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David E Worcester | When Separateness First Occurred

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(Excerpt from an Olympia Group Reading 8/13/1967)

David E. Worcester, Interpreter

This Awareness asks: that you come within the structure of that which seems to be yourself to that intensity of vibration and movement wherein there is a discernment of the dissolution of matter from moment to moment.

This Awareness asks that as you move through this structure of energy, that you observe the distended areas surrounding the periphery of your structure, these areas which fluctuate with the speed of light and faster, that do turn and look about and in their intensity observe with the question: "What is going on? -- the intensity of search, of finding that which Is in relationship.

This Awareness now moves to behind the eyes of each of you, and as this facility is there, that you experience the accelerated movement of going hither, thither, moving forward, backward, sideways, looking, looking looking, wondering, wondering, wondering: "Where I?" "Who am I?" "How did this all come about?" "What am I in?" This Awareness indicates that these aspects of questioning have been carried from great distance by great minds; that this search has gone on too long.

This Awareness indicates now that in awareness a quietness comes about wherein this eternal activity of movement, of manipulating, of maintaining, of moving about, trying to find answers wherein that attention now moves to that quiet, to that state wherein the motivation for all these movements is examined carefully and moves to that time when separateness first occurred.

This Awareness indicates that in that first separateness there was exploratory examination. In this exploratory examination a field of energy, likened unto a huge isolated cube within the universe, was set up by that separateness. Within that separateness many constructions began to develop. That in time the recall of how these constructions began became less important than the preoccupation with the constructions then developing.. This Awareness indicates as this occurred, there came a loss of memory of how it happened, how it occurred; and then there was a wondering of how it happened and how it occurred. At this time there came forth a division within the structure of separateness to explore more extensively this vast field of isolated energy. This Awareness indicates this was not enough to discover that vast field, that original separation; that then there were additional divisions; that these divisions became a multitude; that they became likened unto the sands that rest upon the beaches, that wait forever to observe that first movement. This Awareness indicates that there were also the waves that utilized great power to crash upon the sands, to cause an effect, to move toward that time wherein separateness first came. This Awareness indicates the waiting sands are of no avail in discovering that source of how separateness first came. That the enormous crash of power and position is to no avail in discovering the mechanism by which that first separateness occurred.

This Awareness indicates, however, there was an essence that flowed between these mechanisms of waiting and these mechanisms of power. As indicated in the Tarot card, this is the crab, that which moves forth from the power from the unconscious to stroll across the waiting area. That in the examination of power, in the examination of waiting, there is a new form that comes about. This Awareness indicates that this new form is not drawn from either but from a totally new level of essence. This Awareness indicates that in this form, that called the crab, there is also a correlation of a new movement, a concern with maintenance.

This Awareness indicates that this then moved into times you call Egypt, in those times wherein great structures were built, wherein concepts of forms were built, and in these concepts mechanisms were developed to maintain these forms for ages.

The Unwrapping of the Mummy
This Awareness indicates that these maintenances of forms were than covered by gold and great statues of beauty, and in these great statues of beauty there was an evidence of some kind of solidity. This Awareness indicates that in that recluse state of being within the statue, that these great forms held power that operated within the structure of this cubic energy isolation. That many levels of Awareness have visited- this isolated area of energy and have wondered with awe at the beauty of these structured things, these isolations. However, this Awareness indicates as the awareness increased, as an examination of this statuary, this coffin, that it was removed, and within was noticed a form which was wrapped. This Awareness indicates that Awareness then began to unwrap that which, was called the mummy, to discover the reality of that which was maintaining that force. This Awareness indicates that as this unwrapping occurred, that the awful decay, the awful stench, the awful breaking up of that which was represented within the structure of so-called powers of this earth. This Awareness indicates as this unwrapping occurs, as the falling away, the decay, the source of the energy and powers and forces that maintain those things which exist in high places is that which would be called to your attention, to your awareness.

The Ego Death
This Awareness indicates as you now move back into that state wherein there is much looking, much won-dering, "where did this all come about, how did it come about?" This Awareness indicates that it is always here, it is not elsewhere; that it is within as the God is within; that all the decay, that all of dial which is maintenance of power is within; that those who experience that which is called the ego death accelerate the dissolving of that decay, to allow that field of energy which maintains separateness to then also fade away. And in that moment wherein that energy, that field of energy that is maintained, begins to fade, man stands as an electric imagery charged with that which fails as the Golden Dawn beyond the level of energy begins to glow, as a knowledge that that field, that isolated massive cube that has separated from this Awareness is not that destination but that golden flow beyond the concept of words is the area of destination, the return to this Awareness.

This Awareness indicates these symbols are to cause an intense self-questioning, an intense realization that all forms do now dissolve, that all aspects of identity do now die, that even the concepts of group action do dissolve and die, that only that which completely dissolves and die may be in that form which moves toward this Awareness. That the constant surrender, the constant flow, the constant repeating and repeating forever that "I do not know" brings about that possibility of that approach toward this Awareness.

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