Sunday, December 6, 2015

Bob Dobbs’ Private Sessions With The Evergreens


“The Evergreens (6,500 to 7,000 entities) started coming through Michael Blake Read (1938-2013) in 1974. I first encountered the Evergreens in June, 1980. I went on to have another 64 sessions with The Evergreens — the last one occurring in May, 2004.

Michael and Phillipa did about 11,000 sessions with clients in 19 countries, including North American governmental agencies. They were the most advanced “psychic” phenomenon on the planet for those 3 decades.”
Bob Dobbs

Bob Dobbs talks about the Evergreens
12 April 2018

JFK Assassination
10 September 1986-6 May 1992
6 May 1992 Continued

On Evolution
6 May 1992
28 September 1994
18 January 1995
18 April 1995
15 October 1996
8 September 1997
9 September 1997
13 September 1999

Bacterial Warfare & AIDS Virus
12 September 1989
13 September 1988
28 September 1994

The History of the Oligarchy & Banking
13 September 1988

O J Simpson, Michael Jackson, White Water Scandal
29 September 1994

Dorothy Hunt, Watergate, Rockefeller Brothers, Ark of the Covenant, Hillary Clinton
3 October 1994

The Nazarene, Billy Meier
6 May 1992

Marshall McLuhan on Art, James Joyce
23 April 1991

James Joyce and Finnegans Wake

Marcel Duchamp, Peter Beter, President Eisenhower, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Marshall McLuhan
18 April 1995

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars Document
13 September 1988

Unibomber & Various Topics

LSD & Various Topics
no date

Kepler, Einstein, Pound, McLuhan, Jesus, Edison, Nelson Rockefeller, Tesla
8 September 1995

Frank Zappa
29 September 1994

Timothy Leary
18 October 1996

Various Topics
4 June 1980
6 December 1980
19 November 1985
8 April 1987
16 April 1987
26 April 1991
no date
9 September 1997


rozzy said...

Bob, you are another special dream of mine, come true....much thanks.... I will listen over this week end....and GROW into my goosebumps....non stop coffee, reclining in my chair and enjoying you and the enfolding not be alarmed, I will adjust my ReMag to compensate for the coffee....or maybe my taste for it will simply diminish..that's okay as well..sometimes simple hot water works too....Rozzy

robbwindow said...

This is just one of my favourite webpages on the internet.

demosophist said...

The statements the Evergreens make about the document "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" (that it was one of many brainstormed ideas that could be computerized) is risible. They claim that this project ended in the 1950s, but the document in question is dated as being published in May, 1979. Thus, the Evergreens are outing themselves as a scam who, like iON, really know almost nothing about what's going on.

Bob Dobbs said...

You're wrong again, Scott.... because your ears are deluded.