Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The iCell Swallows the Android Meme (video made in 1993)

What ‘Youth’?
10 November 2015

‘Maybe I should backtrack, retrace, say, from about the time of the invention of the telegraph—1840. From then until around 1918 the electric telegraph served as the hidden “ground” for the “figure” of such activities as the proliferation globally of the newspaper and steel worlds and the lockdown of National Governments.

By "lockdown" I mean a guaranteed environment or fetish for manipulation by politically powerful elites who, at that time, were the content of the newspaper, steam and steel worlds which media, as figures, distract perception from the telegraph as ground. This lockdown process always operates under the cover of a war fought over the obsolete spoils of the bureaucratic positions of the previously powerful elites. Again, between 1840 and 1918 these obsolete elites were the principalities of the Royal Houses.

As these Houses fought to preserve what was instinctively perceived as an increasingly threatened "world-view", they were helpless to stop the effects of the imploding environment of the telegraph—namely, the collective need to "preserve" and develop the most recent industrial technologies. This development mandated the political necessity for centralized national bureaucracies. But don't forget—this is all happening as a visible figure inside the actual physical Present of the telegraph environment.

Moving along historically, following this model of process pattern-recognition, the next period would be from 1918 to 1945 with the hidden ground being radio, of course, for the visible motorcar, airplane, and movie worlds. Politically, this would effect the lockdown of World Government under the cover of warring national bureaucracies. Makes sense, doesn't it? It gets even better!

From 1945 to 1960, in the visible worlds of nuclear bombs, advertising, public relations and icon-making, politically you have warring world bureaucracies (i.e., "superpowers" and "multinationals") parallel with the lockdown of the Solar Government—thanks to the hidden Present of television; from 1960 to 1977, conflicting solar bureaucracies while locking down the Universal Government (inner and outer space) via the hidden operations of the computer with the visible worlds of laser beams, genetic engineering, and endless tribal retrievals; from 1977 to 1990, the hologram world is the visible figure amidst clashing universal bureaucracies complemented by Mythic Government lockdown compliments of the satellite surround. "Myth" is a whole culture (or mixed corporate-media) in action as I explained at the beginning of this memo. However, the satellite is an extension and etherealization of a whole culture.

Therefore, from 1990 to 2020 we will witness Orphic (Orpheus tuned the whole world) battles of mythic stages (tribal and techno solipsism) to run "cover" for the lockdown of BOBRULE in response to the discontinuous hidden grounds of tiny, diluted "holeopathic" retrievals, "holeopathic" meaning a combination of homeopathy and hologram.’
from the Memo to Prince Charles by Bob Dobbs, 4 June 1987

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