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Bob Dobbs Interviews David E Worcester | The DEW-Line for Xenochrony, 2008

Below is a transcription of the 16 & 17 March 2008 Bob Dobbs & David Worcester talks. Listen to the complete series here.

“Perhaps the oldest ‘living’ channeled voice, Cosmic Awareness first identified itself through the body of former army officer, William Ralph Duby, in 1962.

When asked, ‘What is Cosmic Awareness?’, it answered, ‘Total mind that is not any one mind, but is from the Universal Mind that does not represent any unity other than that of universality’”
Donna Kossy, KOOKS, 1994, p. 197

[Donna Kossy was described by Wired as “an expert on kooks [who] has a genuine, if sometimes uncomfortable, affection for her subjects.” She is married to Ken DeVries (a.k.a. Orton Nenslo), a member of the Church of the SubGenius and contributor to their books. In 2005, Bob Dobbs wrote on alt.slack that “Donna Kossy, in her book, KOOKS, has a section on Cosmic Awareness (p.197), but she unfortunately concentrates on the messages and style of the third medium for Cosmic Awareness (Paul Shockley, Aug.'74 - Aug.'95). I offered to introduce her to David Worcester (b.1928), the second channel (June'67 - Aug.'74) , but she said she's too busy with her present book business and isn't really interested in the details of projects from over a decade ago. Too bad—big missed opportunity to significantly improve Nenslo's mental health.”]

“A year later, it instructed its listeners to form the Organization of Awareness, composed of 144 entities on the inner plane called ‘Essence.’ Upon Duby’s death in 1967, the organization splintered into seven groups, each claiming to represent the authentic voice of Cosmic Awareness. The largest of these, Cosmic Awareness Communications, in Olympia, WA, continues to hear Cosmic Awareness, but through a new channel, Paul Shockley.”

As far as the accuracy concerning those involved in the Awareness movement, there is much more precision required than meets the eye in Kossy’s account. First, the organization did not splinter into two or more groups.

There were three more channelers of Cosmic Awareness after Duby: David E. Worcester, 1967-74; Dan Spivey, 1972-73; and Paul Shockley,1975-95.

I knew Worcester and Shockley well but only met Spivey once, and that was before Spivey became a channel for Cosmic Awareness. Worcester felt that the information coming from Shockley was filtered too much through Shockley’s persona. Worcester says he has a means by which that never happens in his channeling. I tended to agree with Worcester even though I continued to read Shockley’s published newsletter, “Revelations of Awareness.”

Worcester had been a draughtsman-troubleshooter for the Matador missile at Glenn L. Martin Co. in the 1950s, then a designer at John Graham Co. for the first shopping centers, before becoming a rare coin dealer in the early 1960s. He retired from regular employment in 1967 when he became a channel for Cosmic Awareness. Continue reading the PDF

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