England. Hasta la victoria siempre!( OH this reminds me of a name Vittoria della Rovere)

  3. Joyce says, the name would mean the re-seen (Re- ver-/ro- bere) victory(Vittoria)!

  4. A remarkable family... with a wonderful sense of humor!

  5. Very cool! thank you for sharing Roxy and Bob...