Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bob Dobbs Reads from Wyndham Lewis’ “Hitler”

Official portrait by Heinrich Knirr, 1937


28 March 2015

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4 April 2015

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11 April 2015

18 April 2015

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25 April 2015

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2 May 2015

“As to my books ‘in favour of Hitler,’ I have written two books about Hitler, one when he first appeared on the scene… (in 1930) before he came to power and revealed what a lunatic he was, and the other [The Hitler Cult and How it Will End] at the time of Munich. The first book was ‘in favour’: though it was not the Nazi’s view of the matter; the second was very much the reverse of ‘in favour’.”
Wyndham Lewis, Rude Assignment, 1950

“Long ago… it became apparent to me that I had been wrong, like so many other people, in opposing the war. Before the Munich Conference enlightened us all upon that subject, I saw too clearly, with anger and dismay, that Hitler was that most detestable of things a chronic and unteachable little militarist, who just would have his good old second war, because it is for such hideous childishness that such men live.”
Wyndham Lewis writing to the sculptor Eric Kennington in 1942

A Rare Wyndham Lewis Pamphlet by James Egles


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Several years later, working with the English poet and novelist Robert Graves, Riding furthered the aims of the group with A Survey of Modernist Poetry...The Survey introduced a new method for close textual criticism, showing that minute examination of a good poem finds within it truths not communicable in any other way. Its influence contributed greatly to the school of thought that became known as “The New Criticism.

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"Her major aim in writing, according to Harry Mathews in the New York Review of Books, “was to make articulate in the experience of her readers a knowledge of life that is both true and nonconceptual.""